Dupe Alert - Golden Red Sand

Hi lovelies! 
Once again I left you for some personal issues :-(
I truly am sorry. I always try so hard to at least have a post scheduled for you while I deal with my issues, but life just keeps tripping me over... 
But enough with the whine! Today I would like to give you another dupe alert post. Once again it has a Zoya polish in it, but not only. And it honestly is NOT against Zoya or anything. Here are the polishes I will compare for you: Julie G. Sugar Rush, Kiko number 640 and Zoya Destiny.
Julie G. Sugar Rush Kiko number 640 Zoya Destiny

Ninja Polish - Glamourous

If you have been followed me for a while, you'd know that there is one brand of polish that I just can't stand. I have no logical reason for it, but I can't wear any OPI polishes. Don't know why. It's just not working for me. Sadly, this also works the same for the DS Collection polishes by OPI. So I am extra thrilled to give you this amazingly beautiful polish that is also a dupe for OPI DS Glamour. This is Ninja Polish - Glamorous.
Ninja Polish Glamorous

Mentality - Charm

What a messy weekend... I almost went to bed with naked nails! Luckily, I managed to paint them just before crashing on my bed... And later today I hope I get to stamp on them some. Thankfully, today's post is a mani from last week, so we're cool. No need to rush anything! So let me show you Mentality's Charm:
Mentality Charm

Anger Management - My guest post at My Nail Polish Obsession

Hello gorgeous people!!
I am so honored and happy to be a guest tonight at My Nail Polish Obsession, while Jen is on vacation!
I am truly hoping that Jen is having a wonderful time and lots of fun! And while she does - you can have some anger management class with my Angry Birds mani in her blog.
So go over to her blog, make sure you like her (cause she's awesome!) and enjoy some fun summer mani!


My monstrous Alter Ego

The polish that I want to show you today is extremely delicate and beautiful! But as some sort of antithesis to its delicacy, I decided to make some monstrous nail art with it. I thought it was just more fun this way.
Alter Ego Lights The Menorah

Accidental Stripes

I think I told you before that stripes calm me down. Whenever I'm upset or nervous or just... un-quiet - I need stripes. Today's mani is one that was resulted by such un-calm evening.
Nfu Oh MOR10 Orly Chocolate Barry M Jelly hi shine Papaya LimeCrime Milky Ways

Dupe Alert - Zoya vs. Sinful Colors

I usually really like Zoya polishes. There is something very delicate and elegant about them and I really love the huge variety of shades they have for every color. However, this summer they had at least one collection that I don't think I need. Let me show you Zoya's Stunning collection vs. some possible dupes.
Zoya Stunning Collection Sinful Shine
Ltr front row: Darcy, Thandie, Rocky, Josie. Back row: Sinful Shine Bananappeal, Mardi Gras, At Sea, In The Limelight.

Chanel Taboo

I never had any Chanel nail polish. I don't even know why. I have several Dior polishes but somehow - I never had a chance to get a Chanel. But recently that changed. In the coolest swap I was so happy and surprised to receive this gorgeous Chanel polish - Taboo (no. 583) !!!
Chanel Taboo 583 A-England Holy Grail version I

MoYou Plates Review

I wanted to post this a long time ago and sadly it didn't happen. But I am hoping that late is still better then never...
A while ago I posted this review about the black and white stamping polishes by MoYou, and I was really happy with them. Today I have three stamping plates by MoYou to show you.
Takko Lacquer Va Va Voom MoYou Nails Stamping Plates

Mint Mani for Talia Joy

Hello beautiful people! 
I am so sorry for my hiatus and I am hoping very much that from now on I will be able to keep posting regularly. However, today's post is a very sad one.
Last Tuesday, on July 16th, a very special girl had passed away. Talia Joy Castellano, a beauty blogger, a beauty Guru actually and an amazing 13 years old girl, lost her battle to cancer. More then half of her life was spent fighting two kinds of cancer and yet, she did in her short time on this earth a lot more then most people do in their entire life. 
Source:  Talia Castellano @ Flickr

A Huge Apology to you

Good evening beautiful readers!
I am so sorry for being a little quiet. I have so many things I want to show you but some family matters require my full attention these days and I am just left with no time nor energy to take pictures and write my posts.
I truly hope this is only a matter of a few more days, maybe a week and I will get back to you all with a lot of energy and a lot of summer fun stuff. But for now... sadly, I need some time off.
I really hope you won't forget me until I return...
Love you all! 

Red Dog Designs - Neon Summer Sands

These days are being real hard for me on some levels and I really need some major cheering up. Luckily, the wonderful Gina of Red Dog Designs just had the perfect collection for me! Isn't this just the most cheering-up mani you've seen???
Red Dog Designs Neon Summer Sands

And the winners are....

This Giveaway was really wonderful and I would like to THANK each and every one of you beautiful people who played along! The amount of cheaters was lower then ever and this made me so happy!
A very special THANK YOU I would like to send to all the ladies who made their gorgeous manis and posted to my FB page, and an even BIGGER THANK YOU to all those who actually read my giveaway post all the way through. I have to admit those were very very few - but they actually exist ;-)
I so much wish I could give each and every one of you a prize. But sadly, I cannot. So -  Are you one of the winners?