Go Pink Wednesday!

Here we are, on the last day of October and the last of our Go Pink Wednesdays.
Today I have a simple mani to show you but I really love this color. This is Sangria by Ja-De (Do not confused with the Brazilian Jade!)
Ja-De Sangria
Ja-De Sangria indoors in artificial lighting.

Morning, Moneypenny - OPI Magnetics

Do you know that feeling, when you just dislike something without a reason? The logic says everything is cool about it! You should like it a lot! but the guts just won't listen? This is the sort of relationship I have with OPI. I can't explain it. I have no logically reason. They are good quality, they have great brush, great colors, usually good formula... They are just as hard to get here as China Glaze and they are just as expensive (here!) So why can't I stand them?
Anyway, today I have an OPI polish to show you. It's from the recent James Bond collection and it's magnetic. This is OPI - Morning Moneypenny.
OPI Morning, Moneypenny
OPI Morning, Moneypenny

Girly Bits - Cu Blue

I hope all of you who live in the eastern coast of America, are being safe! Take care of yourself there while Sandy is around!
All this weather craziness made me look for a comfortable polish with lot's of hope in it and so I decided to wear Girly Bits - Cu Blue.
Girly Bits - Cu Blue

Sunday Haul

How have you all been beautiful people?  I hope you all had/have the most wonderful weekend! All of you people in the east coast of America, who are going to meet Hurricane Sandy - may it be a very short and harmless meeting! Stay safe you all!
For me, Sunday is the first day of my working week. Not much of a fun day. So I decided to cheer myself up a little. I will start a haul series. Every Sunday I will show you my week's haul. Seeing some bottle porn can definitely cheer up a lady!
Due to quite a few requests, I am trying to be phone-browser's friendly, and so I'll have the massive picture amount after the break. So let's begin with my last week's hauls, swaps and other nail mail.

Go Pink Wednesday!

So it's Wednesday again, when we show our love to those who fight breast Cancer. This is the 4th week of October and we still have one more to go. You can read all the details about it here, on the wonderful Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers's blog.

I ♥ Fall tag

I was recently tagged by Jessica of Love For Lacquer in the I ♥ Fall tag. I really like these kinda posts. A collection of randomness under the title "favorites", regardless of what the theme is. For that matter, I'm totally hooked on Jessica's monthly favorites posts. You really have to follow her and see for yourself!
Anyway, now it's a Fall tag and I really wanted to play along. This tag originally started as a YouTube thing but I think I am through with the video part of my life. So I'll follow Jessica's steps and post my pictures for it.

Favorite Fall lip product?

I hardly use any make up at all. Only on very very special occasions and only very skin-toned products. I can't really stand the feeling of being made-up. So my favorite lip product is a gloss that is very close to my lips tones. As for the fall connection - I received this beauty just now, as Fall begins, from my friend Gosia at Life in Color!  It is amazing, very beautiful and delicate in color, has a yummy smell and is made with natural ingredients. What else do I need? This is Bare Minerals in Fruit Cocktail.

Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
In this category I had a very hard time limiting my selection. I really love all shades of orange and brown and red and yellow which are all fall colors. But also - the dark colored polishes are also fall for me. And that list is also huge. Besides, I change my "favorites" every day or so... Eventually I picked three polishes that are the most "FALL" for me. That cozy feeling you get when it becomes chilly outside. You know? So left to right are: Cherry Pie - model's Own, Scarab - Illamasqua and Jem - Zoya. In this photo they look very similar but they are not. Links are to their swatches.

Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I don't go to Starbucks. I don't have it anywhere near me and I never thought it was that big a deal to worth driving to. Besides, in Israel we don't celebrate the Halloween and we actually barely have a fall at all. So there's nothing special in the public places' menus for that matter. However, when the evenings do get chilly, I do have a favorite drink. It's a cinnamon tea from Mackwoods tea plantations that I brought from Sri Lanka. It's a very delicate tea with an amazing smell and a very gentle natural sweet and it's the most lovely thing to drink when it's cold outside.

Favorite Fall Candle?
Although I have plenty of candle holders all over my apartment, hanging on the walls and standing on the floor, I hardly ever light them up. I just learnt how hard it is to clean after they finish burning. Instead I use a bottle of a mixture of essential oils and some bamboo sticks that lets the oil diffuse and spread their smell. And my most favorite one is the mix of Lavender, Patchouli and Vanilla. I love this one through out the entire year. But something in it's sweetness make it especially suitable for the Fall. it works just like comfort food. It wraps you in a soft and very familiar hug of magical air. This product is even called "Magic Moments".

Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory
I almost never wear scarves. It is never cold enough here, especially not during the Fall. Instead I have another accessory to show you. It is new to me but it's colors are so perfect for the Fall that it was the first item I had in mind when I started to think about writing this post!
This ring was made for me by my friend Mati at Criminal Nails. Mati just started making some nail polish jewelry and I am so honored to have her first ring and I love this color combo so much! The dark berry color with all the fun glitter creates a look that is so right to start the heavier clothing with, in my opinion.

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
As I said before, we don't celebrate Halloween so I don't really have any experience with either one of those. But if I have to imagine which I would like to try, I think I would go with the Haunted Corn Maze. Something about it makes me feel it will be the least scary option for my sensitive nerves LOL.

Favorite Halloween movie?
In this category there's a close tie between Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family and Beetlejuice. In this category I am actually open to new ideas. But to be qualified to become a nominee for this title, the movie much be fun, NOT scary and have either vampires, witches, warewolves or other fantasy creature - or all of them together.

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Oh that's easy. M&Ms White Chocolate Corn Candy, hands down. Pure perfection. Nothing less.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Since I don't really celebrate Halloween, I can't really answer this question. However, if I did celebrate Halloween, most likely I would be a vampire of sort.

What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
The air becomes cooler and I can wear my knitted socks with sheep fur inside.

This was so much fun to do! Thank you Jessica for this awesome idea!!!
And here I planned to tag some of my favorite bloggers but I realized there were so many, so I decided instead to leave you the option to do this post and link it to my page. This will be open until the end of November, when I believe the Fall is ending and Winter begins.
Feel free to join. You can find the script code to add this collection to your own page Here

Mimi's Mani's: A Very Important Read

I think this is a very important thing to be aware of. Please go read  Mimi's Mani's: A Very Important Read post about Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Early diagnosis can really save you!

My guest post at Mimi's Mani's!

Please check out the guest post I did for Connie at Mimi's Mani's, a very sweet blogger friend of mine!
And if you're not yet a follower of her's - That's a good time to become ;-)

And the winners are....

So the Rafflecopter has spoken and we have three winners to my 6months blogerversary giveaway!
eMails are being sent now and you have 48 hours to reaspond before someone else will be chosen!

Edit to add: All 3 winners replied with their choice of colors! Thank you again!!!

Thank you SO SO MUCH for playing along and I hope to see you beautiful people around!

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Nail Mail

Many asked me to post some nail mail and hauls. And since I have plenty of those, I figured I could do such post every once in a while. It is also a good filler-post if I didn't have a chance to change my mani ;-)
So let's see some of the awesomeness I received recently. It's a mix of hauls, swaps and gifts I have received. So yumm!!!

Halloween Nails - Pumpkin

I always save the best for last. I don't always know if it is indeed the best until I actually try it, but I choose my favorite and save it for last. Always! So here is my favorite last: The Nail Junkie - Pumpkin.
The Nail Junkie - Pumpkin
The Nail Junkie - Pumpkin

Go Pink Wednesday!

Here we are, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and we're going pink again in honor of the Breast Cancer fighters, past, present and future!  And today I have a very delicate polish to show you. This is Promise Me by Girly Bits.
Girly Bits - Promise Me
Girly Bits - Promise Me

Where in the Word - Poland

Today in our challenge Where in the World I would like to take you to eastern Europe with me, as we visit Poland. This was a very hard entry for me to do. For weeks I googled Poland, trying to find the right inspiration for my mani, with not much luck. I know absolutely nothing of the country and it was important for me to find something interesting, and not just end up with the national flag. Eventually, my brother came up with the perfect idea. I had no idea it was started in Poland but I am happy to know that now!

Halloween Nails - Black Cat

How is your preparation for the Halloween coming along? Everyone seem so busy. I really like this holiday. Too bad we don't celebrate it here. But I definitely plan on celebrating it on line with you my dearest readers!  And today I would like to go show you yet another gorgeous polish from the Halloween collection by The Nail Junkie. This beauty is Black Cat.
The Nail Junkie - Black Cat
 The Nail Junkie - Black Cat, indoor with artificial lighting.

Butter London - Fishwife: Swatches and review

I'm sorry for being so late. It is hard to get back to a normal work week after so many holidays... I need to make my time for new manicures again...  Anyway, today I want to show you one awesome polish! I got it thanks to sweet sweet Yun of The Polish Hideout. Thank you so so much Yun!!!   And this is Butter London - Fishwife
Butter London Fishwife
Butter London - Fishwife. Indoor in artificial lighting.

Where in the world - Israel

A very special post I have for you today. This is my entry to Where in the World challenge, for the country of Israel. My own country, where I have been born and raised. Israel is a very noisy country. It's voice in the world is so loud that many people think it's a huge empire, while in fact it's a very small country with less then 8 million citizens. Yup, that's all.
When I thought about how to represent Israel in my mani, the answer was very clear to me. I used the two symbols that are the most Israeli to me. I tried to depict the Israeli nationality alone, without any religious or political references.

Go Pink Wednesday!

A whole week has passed and once again it is Go Pink Wednesday, when we post our pink manis to raise more awareness for Breast CancerYou can read all the details about it here, on the wonderful Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers's blog. Feel free to hop in too! You can also check my last week's pink entry
Today I have such a girly mani, that my niece (age 4) really loved. 
China Glaze Dance Baby stamped with Ciate Jelly Bean
China Glaze Dance Baby stamped with Ciaté Jelly Bean

Halloween Nails - Candy Corn

My holidays vacation is over and today I'm back at work... so sad... *sigh*
To cheer myself up I started the morning with a lovely pedicure. This is the first time of my life that I had one and I must say - I LOVE it! I enjoyed being spoiled and pampered so much, and now my legs feel so light as if I'm walking on cotton wool. True pleasure!
And to add to the cotton wool feeling I decided to wear The Nail junkie's Candy Corn on my hand nails. My day cannot get any better! (considering the fact that i'm at work)
The Nail Junkie - Candy Corn
The Nail Junkie - Candy Corn indoors under artificial lighting.

OMG Nails!

Hello beautiful people!
I was contacted by OMG Nails recently and asked to review some of their products. Here are the products: Special white polish, top coat, two plates (#16 and #22) a stamper and a scrapper.
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping polish and plates

Blogger Collaboration - My Most Expensive and Least Expensive Polishes

So today's collaboration post is all about our most expensive and least expensive polishes.
At first I thought my most expensive polish was a Dior, but then I realized it was not... Yes, I paid more on a China Glaze polish then I would on a Dior. BUT - I do have something to say in my defense: I got the entire China Glaze OMG collection, except this one single polish - L8r G8r. A couple of days after I got the collection (and it is amazing!) I saw an eBay sale of the one polish I was missing, and... well... I couldn't let it go. For a while it was still a very reasonable price. But about 10 minutes before the sale ended, a couple of people decided to bid on it and the sale ended with me winning it for the ridiculous price of $42. But hell... I had it on my finger tips! I just had to have it! So here is my most expensive polish of my stash: China Glaze - L8R G8R.
China Glaze - L8R G8R
China Glaze - L8R G8R, indoors in artificial light.

Halloween Nails - Frankenstein

Everyone is so busy with Halloween all over. There are plenty of challenges and a lot of polish collections Halloween themed. I thought about joining one of the challenges but then I figured I needed a little break from challenges. So instead I have a Halloween theme polish collection to show you. Since I prefer to have my mani on for a whole day, I can't show you all the polishes in one post. So you get to see 4 separate posts, each one features a different polish, all from the Halloween Collection by... The Nail Junkie!
The Nail Junkie Frankenstein

Taupe Holo

I have a question for you: in my giveaway (make sure you entered!) I asked you how you would improve my blog. There are lots of really nice ideas and I thank you big time! With time I hope I will use the most of them if not all. But there is one thing that keeps returning, and I would like to ask for some clarification on it: many of you want to see hauls. While I certainly don't mind showing off some bottle porn, I was wondering what exactly you would like to see. Because when I get some nail mail, I usually don't have time to swatch them all right away. So if there are no swatches, what is it that you find interesting? Bottle shots? wheel swatches? something else I haven't thought of? I really would love to know what you want to see.
In the meantime, I'll show you just a swatch today, of one of the beauties I brought from my recent vacation in Russia: Eveline Holographic Shine number 420.
Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Go Pink Wednesday!

I did plan to have another post last night but it was my mother's birthday and we all went to a Romanian restaurant and had sooooo much meat... that I could barely breath when I got home. So keep a note in your list - I owe you one.
Anyway, today we begin the Go Pink Wednesday, a series of weekly pink manicures created to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. You can read all the details about it here, on the wonderful Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers's blog. Feel free to hop in too! So my first pink mani is Flamingo by The Nail Junkie.
The Nail Junkie - Flamingo
The Nail Junkie - Flamingo.

Where in the world - Spain

So! the 30 Days of Untried Challenge is done and complete and now it's time to step on it in Where in the World challenge. And today I will take you to Spain.
Back in 1999 I visited Spain with a friend. We had a marvelous trip from sea to sea (from the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic ocean) along the Pyrenees. We started in Barcelona and continues along the Spanish-French border until San Sebastian. I still hope to create some sort of album from my photos back then. But until that happens, all I have are my memories of that trip.  One of these memories say that Barcelona itself did not impress me much, except of one part of it: Park Guell, a.k.a The Gaudi park.  That is one of the most beautiful parks I have been to and it is a place I would go back to - ANY time! So of course Gaudi's work inspired me in this mani.

Day 31 - Recreate Your Favorite

So here I am, actually doing day 31 of the 30 Days of Untried Challenge. My mom would never believe it...
Anyway, today inspiration was to recreate my favorite. Well, I can't really point any one favorite, and those on the real top of my list are not something I can recreate (yet?) but I did decide to recreate a mani I have been dying to try and just never got the chance.
This was the tutorial I based my mani on by the amazing Lucy of Lucy's Stash, although I didn't really try very hard to keep my lines straight. I promise I will the next time ;-)