Winter Holiday Challenge - New Year's Eve

A tiny bit early maybe but here we are at the final entry for the Winter Holiday Challenge, and the theme today is New Year's Eve. When I think of New Years Eve, all I have in mind are firework. So it was obvious I'd look for some sort of firework for my mani. However, I needed some Champagne too so I had to do some compromise... 

So I started with 3 coats of Orly - Androgynie, an oldie-but-goodie black crelly (Creme-Jelly) that is stuffed with silver, gold, green and blue (in several shades) hexes. I thought it looked a little like firework. Maybe not as rich in color as real firework but I liked the final effect.
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
Orly - Androgynie
I added a couple of Champagne glasses and the 20-13 numbers using China Glaze - Gr8, a golden holo from the mythological OMG collection. Well, I figured... if the drawing is not as perfect as I wanted, at least the polish is...

I truly hope your new year's eve will be much better ;-)
Oh, and don't forget to check other entries in the challenge!
Happy New Year!!!


Gosia said...

oohhh this is awesome!!! I raise a champagne toast up to you, my friend!!!

Criminal Nails said...

It looks great! I had never thought of Androgynie like that, but after all it does look like the final sparles of fireworks :) The 2013 and the champagne glasses are perfectly done! But you're not going to wear that for New Year's eve, are you? It's still too far away!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is so cute, Jin! I love the sparkle and the champagne glasses! :-)

~ Yun

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