So I am continuing to try my new polishes, and today I decided to give red a chance.
I don't exactly know why but for some reason I almost never wear red on my nails. It's not that I don't like the color. I do! Honestly! I think red is a gorgeous color, it's sexy, it fits pretty much EVERYTHING I wear... But when I'm standing before my polish collection trying to think what color my mood is in, somehow, red is usually not the one I look at.
Today however, I looked at the red i got from Liz and figured I needed to try it on.
Indoors with flash

At first I thought I could try some gradient nails with it. But when I put it on, all I could do was sit and stare at it... I LOVE THIS POLISH!!! It has a very pretty color. It's not exactly red, its somewhere between red, dark pink and dark orange. It has a gorgeous foil texture and when the sun falls over it.... WOAH!! It just bursts into sparkles and sparks and spray of light!
Of course, taking pictures that will actually show you the beauty of this polish was impossible. My camera simply could not deal with the sparks this polish produced, no matter what...
Outdoors, direct sun
Application was easy. I read about this polish before and many bloggers said it was thin and needed several coats to get opaque. Surprisingly, in my case two coats were enough. In some of the fingers there's still a bit of VNL if you look closely but the light that this polish returns makes it almost invisible. One coat of Essie's Good to go - and I was good to go!
 None of my pictures really managed to capture the real beauty and the way this polish looks on my nails. This polish also makes me decide that I need to save some money and get a decent macro lens for my camera! But in the meantime, this is what I managed.

It's not very focused but you can't miss the sparks!

What do you think? Do you like the foil finish? What's your favorite red?

Minty nails

Hello my dearest readers! how are you today?
I really do try to post as often as I change my polish, which is usually every other day, but unfortunately I don't always find the time to do that. So please excuse my inconsistency in posting :-(

Anyway, since I showed you the super amazing package I got from sweet Liz the other day, I need to show you now how I put my new polishes to use! And today I will show you the first one I tried, which is Elf - mint Cream. This is my first Elf polish ever, and I just love it!
Taken with flash indoors
It is a yummy minty creamy polish, that needs 2 coats for full opacity, although I used 3 coats to cover my bad application on some of my fingers LOL. It has a lovely shine of its own. There's no top coat in the picture!
After wearing it for a day I decided to vary it a little. I started with mattifying it using my new Hard candy - Matte-ly  in love, also from Liz's package.
Natural light, outdoors

But even though I love matte polishes I thought this was boring so I layered some Lush Lacquer's Salt n Peppa over it to have it a little spiced up. I love the result!
Salt n' Peppa is really stuffed with lots and lots of goodies! It has tons of black and white glitter of all shapes, and it has a huge amount of iridescent glitter that comes up in every brush stroke!
Natural light, in the shade
What you see in these pictures is ONE COAT of Salt n Peppa! Only my ring finger has two coats, and that's only because I managed to smear it over my desk and I had to fix my booboo. 
A combination of natural light and a flash
 Just look at all these yummy glitters!!

A combination of natural light and a flash
The inevitable bottle porn

I love this combo! Well, with all the iridescent glitter, you can't see my nails were mattified before, but I don't care. I love it the way it turned out!   What do you think?

You can find Lush Lacquer here:, they are AWESOME! and - of course - they ship internationally!

Amazing Nail Mail!

In a Facebook group i'm in we decided to exchange spring packages. The main theme was Butterflies.
So here is the AWESOME package I received from Liz from Nothing But Nail Polish:
Just look at that!!!

So many goodies

Making sure you've seen it all
So what's in the box: First of all is the card. A beautiful butterflies card! You should know that I save every  card I receive. I have been saving cards since my 12th birthday and there's nothing more fun then looking at those cards every now and then and remember the happy occasions in which I received each card.

Then there's some yummy chocolate: Ice cream flavored Jelly Belly, M&Ms, extra sour gum (and I can tell you  - it is indeed extra sour :-S  LOL ) and.... REESE'S which is my favorite chocolate and is a HTF here!

Next is this gorgeous butterfly clip. I just love it! I will keep it at my office desk and use it to hold my documents! Its adding so much color, and my favorite one too! (I have a strong fetish for anything orange LOL)

Ok, next is the glitter. Two types of those. The Wet n Wild Mega Sparkle confetti Pink Sugar and White Icing. 

And then there is the 8 mini bottles of various mini bids for kaviar nails and glitter in different shapes
I can't wait to use these!!!

Then there's this cute make up purse (with a pattern that I absolutely love! I will have to do it on my nails one of these days!), toe spacers by Sally Hansen and a banana split flavored lip balm!
I'm sorry the lip balm looks a bit messy, I just HAD to try it! It actually tastes like a banana split and I keep licking my lips LOL It's SUPER great!!!

And saving the best for last, now I come to the main event: the polishes! Have a look at these beauties:
From left to right: Sinful Colors - Nirvana, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Black tie, Essie Luxeffects - A cut above, Elf - Mint cream, Orly - Emberstone and Hard Candy - Matte-ly in love.
And I am in love with all of these already...



Hello everyone!! Today I have another indie polish to show you, with what I consider as the most unique color combo! 

I am pleased to introduce you to AquaDaisy's Succulent!

This is a gorgeous milky aqua-mint cream with micro, mini and medium fuchsia hex glitters.
It is a little on the thin side so I needed 3 coats but the application is easy and drying time is good. it dries matte and is a bit top coat hungry. These pictures only show this polish with one top coat on, but for the  finished mani I used 3 coats of Essie's good to go.
As for the glitter - the micro parts show up beautifully but the larger parts are a lot more shy and as you can see, I didn't get more then a very few of them showing.
Personally I like it this way, but if you're the kind that loves the glitter to control the mani - I guess this isn't the polish for you.

Also, a huge plus of this glitter behavior is much easier removal then most glitter polishes. I didn't have to use the foil method. I used my cotton pads and that was enough. Naturally, I wouldn't use a regular cotton ball with any glitter polish, but the cotton pads or pieces of felt are perfect for this one.

And above all - this is such a special color combo that I haven't seen around much!
Outdoors in the shade (sort of)

Outdoors, direct sun

Indoors with flash

Indoors, artificial lighting

What do you think? Do you like this color combo or do you think it's too weird?
You can find Succulent in Aqua Daisy's Etsy shop, and she ships internationally for VERY reasonable price!

Pure Charm

Good morning pretty people! How are you feeling???
Today I have a pure charm to show you: Ludurana - Fascionante, from the Aurora Boreal collection!
I am so in love with this brand of polishes. I actually wish I could move to Brazil just to have easier access to them!
Taken outside in the shade

Happy HOLO Day!

Several blogger friends and I have decided to show our HOLO polish some love by doing a HOLO-day today. So be sure to check out what they all came up with, at the bottom of this post! And if you want to join in and share your own HOLO love, please post your Holo-mani on my Facebook page. I would love to see them!
Direct sun
As of now I only have 3 or 4 holo polishes (a lot more are on the way, not to worry!) and finding a nice combo among then was not too easy. I don't know, I find it hard to combine pink and turquoise together... 
So I've decided to use go with Nfu-Oh 64, Glitter Gal Black Brain Freeze and some tape. I used 3 layers of the Nfu-Oh and a tape to create the black triangle. Then I thought it was missing something so I free-hand added the thin line. It might not be perfectly straight but personally I like it this way. Well, afterall, no one is perfect ;-)
I finished up with one coat of Essie - Good to go top coat.

Enough talking! let's go to the pictures, and have a HAPPY HOLO DAY!!!

Taken with flash

Taken with flash

Artificial light

close up with artificial light
taken with flash

Direct sunlight


Hello pretty people!!
Remember I told you about my nail mail from SoFlaJo? I planned to show it to you yesterday but things got a little busy and I didn't manage to write my post about it. But I hope you're still there because I have it here today and it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S ! So you might wanna have a look ;-)

This is what I found in the box: The two polishes I ordered - Manhattan and Tequila Sunrise from the Happy Hour collection, a beautiful Hibiscus pin that my niece would LOVE, a sweet bunny note and some stars and comet glitter. It might look silly to some of you but I really love those small pretty things added to a package...

Here are the polishes from the back. I have a HUGE fetish for orange and everything from it's color family, and these pretties are right on spot for me!

A close-up of the pretty colorful glitter of Tequila Sunrise. I just can't stop staring at it!!!

And finally to the application itself: Manhattan is smooth and creamy, easy 2 coats and gorgeous shimmer. This one immediately turned into my most favorite go-to red/orange.
In the flash and indoors it looks like a warm rich red. In other lighting or in the sun it looks like light copper. So diversified and so pretty!
Flash light,  no top coat 
Artificial light,  no top coat

Since I already had Manhattan on, I decided  it would be the perfect base to try Tequila Sunrise. And I believe I was right. It turned the more red in Manhattan into a gorgeous copper color, with yummy bar glitter of all colors! Pure perfection. nothing less.
Flash light, no top coat
I am deeply in love with this color, and if you like warm red and orange, these two lovelies are definitely a MUST to your collection!
Artificial light, no top coat

You can get yours in Mini size for $5 and full size for $10, at either the website or in her Etsy shop. Oh and - she is International friendly!
So what's your favorite SoFlaJo polish?

Swap - Mail - Nail - Junkie !

How is everyone today? I hope you're all having a wonderful time, even though it's a Monday :-D
I would like to share with you today a real sweet nail mail that I received from an AWESOME lady: Thank you  SO MUCH Aleta of The Nail Junkie!!!
I had two bottles of the WnW Fantasy Maker's Black Magic - the bar glitter, and Aleta had that one in her wish list so it was so obvious for me to offer her a swap!
While getting to know her I met an INCREDIBLE lady who is so great to talk to!  She is so creative and fun and interesting, and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to virtually meet her!!!

So I sent her one of my WnW Fantasy makers, and a couple other surprises that I can't tell you about because then it won't be a surprise ;-)
And I received from her two AMAZING polishes that I want to share with you now!
She also sent me those little pads that I'm really liking. I'm using them to remove glitter. It is so much more comfortable to me then cotton balls because you don't have those parts of the cotton sticking into the glitter.

So first I will show you WnW - Sage in the city, which is practically the most beautiful green I have in my collection!
It's a bright grass green with yellow undertones that make it look a little olive at times. It's applied like butter and two coats are enough to make it look as pretty as it does in the picture. The minute I received it I had to apply it and I received so many compliments about it!! It works great with my red-head skin colors and I just LOVE it!

Then I had to try the second polish I received from Aleta, which is Zoya Magen - a beautiful grey with some far away pink undertones. The closest polish in my collection to this beauty is maybe Mist, but it's actually not even close! I love grey polish because it subtle without blend too much in the crowd, it looks good with every color I wear and it will accept anything you would want to layer on it!
Megan is such a beautiful cream and I know I am going to use it A LOT!!! just look how pretty she is:

And I decided to spice her up a little, and with what if not the WnW Fantasy maker's Black magic??? Well, I'm not very good at applying glitter (or nail polish in general) i'm afraid, and I didn't make sure I was applying it even and not on my cuticle, but I think that still it's just so much fun! The Black Magic is STUFFED with those tiny bar glitter in all the colors! I love it!!!
So once again - THANK YOU SO MUCH Aleta!!!

Well? what do you think? do you like it?? What's your favorite grey? 

Going duck

During dinner this evening I talked with my cousin about what I should do on my nails.
She has this really silly song about her dog, where she keeps coming up with new words every time, and this evening in the song, her dog gnarled ducks. So she said I should do a duck. I then suggested a cow, but she said a duck would be better.
These are the polishes I used LTR: Julep - Marisa; Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed, Mellow Yellow and Blue Me Away!; Nabi - white matte and Hard Candy - Sky.

And here are my duck nails:

I'm so proud of my right hand that I had to show it too!
Well, I am not too good at drawing ducks apparently, but I enjoyed it nevertheless!
What do you think? What other fun animals have you done on your nails?