My New Year's Mani!

Are you as excited as I am for this year to end? I have such a good feeling about this coming new year! It will be great, I know it will!
And like I promised you yesterday, here's my new year's mani. I hope you like it!
I knew I wanted something blingy and very "Fireworks" sort of thing and I went through all my stamping plates to find the right thing. I wasn't very happy with the designs I found so I decided to attack the problem from a different angle and decide upon my base first. The next thing I remember I was applying a 3rd coat of 
Ludurana - Emocionante. I just love this polish. Such a yummy multichrome. It's blue-purple-red colors reminded me that I just got a bottle of Nfu-Oh polish from their very new collection XW. I remembered it had some blue red and purple in it. So I took it out, put one coat on my nails and WHAM!!! The bling just burst into the room like a whole pack of fireworks!
Nfu-Oh - XW06
I'm sorry for the not-too-impressive photo. I didn't have enough light to photograph its true bling. But I did try... I promise you a better picture soon! Anyway, I was extremely surprised by this polish. I know that Nfu-Oh make good stuff but this polish was even better then this. Perfect formula, tons of glitter in red blue and purple holo all in clear base but you hardly get to see the base because of all that glitter. One coat is enough to bling an undie, 2-3 coats are for full opacity on it's own. And it dries so smooth on the nail... one coat of top and you're all blingy and done! I really must take some pictures of this beauty in the sun because none of these pictures do any justice to this holo glitter goodie.
Nfu-Oh - XW06

Nfu-Oh - XW06

Nfu-Oh - XW06

Nfu-Oh - XW06
So now I had my fireworks but I needed some pattern on it still. So I used some old stencil I got once from Nail Delights and Sally Hansen's Celeb City and... Voila! I am ready to receive the year of 2013!

I am happy with the results. I hope you'll like it too! But even if you don't - Do have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oh wow, this is totally gorgeous Jin! Very sparkly and pretty, perfect for New Years. :-)
Hope your 2013 is off to a fabulous start! <3

~ Yun

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