Olive Comparison

I figured after posting a mani with Zoya Yara and then my haul with Cult Nails In A Trance, some would want to know how those look compared to each other. Let me start by saying - they are no dupes what so ever! But for those of you who need to see for themselves, here are my 3 olive green polishes. Left to right are Nfu-Oh 125, Cult Nails In A Trance and Zoya Yara.

Right from the bottles shot you can see that they are not even close in their shades. But of course I also swatch them quickly for you. First are the two in question - In A Trance on the left and Yara on the right
First difference is the green shade. In A Trance is a lot more brownish while Yara is greenish. They both have lots of gold in side but while Yara has little flakies, the gold of In A Trance is micro glitter-shimmer. 
The difference in their formula is not as big. Yara is a little heavier and if careful enough it can supply full opacity in one coat. But since I am not that careful usually and I anyway need two coats, I cannot use that as a difference. In A Trance also gives complete opacity in two coats! Drying time is good for the both of them and I think they are both beautiful and unique enough to justify them both in anyone's stash.

After removing the two polishes, I remembered that I had another olive polish for this comparison. So I re-applied them. From the left - Yara, In A Trance and Nfu Oh 125. 
The Nfu Oh has the thinner of them all and it needed 3 coats to get opaque. Also, it's formula is different from the others. It's not a creme with added flakes or glitter/shimmer. The formula *IS* shimmer. Almost metallic. This is the famous Opal formula by Nfu Oh. Drying time is also good and it's biggest disadvantage is the high price and limited availability.  
The one olive green polish that I am still trying to find is Illamasqua - Hectic. Discontinued, I know, but one day it will be mine! Until then, here are a close-up pictures of each of these polishes for you to enjoy.
Cult Nails - In A Trance
Cult Nails - In A Trance
Zoya - Yara
Zoya - Yara
Nfu Oh - 125
Nfu Oh - 125


Steamy Nails said...

Omg, I love all of them! Those macro shots are sooo pretty *O*

Raggio di Luna said...

Cool macro shots! My favourite is Zoya Yara! :-)

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