Alter Ego - Chocolatier

Finally, finally the month is over. The shortest month of the year - and it seemed like it would never be over! I am truly exhausted... And I am so glad I have the whole weekend before me, before starting another crazy  - yet hopefully - easier month. And to sweeten the feeling even more, I have a real candy for you today: Alter Ego - Chocolatier.
Alter Ego Chocolatier

Born Pretty Nail Art Pen Review

Hi Everyone! I have a pretty cool product from Born Pretty Store I would like to share with you. This is their new 2 way Nail Art Pen in White and 2 way Nail Art Pen in Black.
Born Pretty Store 2 way Dotting Pen Nail Art Polish Ball & Brush

SoFlaJo - Black Beauty

Today's post is heavier then the usual because I really love this mani and I couldn't decide which of the photos to take off... So be prepared ;-)
SoFlaJo Black Beauty

A Custom by Red Dog Designs

I hope you are not yet tired of the glitter I'm showing you lately because I think I am completely falling in love with them ;-) 
Well I do promise to show you other things as well but for today - a quicky post to show off a brilliant custom polish that was made for me by the amazing Gina of Red Dog Designs!
Red Dog Designs

A franken gift

Today's mani is very simple but I really love it and I hope you will to because today's mani is a special gift I received from a friend. 

Sea Lore - Arctic Otter

Good Evening beautiful people! How are you doing? Are you smelling spring already? I sure know I do! But just one second before Spring enters, I would love to show you a great winter polish by Sea Lore: Arctic Otter. This is a shimmery polish in a beautiful chocolate brown with light brown, bronze and champagne glitter in various sizes and shapes. Arctic Otter is part of Sea Lore - Wintry Friends collection.
Sea Lore Arctic Otter

Elevation Polish - Marmolada

Today I needed some peace and quiet. I had a crazy day at work and then a crazy evening and finally, finally I got home and had a little time to myself. So I went with some quiet waves and cool and peaceful island. Here's today's mani: Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan with Elevation Polish - Marmolada over it.
Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Edit to add------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yeah, ok, I realize now that I am one month too early... But do you know what it means?
1. I get to party twice - and - 
2. I still have time to practice my water marble shamrock!!! Yeah!!!

By the way - to answer the questions - I used Color Club Antiquated as my base for this marble.

Happy day!! Today is the day of the Irish and the Leprechauns and the pots of gold and rainbows! 
Ok, I admit I don't know much about this day except for all that, but I'm always taking advantage of the party without really paying attention to the saints. And so for today I decided to try a water marble shamrock! Well, I failed. But I did manage to come up with my best yet water marble! This is the first time I actually manage a real shape and not some random swirls! Of course, you might not be able to see it, but I am happy! 
Sinful Colors - Innocent Rise And Shine Leap Flog

NerdLacquer is actually BACK!!!

Finally, after a long wait, Amanda is back with NerdLacquer! Oh boy, am I excited!!!
So did you take part of the Grand Opening today? What did you get? I managed to get a few pretties and I am extremely happy about it! So to celebrate this wonderful event, I decided to wear... NerdLacquer!
NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space and I Aim To Misbehave
NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space and I Aim To Misbehave

Holographic love

My friend Kim from The Ides Of Polish had this really interesting idea of combining matte polish with holographic hearts. I really like the idea so I decided to give it a try. 
Zoya Posh and Color Club Miss Bliss
Zoya Posh and Color Club Miss Bliss in the sun.

Ziv, Blaze and Valentines

Since i'm already in the spirit of V-Day, I decided to do a sparkly Valentines mani. For this one I took Zoya Ziv and Blaze, both from the glorious Ornate Collection of Winter 2012. They are both gorgeous polishes, very sparkly and very festive. I suppose they could make a perfect Christmas mani, but they work so perfectly together for Valentines just as well!
Zoya Ziv and Zoya Blaze
Zoya Ziv and Zoya Blaze under artificial lighting indoors

My V-Day Entry

How are you lovely people? Are you getting ready for V-Day? Do you celebrate it? Mark it somehow or just completely ignore it as if it was just another day of the year? Personally, I don't celebrate it. But I do love themed manis and Valentines' day is such a great opportunity for fun and colorful manis, that I think it would be a crime to let it go un-noticed. 
Today's mani is also my entry to Jen's Nail Files Love themed nail art contest!!!

Girly Bits Press Release! New "P.S. I Love You" Collection

P.S I Love You by Girly Bits Cosmetics
Press Release: Girly Bits Cosmetics
"P.S. I Love You"
Press release date: for immediate release

Collection release date: Monday, February 11th, 2013

Announcing "P.S. I Love You", the latest collection available from Girly Bits Cosmetics.   A collection of three love themed polishes.

This collection is dedicated to the memory of Doris Sewell Rudeen, the mother of a dear friend.

You can read the obituary for Doris HERE

P.S I Love You by Girly Bits Cosmetics
The "P.S. I Love You" Collection From back to front:

Hot Shot ~ a hot pink holographic lacquer

Twitterpated ~ a light purple foil/holographic with pink shimmer

A Mother's Love ~ pink and gold holographic glitter of various shapes and sizes (includes pink holographic hearts) with gold shimmer

P.S I Love You by Girly Bits Cosmetics
SwatchesFrom left to right:

A Mother's Love over white
A Mother's Love over Hot Shot
Hot Shot alone
A Mother's Love alone
Twitterpated alone
A Mother's Love over Twitterpated
A Mother's Love over black
A Mother's Love over a violet purple

P.S I Love You by Girly Bits Cosmetics

New labels

We are no longer using paper labels on our nail lacquer.   The labels pictured above are a clear transition label that will be applied on all bottles until we receive shipment of our printed labels.   As you can also see in the picture above, our polish names are now found on the label on the bottom of the bottle!

Where to find "P.S. I Love You":

P.S. I Love You will be available Monday, February 11th, 2013 on the Girly Bits Big Cartel store.   Retail pricing on Girly Bits is as follows:

    Hot Shot ~ $11.50

    Twitterpated ~ $11.50

    A Mother's Love ~ $10.00

    P.S. I Love You (Bundle of all 3) ~ $33.00

At the time of this press release, we have confirmed that this collection will also be available in the near future at the following Girly Bits Authorized Distributors:

Harlow & Co.

Foxy Fingertips

Femme Fatale


Please check the above sites for release dates and pricing.

Copyright © 2013 Girly Bits Cosmetics, All rights reserved.

Jindie Nails - Live Out Loud

I really wanted to do some nail art this weekend but I never had the chance. So many things to do!! I feel like i'm running after my own tail. So I didn't do any nail art (yet) but I did decide to try this fun polish by Jindie Nails! So dot glitter is the current big thing and this polish is filled with them! This is Live Out Loud.
Jindie Nails - Live Out Loud
Jindie Nails - Live Out Loud

Daily Lacquer - I'll Fly Away

Another long week has come to an end... I am tired, completely exhausted really. And now of all times, the Valentines manis are all over... I do plan to have one or two but tonight I'll just show you a polish, that I thought was very cute and suitable to the event: The Daily Lacquer - I'll Fly Away.
The Daily Lacquer - I'll Fly Away

My own polish

I want to tell you a little secret that I have been dying to share with you for a while. 
It's no big secret that I ADORE indie polishes. If you have been following me a little, you would know that I have lots and lots of indies in my stash and I use them most often. I just love to see the creativity of all those amazing girls out there, who actually put their own spirit into those gorgeous bottles. Naturally, it was just a matter of time until I would want to try my own abilities in the frankening field. 
Fascinated, the first polish of my Mood Swings collection. Source: Smashley Sparkles

Ninja Polish - Strawberries n' Roses

The Valentines is getting nearer and everyone is looking for that romantic polish or nail art to wear. You can see a lot of reds and pinks and roses and hears all over. So I would like to join the wave of love, with one of the most romantic polishes I have ever seen! Ninja Polish - Strawberries n' Roses
Ninja Polish - Strawberries n' Roses
Ninja Polish - Strawberries n' Roses, no top coat.

Getting ready for the spring with SoFlaJo

Happy Monday everyone! Yeah, i know there's some inner conflict in the sentence. I guess I can only say it cause my Monday is over already... Well I hope you're having a great day still! 
Today I want to show you two new polishes from SoFlaJo. One is from her new Matte Love collection and the other is a special Newtown Animal Center charity polish. And while each one is gorgeous by itself, together they totally make me think of Spring!

The Weekend Freehand

Do you remember the New 31 Days Challenge? Hard to believe it ended only 3 days ago... Anyway, on day 30 I was suppose to come up with a mani of my favorite technique. And while I did, I also told you that it was a compromise. It was made using my favorite nail art technique - freehand, but it was a very quick one due to the timing in the middle of my working week. And I promised you another one, a lot more time consuming. Right? So here comes..... The Muppet show!!! *music please*

Ninja Polish - Nebula

TGIF!!! I had such a long week... at some point I really doubted it would ever come to an end... but once again - it did not disappoint me. And now I would like to show you my Bling! for the weekend - Ninja Polish - Nebula.
Ninja Polish - Nebula
Ninja Polish - Nebula under artificial lighting

The Nail Junkie's Valentines

So January is over and so is the New 31 Days Challenge and until I decide on my next challenge, I have quite a few things to show you. And as February begins, I think it's the perfect time to show you The V-Day Line by The Nail Junkie.
The Nail Junkie - V-Day Line Valentines Collection