Mistletoe Magic

Good evening beautifuls! 
How are you dealing with the current weather? I hope you're all safe and warm (or cool) at your liking! This last weekend we had the worst storm in 200 years! The snow in Jerusalem piled at more then 15 inches (>40cm)  which is an unseen amount in this area! The entire country was pretty much under siege.And then today it's a beautiful warm sunny day as if nothing ever happened... Go figure.
Anyway, here's another Christmas-y manicure I did this last week for you.
Mistletoe Christmas Water Marble

Let It Snow

So all the challenges are over (for me for now  anyway) and everyone is doing some year-summing up posts. I thought about doing some too, but I am not sure. For one thing, I cannot limit my favorite polishes from this year to a reasonable number. Also, I am working on some other surprise that is taking all my time. So for now I think I will take the month of December easy with only some sparse posts and I hope to be back with all new things in January!
And for now, here's some snowing manicure for you to enjoy.
Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure

33 Days Challenge - Day 33: Recreate someone else’s mani

The day had finally come and I want to present to you the 33rd entry for the 33 Days Challenge!!!
For this entry the idea was either free style - which I anyway show you most of the time so nothing new in there - or to re create someone else's manicure from the challenge. And of course I chose that option and I looked at all the amazing entries of everyone in the challenge and decided to recreate Crazy Polishes - Dimpal's entry from day 28 in the challenge.
Watercolor Effect Manicure

33 Days Challenge - Day 32: Shapes

Another quicky for you: my 32nd entry in the 33DC: the theme is Shapes and I decided to go triangled and try Sheila (pointless Cafe)'s version of argyle pattern. Check out her awesome tutorial here.
Argyle Pattern Nail Art

33 Days Challenge - Day 31: Featuring my 3 favourite polishes

I still owe you my last 3 entries for the 33DC, and I am not going to leave them aside! let's begin with the 31st entry, where I'm suppose to feature my three favorite polishes. 
The Nail Junkie Jelly Shimmer Watermelon Zoya Jacqueline Darling Diva Polish Sashay Away Romantic Roses

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 5

Today is the final day of Nail Art Theme Week and here is my 5th entry! I am actually quite surprised that none of the other ladies thought of this idea ;-)
Ninja Nail Art China Glaze Kalahari Kiss Japan

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 4

I told you I need to catch up! Here's another post for today with my 4th entry for December's Nail Art Theme Week.
Foxy Paws Elegance Japanese Zen Rock Garden

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 3

A very quick post of another entry in this month's Nail Art Theme Week. You have seen quite a few of those manicures among the entries and I am no different. Whenever I think of Japan, the first thing that comes to my mind is the glorious Sakura - the beautiful blossom of the Japanese Cherry.
Above The Curve Jennifer's Blue Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossom

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 2

Not only that I am late with my 31st entry for the 33DC, now I am late with the 32nd entry as well as with the second entry for Theme Week. I know this really suck and I really am so sorry but it seems like life just has other plans for me right now. But don't worry, I will not leave those out! I will try to write them all over this coming weekend! And in the meantime, here's another Japanese inspired manicure for the December Nail Art Theme Week.

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 1

Yes, yes, I know i'm terribly late with my entry for the 33DC. I will post it sometimes later. But now I want to show you something totally different. Several blogger friends of mine are doing this awesome nail art theme week every month and I decided to join in with them. So the first week of every month is dedicated to a themed nail art. And the theme for December is Japanese and my first entry is Origami.
I admit, this was not an easy task. Apparently I know very little about Japan and its culture. So it was pretty hard to come up with ideas that were actually Japanese and not Chinese or Korean and so on.And when I finally got an idea, I still had to cross the execution hurdle...
Rescue Beauty Lounge Kellie Gonzo Nail Art Theme Week Japan Origami

Alter Ego - Goldie Handler

Evening Beautifuls!
Today I would like to show you another incredible Alter Ego polish that Cynthia sent me to review. This is Goldie Handler.
Alter Ego Goldie Handler Sinful Shine Mirror Mirror Pupa 820

33 Days Challenge - Day 30: Same Pattern - Different Colors

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans, Happy Chanukah to all Jewish and Happy Day to everyone else!
For today's entry in the 33DC I used the same pattern as my previous mani, but with different colors. Well, to be honest, I tricked a little. It's not exactly the same pattern. But its the same style of pattern: a Mehndi Henna pattern.
Picture Polish Sky Mehndi Henna Nail Art

33 Days Challenge - Day 29: My favorite pattern

Wow, day 29 in the 33DC. I didn't even think I will get this far! But I did... Nice! 
So today calls for my favorite pattern. Hmmm... that's a hard one. I have so many favorites! But I guess I do have a special emotional little space in my heart for the Mehndi Henna designs (the henna hand art) I can look at those little drawing forever. All the tiny little details and all the beautiful patterns... I totally love it! Yes, the Henna pattern is definitely the one I am going with! 
Mehndi Henna Pattern Nail Art Design

Alter Ego - Pencil Pusher

I really love Alter Ego polishes. They are so unique and delicate. Recently Cynthia, the maker of Alter Ego polishes has been working on perfecting their formula. They are all 4 free and camphor free and their special formula is giving them a beautiful velvet-y finish. So I was thrilled when Cynthia sent me her polishes to review! And today I would like to share the first one of them with you. This is Pencil Pusher.
Alter Ego Pencil Pusher

33 Days Challenge - Day 28: Lines

Today my entry for the 33DC is somewhat an experimental mani. I received my order or the holographic multi-chrome polishes from ILNP, and I pretty much wanted to try them all at once. Of course it didn't quite work so instead I just did this lazy manicure which I can call experimental. It also has lines in it. LOL
Holographic Multi Chrome ILNP

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

It is Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special! Woohoo!!! 
Well, what am I so happy about? No reason really. Sadly, my country is not going to be among those who can watch it on the local cinemas or on Global TV. We're out of range or just not important enough. I suppose the local Doctor Who fan base here is not big enough. But I'm ok with that. I anyway haven't (yet!) finished watching all the 6th and 7th seasons so I'm in no rush to see the special movie just yet. It doesn't mean that I'm not still very excited about it! And to show you my excitement, I decided to hop into this lovely Doctor Who Nail Art collaboration. And here are my Doctor Who nails:
Doctor Who nails The Empty Child Cybermen Silent Dalek Tardis

33 Days Challenge - Day 27: Three Patterns

Today my entry for the 33DC will be super short. My weekend had finally arrived and I am so exhausted and all I can think of right now is going to bed...  But not without my three patterns of course!
Above The Curve  Scarlet Pure Ice Gold Matte Pattern Nail Art

33 Days Challenge - Day 26: Something from Pinterest / My Inspiration Board

Finally an entry for the 33DC that was relatively easy to decide about! Recently I saw this mani on Pinterest and I just HAD to try it. When I got to its origin, I found this tutorial at Teen Vogue. Awesome.
Zoya Mitzi matte velvet tape manicure

33 Days Challenge - Day 25: A New for me Technique

Another entry for the 33DC that was super hard for me. First - to come up with an idea I haven't tried yet, and once I did - to actually execute it. None was an easy task. But then, thanks to one of the recent nail world's dramas - I came up with this.
Spray Marble Turquoise Gemstone manicure

Love on Four Feet - my guest post at Thoughts Of Beauty

To celebrate her anniversary, Kim from Overall Beauty is having a fabulous vacation with her hubby of 30 years. So while she's having fun, I made a little post for her blog, about what my true love is. I also did a little mani, inspired by the super talented Tatjana of Raggio di Luna's Painted rocks, to escort the post and added a couple of photos of my beautiful Queen Xanthippe. Please check it out by clicking the image below ;-))

33 Days Challenge - Day 24: A mani featured the color I own the most of

Today's entry in the 33DC has to feature the color I own the most of. This was a tricky one actually. Because for a while I was sure I had the most of Blue polishes. But since I am now in the process of re-arranging my polishes in my Helmers drawers, I found out a very surprising piece of information: While I have a little over 300 Blue polishes, I have just a tiny bit less then 400 of.... *drum rolls* ... Orange polishes.And since Orange is my most favorite color, this fact made me very happy. So here's my mani featuring my Orange polishes:
Orange polish nail art

33 Days Challenge - Day 23: Geometric (with a tutorial)

So we're starting the last 10 entries in the 33DC today, with a Geometric theme and an entry I am actually happy about. In fact, I was so happy about it that I decided to do a tutorial for it too. It's a bit of time consuming and sort of an Occupational Therapy, but I enjoyed it and I hope you would too.
Geometric design stamping nail art vintage duo-chrome Tutorial

Aphaea's Bouquet

The other day when I wasn't sure about what color I should paint my nails with, my bestie Gosia said I should go with purple. So I did, and I found one helluva polish while doing so! The funny thing is... I never even thought that I would need this polish... 
Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet

33 Days Challenge - Day 22: Three colors gradient and a pattern

Today's 33DC entry was totally annoying for me. You know this feeling when you get an idea and you gotta do it no matter what? And it fails and you re-do it over and over and you just can't let go? Well, this is what today's mani did to me. I saw this picture of full nails decals and I totally fell in love with it. So I decided I can do it without the decals themselves...
Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Matte

33 Days Challenge - Day 21: Europe

Today's theme in the 33DC is Europe. I am not sure I like those hugely general themes. I mean - a country could be easier. But a whole continent? woah........ But then I received my Elevation Polish order and I knew exactly what Europe is to me!
Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired

33 Days Challenge - Day 20: based on a pattern in my wardrobe

Ok first - a little confession: my entry for the 33DC today is a little bit of a cheat. It is not based on a pattern in my wardrobe, but it is based on a pattern that I am dying to have in my wardrobe. Ever since I saw this sweater I have been dreaming of it. One day I also hope to have it, but for now... at least it made for a mani inspiration.
Pixie Dust Texture Sand Zoya Julie G

Ga-De Rhodolite Garnet

I decided to shorten my nails. After a loooooong time of keeping them long, I decided that it actually looked like a witch (or maybe it was just a Halloween inspiration?) and I decided to go short. Well, nothing to worry really because they grow way too fast for my liking. And besides, I still have a few manis featuring my long witchy nails that I haven't showed you yet. But just so you know, this is how short I decided to go.
Ga-De Rhodolite Garnet

33 Days Challenge - Day 19: Follow someone's tutorial

If you know me a little, you'd know I have this little addiction other then the nail polish. I really, really really love LEGO. At home I even have a whole room that is dedicated to LEGO. And since really recently I have seen this super awesome take on the LEGO mani, I decided that one to be my tutorial to follow in today's 33DC entry.
LEGO nail art

Dead Man's Party at the River Rock

As you can see I am having some difficulties letting the Halloween go. So here's another mani in the dark spirit.
Elevation Polish River Rock Red Dog Designs Dead Man's Party

33 Days Challenge - Day 18: Featuring two patterns

Boo.... Halloween is over already. That was too fast in my opinion!
So November 1st begins with a really nice theme for the 33DC: featuring two patterns. 
Bondi New York Tavern On The Teal Magnolia

SoFlaJo - Spider Funk

Halloween is here and I still didn't finish showing you all of SoFlaJo polishes that were in my epic Halloween package from Jody! So my special Halloween mani tonight will feature the last of them - Spider Funk.
SoFlaJo Spider Funk Halloween Nail Art

33 Days Challenge - Day 17: artwork featuring my favourite brand

So half the challenge has passed right now. How awesome is that? 
Today the 33DC requires featuring my favorite brand. If you have been following me a little, you'd know my favorite brand has to be an indie brand. Not that I don't like main stream brands, but indies just shake it better. Hands off. However, Picking just one however is simply impossible. So my artwork today features two of my all times most favorite brands of nail polish. The Nail Junkie and Elevation Polish. Oh - and Halloween.
The Nail Junkie  Elevation Polish Halloween nail art

No Rest For The Wicked in The Haunting Hour

YAY Another Halloween mani! I didn't think I'll make it - but I did!
NailNation 3000 No Rest For The Wicked Red Dog Designs The Haunting Hour

33 Days Challenge - Day 16: South America

Wow, another South American inspired mani today. My little blog have seen quite a few of those recently with Colombia and Brazil from the Where In The World challenge and Mexico in the 33DC. Perhaps this was meant to be the one mani to rule them all? Nah...

SoFlaJo - Anaconda

So what do you think of my blog's Halloween outfit? I hope you like it too because I do. A lot! Anyway, today I would like to go back to my Epic Halloween package that I received earlier this month from the wonderful Jody of SoFlaJo, and to show you another of her Snake-y polishes.
SoFlaJo Anaconda Wet n Wild Confections Of A Bake-aholic

33 Days Challenge - Day 15: Animals

Almost half way! Today I have another entry for the 33DC, and this time the theme is Animals. If you know me a while, you'd know it's no surprise that I picked cats - yet again.
365 Days Of Color Ducky Tie Delush It Takes Two To Mango

33 Days Challenge - Day 14: Abstract

Today's entry in the 33DC is actually accidental. I was only doing my nails the other day and decided to try this beautiful brown by Mentality, and when I stamped over it, it looked real cool. As if I couldn't decide if I used the brown for the stamping or the other colors. So I really liked the end result and this is my Abstract entry now.
Mentality Foxy

Slutty Pumpkin - Darling Diva Polish

Ok, I'm not yet sure if I can make it, but I will try to show you only Halloween-related posts in the few days left until Halloween - on the days I'm not showing you entries for the 33DC. What do you think? So today I have an amazing Halloween polish for you by Darling Diva
Darling Diva Polish Slutty Pumpkin

33 Days Challenge - Day 13: Chinese

So today there's another culture/country inspired mani in the 33DC. It's strange, especially after just finishing the Where In The World challenge... And very hard too. And today, for the Chinese inspiration I needed some peace and quiet.
Dior Waterlily Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu

33 Days Challenge - Day 12: Based on a pattern in my home

Phew, this was hard. I couldn't find a pattern at home that is not in my wardrobe for today's posy in the 33DC. But the wardrobe pattern entry is only in 3 weeks so I didn't want to "waste" that one yet. And after a lot of thinking it suddenly hit me: Here's the almost most important pattern in my house.
Bondi New York Horny Mistress Zoya Jacqueline

Bundle Monster's Halloween Contest

So I really wanted to enter Bundle Monster's Halloween nail art contest. Not only because I really love Bundle Monster's stamping plates, but also because they have quite a nice prize to aim for. Sadly, I managed to miss the deadline and I'm not in that contest. But I do like the mani I made for it so I will show it to you instead.
Picture Polish Citrus Wisteria Violet Femme Bundle Monster

33 Days Challenge - Day 11: 3D

Since my original 3D plan didn't work and I was left with no time or something clever, I decided to go 3D-ing with some rhinestones in different sizes. Very simple and not too creative, but sometimes you gotta compromise... So here's my 11th entry in the 33DC.
Essie The More The Merrier China Glaze Virtual Violet

China Glaze - Zombie Zest

I'm so sorry for the slower posts this passing week. I am working very hard on some surprises that I hope to be able to let you all know about before the month ends. And between this and real life, I don't have much time left for my every day nail art. But I do try to keep up. Especially with the 33 Days Challenge going on!
Anyway, I planed to use today's mani for the 3D entry of the challenge tomorrow but it didn't turn very 3D. So I will show you this one today and try something else for tom
China Glaze Zombie Zest

33 Days Challenge - Day 10: flowers

This week I finally received my Essie Summer 2013 collection - naughty nautical. So today's post is all about that. I really love these colors: fun, elegant, bright - but not in your face. And since today's theme in the 33DC is flowers, I decided to go with the flow.
Essie naughty nautical summer 2013

33 Days Challenge - Day 9: Indian

I needed a lot of thinking before I came up with an idea for today's entry in the 33DC. According to Debbie - The Crumpet, this theme can be interpreted as either Indian - Native American or Indian - from India. So after considering the options and googling for inspiration, I decided to go with Indian - from India. So today's entry is an Indian print.
zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

SoFlaJo - Blue Racer

Today I would like top show you the second polish from the amazing Halloween package I received from Jody (SoFlaJo). This is Blue Racer, an inky blackish blue-green multichrome base that shifts between different shades of deep dark pink-purple, green and blue, and has all sort of fun sparkles in it. Blue Racer is part of SoFlaJo's new collection - A Snake On The Hand Worth Two On The Toes.
SoFlaJo Blue Racer

33 Days Challenge - Day 8: Chevrons

Today's theme for the 33DC made me really happy. I don't exactly know why because I don't have anything specific for Chevrons, but it did. And when I'm happy, I immediately think of rainbows. So today I have some rainbow chevrons for you.
sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics

6 Harts Polish - Blow Me... A Raspberry

Good evening beautiful people! Hello and Welcome to all my new followers! I really hope you will enjoy your stay here. Today I want to show you a very pretty polish that I love not only because it's so pretty, but because it's one of those "in-between" color. I have a thing for those. So please let me show you 6 Harts Polish - Blow Me... A Raspberry!
6 Harts Polish Blow Me... A Raspberry

33 Days Challenge - Day 7: artwork featuring my oldest untried

Today's post for the 33DC has to feature my oldest untried. However, I don't really know which is my oldest untried. So I just picked one of my untried, and let's hope it is my oldest...
Dior Mandarine Orange

SoFlaJo - Jugular Vein

So yesterday I showed you my amazing Halloween package that I got from Jody, and today I will show you my full mani using the first of her polishes, and my most favorite one of them all - Jugular Vein.
SoFlaJo Jugular Vein