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The big announcement!

Superficially Colorful Lacquer

Are you ready for tomorrow? ;-)

One final word... ;-)

Yeah I know how much I have neglected you in the last few weeks :-(
I really am sorry!! It was NOT because I didn't love you anymore. It was only because I was working so hard on transferring my little blog into WordPress and setting my new website there, including.... *drum rolls please* my new little on-line shop!

These are my big news and the big secret I have been working on lately. I am starting to sell my little superficially colorful lacquer creations and the grand opening is planned to be on March 3, 2014
I still don't know the time exactly, but I will update with that too, soon!

So if you want, you can hop over to Superficiallycolorful.com and have a look around and register into your accounts and... well, feel free to send me your input and impressions!

Do note, it is not 100% finished yet. There are still lot's of little things still need to be fixed and changed. But in general, the main look is all ready for you.
And in a few days, I will point this address to the new one so that no one will get lost and you will always end up in the right website! Cool huh?

Are you still here ?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know not everyone celebrates it (well, I don't for one ;) but I really can't let a reason to party go away like that. So here's my (one of) Valentine's day manicures.
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
This one is a bit of a "Rough love". I created it actually for this lovely idea from Brilliant Earth, a diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry company, who is trying to create a collage of the word LOVE spelled by all sort of things that we love. 
Of course when the collage will be on line I will gladly link it here for you too!
Anyway, I love nail polish and it was only obvious that I would play along! Sadly, life always comes in the middle of the fun, and it took me longer then I expected, but... here's my Rough Love Manicure!
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
I started with two coats of China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's, a coral-orange pink. creme with delicate translucent shimmer. I then stamped some big cat's pattern using a polish that I created called My Little Black Mojo. Its not exactly ready yet for the world to see but it's suppose to be black with a hint of color shifting and micro flakies of red, violet and blue. Not that you can see much of it in the stamping but still... LOL
Then I placed some tape on it, creating the word LOVE, and I painted very sloppy and with minimum polish on my brush, using Sinful Colors Truth Or Dare. I think I used a polish a little bit too pigmented because I wanted the brush smears to show more, with not much luck, but I hope you still see the different directions of my application. 
I finished this mani with Barry M Foil Effect Silver and my favorite Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. Oh and my thumb is stamped with DRK-A plate and then the rose from MoYou Kitty Collection 02.
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
So I hope you too are having a fabulous day, whether it's a party day or not! 
And do know this: I LOVE YOU. I do. Each and every one of you lovely readers and picture-surfers, who keep me around even when life won't really let me ;) 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Darling Diva - Sashay Away

Hello beautifuls,
I'm sorry for being such a slacker. I am working really hard on something these days! I swear! But it will take a little bit more time... :-(
So in the meantime, let me show you some really lovely polishes that I never got to show you before! And today it is Darling Diva's Sashay Away!
Darling Diva Sashay Away Lacquistry Amazeballs
Sashay Away is from Darling Diva's RuPaul inspired collection. It is a beautiful medium green holographic polish with blue shimmer. It has a perfect formula, its opaque in two easy peesy coats and has a very rich finish. It is very holographic but not in the linear way that looses all the base color to that rainbow. It is more of a scattered holo that I really love so much! In my words it is just super delicious. 
Darling Diva Sashay Away

Darling Diva Sashay Away

Darling Diva Sashay Away
I decided to match it with the one and only Amazeballs by Lacquistry. I think they really work nice together. Don't you agree?
Darling Diva Sashay Away Lacquistry Amazeballs

Darling Diva Sashay Away Lacquistry Amazeballs
Darling Diva Polish store is here and here. Make sure you follow her on Facebook.
Lacquistry store is here. And her Facebook is always accepting followers!

So this is it for today, but stay tuned for my big announcement real soon! ;-)

Dior Day - Czarina Gold

I know, I know its been a while and I really need to come back more often. Eventually I will! But for now - here's a collaborate post. Some blogger friends of mine decided to get together and show our love for the polishes by Dior. And who am I to turn down such a fun idea? So let me show you Czarina Gold.
Dior Czarina Gold Or Tsarine Black and Gold Manicure

Cult Nails - Ay Poppy

This post was suppose to go up last night but I kind of... slept about it. (to say - I fell asleep and forgot to publish). Hopefully, late is better then never...
Anywho, remember a little while ago that I showed you some nail appliques made of 100% polish by Incoco? (here's the link) So I was doing some cleaning and I came across the remaining of those appliques. I had 3 or 4 left in my used package and I liked them too much to just throw away. So I cut them and played with them a little.
Incoco Nail Applique over Cult Nails Ay Poppy

Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!

Here's another mani from my vault, and this time it's truly a witchy stuff! If I would be giving names to manis, this one would probably be the sea witch. 
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! Mermaid Stamping Manicure

Whimsical Ideas By Pam - Peanut Butter and Jelly

Today I have some really old swatch I found in my "somehow never posted" folder. I honestly have no idea why this never saw the light before, because it's such a sweet polish! Here's Peanut Butter and Jelly by Whimsical Ideas By Pam.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Whimsical Ideas By Pam

Pretty & Polished Boombox

I really need to clear my vault a little so today I have some summer memories for you.
This is Pretty & Polished Boombox, from her Summer In The City collection.
Pretty & Polished Boombox

January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 5 - Giraffe

I saved my favorite post for last. Today is the last post of this month's Nail Art Theme Week, and the theme is Follow A Tutorial. The tutorial I chose to follow for today, just like the one from yesterday, is one by Jacki of Adventures In Acetone. It's one that I was dying to try for such a long time, but totally dreaded it wouldn't turn out as nice as it should... But guess what? I tried it - and it actually worked! Maybe not as perfect as the original, but it is definitely a cute mani!
Giraffe nail art tutorial

January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 4 - Yeti

For today's post I followed an older tutorial by Jacki of Adventures In Acetone. However, last night she posted this adorably cute Yeti manicure with a tutorial, and I knew I just HAD to try it right away! Of course, I feel the same pretty much about every design Jacki comes up with. But the winter and the tutorial week context were just too strong to miss.
Yeti - Abominable Snowman Nail Art Tutorial

January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 3 - Kitties in love

Day 3 of the January Nail Art Theme Week begins with a bit of a drama.
I am sure you have heard by now the story of the nail art thief MissJenFabulous. If you want more details, I can recommend two written-from-the-heart posts. One by Sheila of Pointless Cafe and another by Lucie of Lucy's Stash. But I'm not really going into this now. Why am I mentioning this you ask? Well, here's my problem: I could not find the origin of the tutorial I followed today. I fruitlessly searched the web for hours and I am still in the dark. So if anyone knows the origin of this tutorial - please point me to it so I can give the artist credit!
cats in love nail art tutorial

January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 2 - Polka Dots

Good Evening beautifuls! 
Today for the second day of January's Nail Art Theme Week, I have a fun polka dots manicure, made by following "nuthin' but a nail thing" tutorial.
Gradient Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial
Edit to add: When I first found the tutorial to follow for this post, I completely forgot that I have already seen this nail art design before. Sadly, I was reminded of that today, by a sad, yet excellent post by Lucie at Lucy's stash.
Apparently this design, as well as others, were stolen from her by the notorious Miss Jen Fabulous for one of her YouTube tutorials.
I am not going to get into this issue now, except for urging you to read Lucy's post. But a credit should be given where it is due. And the credit for this beautiful design belongs to Lucie herself. And here is her original post.

January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 1: Owls

Hello beautifuls and Happy New Year!!! 
I hope you all had a fabulous time in the holidays and you got your chance to rest some and enjoy some and do your nails a lot!
I am so sorry for abandoning you like that in the last couple of weeks, but I promise you all that I have been working on something real exciting that you will very very soon hear about! In the meantime, let's begin 2014 with the Nail Art Theme Week, and this month we're following some tutorials.
Owls Tutorial Nail Art over Elevation Polish Dykh-Tau