My Top Ten Polishes 2012

Finally! The moment you have all been waiting for! or... at least... I have been waiting for: finalizing the year of 2012 and  making my Top Ten Polishes list! Actually, what I am most interested to see is what will be next year and how much my top ten polishes list will change.  Ok enough with the chit chat. Let's move on to the polish! By the way - where the name is a link - it links to my own swatches and review of that polish.
China Glaze - Riveting
China Glaze - Riveting
I am a big fan of Orange. I think it's the happiest color. And this gorgeous China Glaze Riveting is giving orange such a good name!

Ninja Polish - Howling Blue moon
Ninja Polish - Howling Blue moon
I don't know what caught me first, the moon-shaped glitter or the blue glow-in-the-dark. Either way Ninja Polish - Howling Blue Moon is pure beauty on the nails. Classic blue, elegant bling and fun glitter all packed in one bottle.

Elevation Polish - Rapa Nui
Elevation Polish - Rapa Nui
I keep saying that i am not a "pink-kinda-girl", but I keep finding myself returning to the pinks. I like the way they are added in polishes like Sinful Colors Cinderella or Model's Own Indian Ocean or Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily. But Elevation Polish Rapa Nui is far more unique and I find myself using it over and over and over again!

Dandy Nails - Cashmere Night
Dandy Nails - Cashmere Night
Ahhh.... matte polish. I love this velvet finish so much! But what's even more unique and glorious about Dandy Nails Cashmere Night is the fact that it looses nothing of it's uniqueness when top-coated and it looks amazing in a glossy finish too!
Girly Bits - Gentle Ginger
Girly Bits - Gentle Ginger
I am a big fan of Orange. Did I ever tell you that? So no wonder I got connected so well to this beautiful Girly Bits - Gentle Ginger. Perfect shade, perfect finish, perfect polish. And I still owe you a comparison post but I can assure you -  Girly Bits Gentle Ginger is nowhere near being any dupe with China Glaze Riveting.

Butter London - Fishwife
Butter London - Fishwife
Holo was (is) a very strong trend this year. No doubt. And I totally got swapped in the holo stream and I try to pick every holographic polish that I see! (did I hear someone says hoarder?) But in my opinion Butter London - Fishwife was one of the more unique among them. Well, could it be that I am just loving the brand...?

Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom
Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom
Oops... another holo! What a surprise! LOL Well not really a surprise. Takko Lacquer Va Va Voom was love at first sight. It has such a special shade! It's not quite red and not quite orange and not quite brown. It is something in between all those. The holo is just some awesome added benefit. This polish is just stunning.

The next two polishes are a true surprise, even to me.
Red Dog Designs - Mister Grinch
Red Dog Designs - Mister Grinch
I am not a big fan of the glitter bombs. Maybe it's the removing issues, maybe it's the non-smooth look of the nail and maybe it is just the fact that seeing from the corner of the eye, my nails look like there's some dirt on them. And still - Red Dog Designs Mister Grinch just caught me! This is how gorgeous it is!

Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale
I don't like green. That being said, I still chose a green polish as my second most favorite nail polish this year. Sounds strange, don't you think? But I honestly cannot stop using Chirality - Kale. I find myself running to it time after time. It is so amazing, the color looks so pretty, the holo is glorious. This polish is just stupendous.

And now.....
My most favorite polish in the year 2012. The one polish I used more then any other, the onr polish I keep getting back to, the one polish I can just don't have enough of is.....
The Nail Junkie - Watermelon Shimmer
The Nail Junkie - Watermelon Shimmer
The Summer Jelly Shimmer Watermelon by The Nail Junkie!
I was really surprised it never showed up in any of the top-ten posts around. This polish is pure perfection. Nothing less! Holographic - Check. Bright color - Check. Perfect Formula - Check. Yummy Jelly - Check. What else? If I had to pick only one polish to go to a deserted island with - this is the one I would take. There is nothing simple in this polish, yet - it is light, fun, colorful and happy. This is true love.

Happy new year everyone! May you have a perfect year filled with fun, health and great happenings and wonderful polish! :-D


The Silverinator said...

Ooh, I love your choices. I think my fav is Elevation Rapa Nui. Must get!

Scottish Lass said...

Great choices!!! I'm going to need that Elevation that I don't have. And Riveting missed my list by ONE. ♥

Maile said...

All GREAT choices Jin! I love your nails and swatches..they are so beautiful! You're really turning me onto the orange toned polishes!

Debbie Crumpet said...

love that your post was so colourful - there hasn't been a lot of orange in the end of year lists xxx

Aleta Colucci said...

Wow! I am so beyond honored. Thank you for thinking of me!

Ashley Haddock said...

Great choices!! I need that Nail Junkie!

Marnie said...

A great selection of polishes!! I own almost all of them myself. I even have the Nail Junkie. I need to wear that one again..

Chameleon Stampede said...

Excellent choices!!!

Criminal Nails said...

Great list, Jin :D

Gosia said...

Damn, you make me wanna get the Nail Junkie sooo bad!!! That is truly one awesome polish!!!

Raggio di Luna said...

Beautiful selection of polishes! :-) I really like Chirality - Kale, Ninja Polish - Howling Blue moon, Elevation Polish - Rapa Nui and Dandy Nails - Cashmere Night! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Nice list! Those are some great choices! :-)

~ Yun

Karen said...

Great choices Jin! I can totally see why your choices made the list! That nail junkie looks amaing, I've never seen it bfore now!

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