Che Bella!

White has always have a very special spot in my heart. I love white polish and this love goes way back, when I was first allowed to use a pen at school. On that day I was also introduced to the correction fluid, that white chalky liquid that I used as nail polish. That liquid had a very bad formula as nail polish, and it dried almost instantly, leaving brush strokes and cracks all over the nail. But it was a white nail polish! And I had none better!
These days there are so many real white nail polish, that you only have to choose. So I am collecting white nail polishes, and one of these days I will do a huge comparison post. But for now, let me show you one of the most beautiful white polishes currently in my stash. Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bella.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bella

Sunday Haul

I can't believe it is Sunday again! The week has passed so quickly and I didn't get the chance to do half of all the things I wanted... At least, I had a wonderful weekend. An Indian restaurant on Friday night, an American grill bar on Saturday, lot's of rest and fun and nail polish in between... what else can I ask for...?  I hope you're having a weekend at least this nice yourself!!
This week I have some bottle porn for you, and because I saw that you really wanted to see how the polishes look, I did a quick one nail swatch for them. So let's get started!

Howling Blue Moon

Today I would like to show you another polish that while it came out as part of a Halloween Collection, it is so pretty that every day would accept it on its own. This is Ninja Polish - Howling Blue Moon.
Ninja Polish - Howling Blue Moon
Ninja Polish - Howling Blue Moon, indoors in artificial lighting.

Gentle Ginger vs. DS Luxurious

A couple of days ago after I showed you Girly Bits' Gentle Ginger, I was asked how it was compared to OPI DS Luxurious and China Glaze Riveting. Unfortunately I don't have Riveting (yet!) and when I will get it I will make a proper comparison post. But I do have OPI DS Luxurious so I made some very quick wheel comparison photos to show you how different they are.

Where In The World - Sweden

I am continuing my world tour today with a new entry for the Where In The World challenge and this time I'm in Sweden.

Giving Thanks

In the spirit of the American Thanksgiving tonight, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you beautiful people, who keep reading and commenting and inspire me all the time. I truly am grateful to you ♥ 

And it seemed appropriate that tonight I will show you a beautiful ginger polish that was made in the memory of a loved one. This is Gentle Ginger by Girly Bits.
Gentle Ginger - Girly Bits
Gentle Ginger - Girly Bits

An Elegant Notepad

The amazing Sarah of Chalkboard Nails just threw the idea in a conversation: do a red half moon over a black and white saran.  Well, it was not suggested to me but I overheard and I thought I could give it a try. Well, I thought. Turned out it was much harder then I expected and my end result is... well... something that looks like an elegant notepad... But for an "out of the sleeve" challenge, I did enjoy trying!
Anyone else want to suggest to me an "out of the sleeve" nail art idea?


So it's Tuesday and I said I would try to do it every week. So far it works. Let's see for how long ;-)
Today I have some yellows for you. I really love yellow and I haven't found my most perfect yellow polish just yet, but there are some close enough. Today's shade is the light banana ice cream yellow and I have 3 different but same polishes: Illamasqua - Blow, Nails Inc - Sumner Place and Models Own - Lemon Meringue

Ludurana - Show

I suppose you remember my mani from Saturday. You seem to have liked it really. Thank you! Well, I did too but after a while I got tired of it and I needed a change. I didn't feel like removing it and starting all over. So I looked around for something interesting I could layer over it, and naturally I went for my multi-chromes.  I reached my hand for Ludurana, this amazingly beautiful Brazilian multi-chrome. I already showed you a couple of these before and now it's time for a third polish from the Aurora Boreal collection. This is Show.

Sunday Haul

Sadly, I had no nail mail this week so I don't have a haul to show you today. I am waiting a lot lot of things and I hope they will start to show up already this week but until then... I won't leave you empty handed. I will show you simple swatches of a few of the last weeks hauls. This is something that I don't really like doing because I don't like to just swatch. Every polish I show you here is one that I actually had as a full mani for at least 24 hours. But I was asked by so many to see swatches of these and I figured today would be a perfect time for it!

This leads me to an idea - if you ever want a specific swatch - do let me know either by eMail or in my Facebook page! And now let's move to the photos!  I will start with Sally Hansen's Magical Collection.

Rainbow in black sky

Hello beautiful people! I hope your side of the world is quiet and calm. Here there's a lot of mess. I am sure you hear about it in the news... So I am in desperate need for something soothing and hopeful.
I can't really explain why but... I opened my blacks drawer trying to find what I was looking for.  I guess our mind has it's way... Anyway, I admit today's mani did calm me a bit. Hope you will like it too.
I started with yet another polish from Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2012 collection - Nail in the Coffin.
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Top Coat Stamping

I've been wanting to try something like this mani for a very long time but it never worked for me before with any other top coats or clear polish before. The top coats usually dry too fast or just don't have the right consistency, and clear polish is just too thin. I Then remembered that I totally forgot to  post my review of MoYou Top Coat from OMG Nails, so I decided to try this with it. and guess what? It worked like charm!!! (my cats apologies for leaving their hair in my mani)


Yeah I know Halloween is over already but I didn't even get to do a Halloween mani! Well, no wonder, as I don't celebrate Halloween.. but still - I really wanted to do this one!

Dupe Alert!

I have been planing to do some Dupe Alert posts for a while, but somehow I keep forgetting about it when I actually do my nails... Let's see if I can manage such post at least once a week. I guess I need "frames" in my life LOL Anyway, on to the nail stuff!
Essie - Lapiz Of Luxury vs. China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le
Essie - Lapiz Of Luxury vs. China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le

Nail Venturous - Robin Laid an Egg

If you follow me a while, you already know that I have a nice little indie polishes collection. And this collection includes some gems no longer being available for sale. Unfortunately. Today I have such a gem to show you, and just like we just happily heard that the mythological NerdLacquer will be returning to the market soon - I truly wish this little gem will be available again.
Nail Venturous - Robin Laid an Egg
Nail Venturous - Robin Laid an Egg

Where in the World - Denmark

Today I finally got to make my new Where in the World entry and this time it is Denmark.
For this mani I didn't have to think much. It was very clear to me what I want to do. As a devoted AFOL (=Adult Fan of LEGO. Yes, it is a real abbreviation!) for years, it was very clear that my Denmark entry will have to have some LEGO. Unfortunately I still did not have the chance to visit Denmark and the LEGO Land, but I will! One day...

Sea Lore Alana

I promised I would show you Alana over a light polish, right? So here it is in all it's glory, Sea Lore Alana!
Sea Lore Alana

Sunday Haul

Sunday again! Let's move directly to the fun part!

First - this package arrived last week and somehow I missed it in my post. But I HAD to show it to you!
My order of the Nail Junkie's amazing Cutie Balm came in with all these goodies! Yummy!!!

Alana Bathed In Light

Remember the Sunday Haul post where I showed you my new Sea Lore and Dandy Nails polishes? So I figured it's time I wear those, and boy they are gorgeous!
Dandy Nails - Bathed In Light
Taken indoors under artificial light

Busy Bee

Do you know those times when you have so many things you want/need to do, but you're in the mood of doing pretty much nothing? Well, I am in this mood right now. It's been raining almost all day, it was gray outside and windy and lot's of thunders. I hate that sort of weather. All I wanna do is cuddle under a heavy blanket and disappear from the world.
But I have so many things I must do! I want to do! So I better cheer myself up ASAP!
Bee - The nail Junkie
Bee - The nail Junkie

November 8 for No H8 : Eradicate Hate in the Nail Polish Blogger Community

Bullying is not funny.  It is not cool.  It is not right.  And more importantly, it is not okay.  

As members of the nail polish community, we all share a love for beauty, color, and lacquer.  Other than that, we are remarkably different, from our race to our religion to our hair color and even to our polish application techniques.  To look down on anyone because of those differences is completely unacceptable and today I take a stand against that.  I refuse to allow other people's view of "normal" dictate how I behave, believe, and blog.  

In solidarity with a multitude of bloggers linked below, my purple manicure represents my proud commitment to the No H8 movement. Today, November 8, I dedicate my post  to ending bullying of any kind and to encouraging diversity and imperfection among our colorful community.

Where in the World - USA

Phew, this one took me a while! I needed to find inspiration for my USA nails in Where in the World challenge, but I felt completely stuck. I had absolutely no idea what so ever! Then the entire election mess began and it reminded me of something. It doesn't look very American I suppose but somehow,this makes me think of "The American Dream"; "Make it BIG"....

A-England Holy Grail

Recently A-England re-formulated their Holy Grail polish from the Mythicals collection. While the previous one was a very yellowish gold, the new color is a glorious, complicated gold color with highlights of bronze, copper and even some green. If you  want a very prestigious and elegant look - this is your polish.
A-England Holy Grail II
A-England Holy Grail II

My UV Gel-Nails tutorial

Ever since I was a kid, I used to bite my nails. Luckily I have pretty large nail beds. For that I suppose I need to thank my mother's genetics. So my nails always looked... ummm..... sort of ok. Just extremely short and uneven. But as I grew they became weak and fragile. So fragile that I could loose a nail by a paper cut. 
Quite a few years ago (can I still say "few" about 20 or so years?) I discovered the acrylic nails and for a while I had my nails built with acrylic powder in a salon. But I became allergic to it and after a couple of weeks of  swollen and itchy fingers, I got rid of them. Several years ago I discovered a new thing: the UV gel. And so far I consider it a life saver of sort.  Since I was asked so many times how I keep my nails long the way they are, I've decided to tell you my secret. I wrote it as a sort of tutorial, mostly because I felt awkward saying "I.... I.... I..." all the time. LOL. Aleta - this one's for you    And do note that this is a long post filled with lot's of talking!

So let me share with you a little of my own routine of nail care. 
The products I use. I'll explain more later but I thought this was a pretty picture ;-)

Sunday Haul

So here we are again. Sunday. My week has just began and I already need it to end...
This week's haul is not as big as the previous. Well, you see, i'm international. So this means I can never know when my mail turns up. So it's not like I ordered/swapped/gifted everything this week. But this is all I received this week! So here goes:
First, a mystery bag from Jenna at I'm Still Thinking... I really love nice surprises and the mystery bags are definitely count as nice! Do check with her, she might still have some more! All these for $20! Thank you Jenna 
As usual, left to right: Sinful Colors Rain Storm, China Glaze No Plain Jane, China Glaze Prism, Milani Twinkle and Shimmer Natalie.

Naughty or Nice

I really like prestigious polishes and I have quite a few Diors, Illamasquas and others. And still, somehow, with Chanel I never had that little "ich" in my fingers. So I don't own a single Chanel. But I do have some dupes. I showed you a long time ago my Peridot dupe. Today I would like to show you a Chanel Paradox dupe. Or actually, two dupes and a comparison between them.
So these here are Revlon Naughty vs.  L'Oreal Mauve Rendez Vous. 
Revlon Naughty vs.  L'Oreal Mauve Rendez Vous

Sea Lore Andrina

This is not the first time I am wearing this beauty, although I have only recently received it. But I knew I was going to get a new lens for my camera and I decided to wait with my post until it gets here. This means, by the way, that you can click on the pictures of Andrina to see them at about twice the size they appear here! So without further ado let me display the glorious Andrina by Sea Lore to you!
Sea Lore Andrina
Sea Lore Andrina

Guest post at Nail Call!

Morning beautiful!!
Go check Karen's blog at Nail Call, to see my guest post with a purple jelly sandwich that is... a little different then the usual.
And while you're at it - make sure you keep following Karen. She's AWESOME!!!