Sort of an apology with Zoya Yara

I am sorry about the quiet... It wasn't planned but my computer decided to go on an Italian strike and it became impossible to work with it. So I needed to get me a new one and then install it all and everything... those things take a lot more time then you ever really plan. So I am really sorry, but I promise to catch up real soon! I will post tomorrow my weekly haul and everything. I even have a dupe alert planned for you, assuming I manage to get my computer all up and running on time!
So for now I will just show you my current mani, which is surprisingly green. but what a green...!
Zoya - yara

So this is Zoya - Yara. A gorgeous olive green with tons of golden shimmery flakies. This beautiful color has been in my wish list pretty much forever. Then one day my friend sweet Michelle surprised me with it! like...WOW!!! No special issues to report application-wise. It's an easy-breezy two coater, quick drying time, pretty glossy finish and perfect look! You can see for yourself - two coats with no top! 

Zoya - Yara

Zoya - Yara

Zoya - Yara
Oh yeah, I felt kinda romantic so I added some China Glaze Passion ;-)
isn't it gorgeous? I really love this special shade. Even though it's green ;-)


M. Fourey said...

I don't usually like camo greens, dark greens, olive greens, khakis and so on, but this one is gorgeous! I dunno if I'd wear it for long, but I'd give it a try very happily :) It looks gorgeous on you also!

Sorry for your PC, but c'mon you're so into PCs it shouldn't be hard for you :p

Marias Nail Art said...

I love the flecks in Yara and the stamping looks beautiful on it :)

Unknown said...

Yara is stunning! I didn't realize it had that much gold shimmer to it. Sorry you been having pooter trouble :O)

Karen said...

I love yara! Its one of my favourites!!!! Awesome stamping BTW.

beachgal said...

Pretty shots - I need to get Yara out again - I sort of got burnt out on the olive green thing for a time...but with green being the color for this next yr I can see wearing a ton of it again - and I have to admit, next to blues, green polishes are my fav once I get out of the 'normal' polish shades. So sorry about your computer. I HATE when I have one go on the fritz...I keep a back up just for that reason. I have to finally get in and tear apart to back up my old desktop and get rid of it - never use it - it's way too underpowered and about 8 yrs old or more now. But will be nice to get rid of that huge old desk that used to be needed back into the 90's to hold all the 'stuff' for your computer!

Raggio di Luna said...

Zoya Yara is beautiful, what a beautiful golden shimmer! :-) If someone a year ago told me that one day I will wear green on my nails I wouldn't believe it, and look at me now.. I'm dying for this green...! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Sucks about your computer issues. :( Hope you get it all worked out soon.
Yara is very pretty on you!

~ Yun

Gosia said...

I'm still not on board with colors like these, maybe I'm just an olive green hater??? Your stamping is awesome though!!!

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