Sunday Haul

Happy Sunday everyone!!!
I'm sorry for the quiet weekend. I had too many things to do and i just didn't get to write any new posts. But I promise to make up for it! i am planing 2 posts for tomorrow. One will be a group post for a
New Year's mani and the other will be my top 10 polishes of 2012. Also, During the month of January I plan to take part of the Crumpet's new 31 days challenge. Other news for the year to come are that I have a few polishes that I frankened and I would very much like to show you already, and I plan to do another ABC challenge and this time to do it by brands (Thank you so much for the wonderful idea Rachel!!!) and a giveaway that I plan to run very soon and I am playing with the idea of some nail art contest..... I think the new year is going to be great! What do you think?

Anyway, for today I have a nice little haul to show you. I have several swapsies and a couple of orders that arrived this week. So let's get started!
First is the gorgeous swap package I got from the amazing Jess of LuvMyLacquer. She totally spoiled me!  I love each and every detail of it! btw, there was also a mountain of candy (and my favorite Reeses) that was consumed too quickly to be photographed LOL
Sinful Colors - Cinderella, Princessa - Blue Sky, Sinful Colors - Savage, Bettina - Aqua and Spoiled - Dipper Dive

Sinful Colors - Pink, Sinful Colors - Dream On, Spoiled - Are Mermaids Real?, Eternal - numbers 33 and 52.
 Spoiled - Vitamin C, Finger Paints - Asylum, Princessa - Neon Yellow, Revlon - Whimsical, Spoiled - Pet My Peacock. And the blue and white glitter in front is a special franken that Jess made for me! How cool is that?!
 Some of the yummy extra's that Jess added. There were soooooooo much of those!!! Yummmmm!!!
Thank you so so so much Jess!!!

Next is a cute little swap package from sweet Cherie from Enchanting Cosmetics. Kleancolor - Blind Date (I have a thing with stars...), China Glaze - Make A Spectacle, Darling Diva - Rose and Fanchromatic Nails - Dire Wolf. Also not photographed but were in the package - some stripping tape (oh I need those!) and some fimo sticks! Thank you Cherie!!!

Next from the one and only Sandy Dandy, I got the 3 Urban Outfitters Holos: Silver, Pink and Green.


Kim from Overall Beauty helped me out in some major wish-list crashing! Dollish Polish - Gym Tan Laundry and Expecto Patronum, Elixir - With A K and Sunset Strip and the elusive Picture Polish Mirage. Thank you so Kim!!!

Last for today is a polish I saw on Mati at Criminal Nails and I just HAD to have it! Well, naturally, when I order some polish, I simply cannot order just one. So it came with a few friends...
Flormar DuoChromes DC02, DC03 and DC05 and the gorgeously beautiful Catrice Dirty Berry.

So that was my last haul for 2012. There are still a few polishes that I ordered and haven't arrive yet but I think they can go into the 2013 hauls posts. By the way, there are quite a few polishes I have more then one bottle of so I am planning on some little blog sale soon. Stay tuned ;-)



Criminal Nails said...

That looks awfully good :D And I think you're already quite inspired for 2013 ;) Yay!

Criminal Nails said...

Oh..! And happy new year, sweetie! :D

Jenn, Paperbacks and Polish said...

Wow, such an amazing haul! Happy New Year! :)

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