Sunday haul

Here we are again. Another week passed by and we're on Sunday again...

Today I have only indies for you. And the truth is - I am dying to see them on the nails already! So I'm considering doing some swatches posts of several polishes in the same post. Do you think I should?  I don't know... until now I only showed you manis I wore for at least a whole day. I don't know if I feel like swatching only. But if I don't - it'll take forever until I get to see all my new little babiese.... 
Ideas? Suggestions?  Besides, I am also thinking, maybe I need to concentrate on indies and old HTF polishes and leave the main stream alone. It's becoming boring... Well, at least until someone else will come up with a new multichrome/holo collection anyway... We'll see.

And now - let's bring in  the goods! 

From left to right: Girly BitsLong Winter's Nap and EggnogoholicSea Lore - Arctic Otter, Wintery Whale and Glacial Grayling. All of these are from both makers' new winter collections. You could sort-of see Girly Bit's Eggnogoholic last Friday in my Winter Holiday Challenge entry. And also - from Sea Lore I also got beautiful red earrings but I forgot to take a picture of them :-( 

Next is SoflaJo with Ballroom - from her new Party Time collection and The True Death from her Terrified collection that came out in the last Halloween. NailNation 3000Pumpkin Spice.
And because the stickers are covering almost the entire bottle of the SoflaJo, I am posting another picture for you to enjoy.

Next are some more NailNation 3000 polishes: Lunar Eclips, Soriya, No Rest For The Wicked, Infinity, Fierce, Lovers Lane, Señor Gappy, Lime Light, Have Compassion. I have tried a couple on half a nail already and I can say they look amazing. I can't wait to show them all to you!!

Some more holo yummies I am dying to try are the Chirality collection. Iridophore, Audrey III, Kale, Apolonia, Cu2+, The Symbiote, Just Before Dawn, Bloodshot, Katydid. You could sort-of see the last two (Bloodshot and Katydid) in my Winter Holiday Challenge entry last Friday.

And last for today is my little Elevation Polish additions from her last restock: Rapa Nui, Denali, Alphubel, Toubkal, The Arches At Sunset and Broad Peak.
I will try to get them all swatched later this week and hopefully I can show them all to you soon enough. I would love to know what your preferences on this are: a swatch on one nail along with the haul post like I did here? A separate post of swatches only, each polish on the entire hand, several pictures for every polish? Do let me know and I will try what the most of you would like to see ;-)


beachgal said...

Wow! That's a lot of bottles in one week...but I have been there too in the that I have more than 1400 polishes in this collection that spans back into the 90's and a few even back to the late 80's - I don't find I am grabbing for as many shades as I used to...I don't wear a ton of indie glitters as I find I use them once and never again typically - like many I have my default favs and have learned I don't need them all now...that can change however when I love a specific collection/brand or in a downer period where adding 20 shades all at once really lift my spirits. I tend to buy mostly mid of the range prices polishes - and don't wast $ on lower end drug store brands a lot because they end up being ones that chip fast or are really watery.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Nice!!!! I love your Sunday haul posts... so much fun. :-)

~ Yun

Unknown said...

I am so jealous over those Chirality polishes >.< Can I just stalk you mailbox :D

Gosia said...

damn you're a crackhead!!! I even haven't gotten that many in one week!!
I would love to see again what you did with your other haul post: one polish on one nail. And then do a whole post with one at a time, in whatever order you want. I'm always dying to know what the new polishes look like!!!

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