Easter Pastel

I don't celebrate Easter, naturally, but I never skip a reason to celebrate. And since everyone is showing their pastel manis today, I decided to do something too. Mind you, I chopped my nails a little. About time... don't you think?
♥ Sorry Tatjana, I hope this is not a disappointment to you   ;-)
The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

A Winter memory - Tulips on Gardenia

Here it is pretty much summer already. The temperature is in the high 80's (about 30 degrees Celsius)  with a bright sun and lots of dust in the air. But in the evening it is still a little chilly, as a small reminder of the winter that just passed. So I decided to try some flowers mani i've seen at Raggio di Luna Nails who has some of the most beautiful flower manis i've seen! what I ended up with was a very wintery mani.
The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel Gardenia

Water 4 Elephants - Jindie Nails

A while ago, when talking to the lovely Michelle of Things I Love At The Moment about a coming up Jindie Nails  restock, Michelle said I need to get me Water 4 Elephants. I looked at it and figured what the hell. I like grey, let's see what the fuss is all about. So I went and got me this polish.  What can I say... The lady sure knows what she's saying!
Jindie Nails Water 4 Elephants

The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 4: Purple, Green and Coral

Today's the fourth day of this month's Tri-Polish challenge and this means I'm going to do a mani with all three polishes: Nails Inc. Westminster, Orly Green Apple and Sinful Colors Boogie Nights. To be honest, I didn't have any plan before I started to paint my nails. So this is just some random thing that happened. Not sure I'm liking it, and as you will be able to see in a second - I ruined it a little, but this is only to teach me to plan ahead next time!
Freehand Nails Inc Westminster Sinful Colors Boogie Nights Orly Green Apple

Where In The World - Germany

I am being totally lazy with this challenge. I should have finished it by now. Gosia did... But I am only just a little beyond the half-way... Anyway, today we're going to Germany!
A-England Holy Grail

Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 3: Coral and Green

A very short post and very simple mani for today. Not enough time. Not even to think... :-/
stripes manicure Sinful Colors Boogie Nights Orly Green Apple White Orchid - Julie G

Happy Passover!

Tonight is the Passover evening and the big Passover dinner. Personally - I hate it. And most of all I hate the Matzo bread we have to eat. But when I saw this mani by the incredible Jenny of  10 Blank Canvases, I knew I had to give it a try! Of all Passover possible mani themes, those Matzos that I hate so much felt like the perfect mani for tonight's dinner.

Come To Me - Fever Lacquer

I have a love-hate relationship with metallic polishes. I really love. I do. But just... not as the main theme in my mani. It's gorgeous as some decoration, some nail art, stamping... but to make me want to use them as my base, they really have to be very special. Today I have such special polish to show you. This is Fever Lacquer - Come To Me.
Fever Lacquer Come To Me
Fever Lacquer Come To Me under artificial lighting indoors.

The 4 leaf clover marble

Remember that I promised to show you the result of my hard practice in water marble? So today felt like the right time. And so I have to show you not one, but two different marbles that I did during my practice. Warning - very picture heavy post!
Water Marble Orly Green Apple Ga-De Green Sapphire

The Nail Junkie - Spring Pastels

So many pastel-collections popped out lately as if there's some sort of universal law: first day of spring - show your pastels. I am not a big fan of pastels in general, and when there are oh-so many of them around - its making me even less excited. But when I saw the new additions to The Nail Junkie's Pastel Collection - I got excited!
The Nail Junkie Pastels Bluebonnet Gardenia Green Goddess

Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 2: Coral and Purple

Today for the Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge I have some manicure I am very unhappy with. I honestly cannot recall what went through my head when I did it. I can tell you though, that right now I am just sorry I didn't use the green as my background. At least then I could call this mani The Ogre...
Sinful Colors Boogie Nights Nails Inc. Westminster

My One Year Blogiversary!

Who would believe... 
Today I am celebrating exactly one year since I started this little blog! During this year I have learned so much and it all came from you! So I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who read my posts or even just look at the pictures. A special THANK YOU to those of you who even comment and add your own remarks. I read every comment and I appreciate them greatly.
Ok, enough with the blah-blah. Let's move to the fun stuff - the Party!
      1. The prizes to win
      2. The Nail Art Contest
      3. The Rafflecopter

Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 1: Green and Purple

Today I begin a new challenge! This is day one of the Tri-Polish Challenge that has been conceptualize by the creative and awesome Debbie The Crumpet and Ashley Smashley Sparkles!  You can read the full description and rules. But in general, the idea is to create 4 manicures per month, using the same three polishes. Colors are being picked every month and I choose my polishes accordingly. I have to create all my manis using at least two of the polishes and at least one mani has to include all 3 polishes. Also, the use of white, black, silver, gold and glitter toppers is not limited. 
For the first month Ashley picked the colors Green, Purple and Coral.
Water Marble

Come What May - Daily Lacquer

Phew.... all the green celebrations are over and I can get back to other colors! LOL 
Oh don't worry, I know I still owe you a couple more green marbles and a week summery, and it will happen later this week - I promise. But now something else. This is Come What May by Daily Lacquer.

Come What May Daily Lacquer

St. Patrick's Day manicure

So I was working on my water marble shamrock all week, and I was working on a peace contrack with the color green and today is the final day. So last night I did nail the 4 leaf clover water marble and I finally made it! I am really proud of myself. I am even prouder about the fact that I actually got to take decent pictures of it, since clean up took me the larger part of 3 hours. Yes, you read right. 3 hours to clean all access polish around my cuticles. However, today I am not going to show it to you. I will probably show it to you later this week, along with a nice Sumary of my entire green week manis. But today I have something else to show you for St. Patrick's Day.
The Nail Junkie Pot O' Gold

Give Green A Chance - Day Six: The holo

Almost a whole week of green manis, and you didn't think I'll leave you without some holo's did you? 
So today I have not one, not two, not three but FOUR green holos to show you in a gradient mani. All of these are by Amanda of Chirality, who does the most amazing holo polishes. These polishes are so rich and pigmented, they have "a body" when applied on the nail. Usually holographic polishes are very thin on the nail. It's not a matter of formula but the polish itself... I don't know how exactly to explain this. But these holos are very special. And if you haven't seen them yet in person - You must. 
Chirality Katydid Absolute Zero Asymptote Kale

Give Green A Chance - Day Five: Froggie

Of course I can't go though any decent challenge without at least one freehand mani, right?And especially today when I am going to kill two birds in one post and show you my entry for France in Where In The World challenge as well as my fifth green mani for the week! 
Green Frog Swamp Freehand

Give Green A Chance - Day Four: Green Sapphire

Day four already! I feel so proud of myself... Welcome to day four of my personal little challenge - Give Green A Chance. If you joined me just now, I am taking this entire week before St. Patrick's Day to do only green based manis as I am trying to make peace with the color green and green nail polish. And today I have a very simple mani to show you, but by two greens that actually made me wow!
Ga-De Green Sapphire Picture Polish Kryptonite

Give Green A Chance - Day three: Green Ombre

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Today in my little challenge of making peace with green I have a mani that I copied from the gorgeous Laurie, Queen of Gradient and Stamping, who is also doing an Irish Green fest in her blog. Be sure to check her out!!! Unfortunately, I cannot yet link to her original post which I am copying today, but I will once I can! 
Orly Ombre Nails

Give Green A Chance - Day two: Watermarble Shamrock?

Today the mani I did for my little personal challenge I decided upon - making peace with green - I would like to show you one more experiment in creating Shamrock in a water marble. This is much better then my first try, but still not the shamrock I really want to make. I am truly hoping I can get the right shamrock by the end of the week, just for St. Patrick's Day itself.
Water Marble

Give Green A Chance: Leprechaun by The Nail Junkie

So if you have been following me a little, you would know that me and green are not in peace. True, we had worse times, but still I think we need to do something to become friends again. 
It all started with me hating green. Then came sweet Yun (The Polish Hideout) with her amazing swatch of Zoya Holly. A brick fell off my wall... With time I began to find more and more greens that I don't hate or even like or even - god forbid - love. me?! Green?! Yes. 
So I have decided that it's time me and green sign a peace contract, and what better time is there then the week before St. Patrick's Day with its Irish green shamrock. So this week I plan to make only green manis. I hope I can actually stand to it, but I certainly am going to try! So lets get on to the polish!
The Nail Junkie Leprechaun

Sunday Haul

It's been a while since I posted some nail mail and haul pics. So here is some of my newest pretties for you.
The Nail Junkie St. Patrick's Day Collection

Elevation Polish - Street Side NYC

The winter is officially over and the spring is here in full bloom. The days are so hot and sunny that I forget every day that we're just at the beginning of March. The only reminder for this year's winter are the enormous amounts of flowers everywhere,  the result of a very blessed rain. So I decided to have some sunny nails for this sunny Saturday, and I added just a little bit of the bloom.
Elevation Polish Street Side NYC

Where In The World - The Netherlands

After ignoring this challenge for so long, I am trying to catch up so you get to see two posts in one week for the Where In The World Challenge. And today we're going to visit The Netherlands. 
I have been there twice so far. The first time was some very (very!) long time ago and I hardly remember anything. The second time was just a couple of years ago, and while most of my trip was good, i had to leave with a very bitter taste in my mouth. I won't give you all the gory details but all I can say is that I truly want to believe that there are some nice people living there. Because the ones I met were simply beasts. 
And so for my entry I am not going with the tulips and beautiful green landscapes, but with the red lights district, the place for dirt and crime and letting your beastly fantasies roam free.
Zoya America Red Light District

Rapa Nui at Sunrise

Recently I have been showing you quite a few Elevation Polishes. It wasn't intentionally but I just happened to send my hand to them recently almost every day LOL But don't worry. I still have a lot more I haven't showed you yet. So today's mani is Elevation Polish Rapa Nui with accents by Lacquistry - LE Solstice Sunrise.
Elevation Polish Rapa Nui Lacquistry LE Solstice Sunrise

Chirality Mystery Polish

Yeah yeah I know that you all get so excited over Chirality's holo polishes, but I tell you  - she has some real creative and beautiful glitter polishes too! And today I want to show you one of these. I got it when I ordered one of her Mystery Polishes. According to her store's listing, this is most likely a color that didn't quite turn the way she wanted it to, but I think it's gorgeous!  Actually, it doesn't even have a name. How sad isn't it? So I decided to name it A Ball Invitation. There was something very elegant yet fun about it!
Chirality Mystery Polish

Tape mani

Sophie from My Awesome Beauty had a nail art contest in her blog. The rules were so use 3 colors and to use a tape in the design. So I wanted to join in and I created this mani, only to find out that I missed the deadline :-(    So here is  my "supposed to be" entry.
China Glaze illamasqua Tape

Where In The World - South Africa

I shamefully have to admit that yes, I have forgotten about this challenge already... I guess I do operate better under time pressure. But here we go again: back to the Where In The World Challenge, and this time we go to South Africa!
Liquidus Sunstone

Elevation Polish - Xixabangma

I think it's time I stopped declaring myself a non-green person. True - green is not my first (nor second nor third) color that comes to mind when I choose the polish I would like to wear. But there are some green polishes that I like, and with time I just find more and more (and more) green polishes that I just love so much that I actively choose to wear them. Elevation Polish - Xixabangma is one of them.
Elevation Polish Xixabangma

Picture Polish - Focus by Pointless Cafe

Today I have a very very special polish to show you! Not only is it super gorgeous, but also - I have a signed bottle that I am soooo proud of and thankful to my dear friends - Kim from Overall Beauty and Sheila of Pointless Cafe herself! 
Picture Polish Focus by Pointless Cafe
Picture Polish Focus in Artificial light

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, naturally, not there yet but I am practicing my water marble skills very seriously! 
I truly want to be able to do a real marble shamrock for St. Patrick's day. The real day this time ;-) So today I have one of my practice marbles to show you. No shamrock of course, but I liked it still.
Water Marble