Sunday Haul

Hello beautiful people!
Yes, I know I left you here alone for a little while. It wasn't planned at all. Honest! I had a strange and crazy week and many of the things I had planned - just didn't happen. Including some posts in here. I really am sorry... can you forgive me? I really wish you can because I have lot's of stuff to show you this week! And I will do my best to save this special time for our superficially colorful meeting.
So let's move on to the important stuff shell we? This past week's haul. It is big and fun and very lemming-crushing!

First is a very sweet package that for some awkward reason needed two and a half months to get to me. I have no idea why. It was actually a RAOK from my friend Ana who decided to crush some of my SC lemmings. Left to right: Verity Blue Sparkling, Sinful Colors Leap Flog, Sinful Colors Lavender, Sinful Colors Winterberry and Love & Beauty Light Blue. Thank you so much Ana!

Next is a swap with Hazel who also decided to crush some of my long time lemming!
Left to right here are KBShimmer - Orange A Peel, Whimsical Ideas By Pam - Nancy's Birthday and Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cirque - Fascination Street, Zoya - Jana, Nerd Lacquer - All Of Time And Space and Color Club - Revvvolution. Like WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! :-D Thank you so much Hazel!!!

Now lets move to some yummy indie stuff. Contrary Polish - Aruba, Desert Fruit, Bonfire, Hayride and Creeping Moss.

Dandy Nails's winter collection: Cashmere Night, Chilled Down, Highest Ground, Moonglow and Bory-Alice.

The Nail Junkie's new drinks collection: Tea, Cocoa and Coffee and my first Hare Polish - Ancient Affairs.

Some hot Jindie stuff: Tried and True, Candy Land, Water 4 Elephants, Swoon, Stompin' Gilbert Grapes and Happy Dance.

Next are some polishes I got from Jenna at I'm Still Thinking. I actually got them just because of their name - Thing is, Ma Nishma in hebrew means how are you or how are you doing. And I thought I just have to have this brand in my collection! Besides, look at these fun colors!  Nuclear Pink, High Voltage, Electric Blue, Bolts Of Blue and Rocket Green.
By the way, do make sure you stop by Jenna's blog and grab some of her fabulous mystery bags!

And last for today but definitely not the least is a huge surprise package I received from Michelle, who also got me that huge Reeses that you see on the first picture of this post (as well as some reeses cups and snickers but they were all consumed before we got to the artistic part, and a few other sweetest things that I will show you some other time) And she picked each and every polish right outta my wish list. Thank you so so much Michelle!!! From the left: China Glaze - Mahogany Magic, China Glaze - Electrify, China Glaze - Riveting (WAHHHHH!!!!!), Sally Hansen - Orange Splash, Sinful Colors - Big Daddy, Nails Inc - St. John Wood and KBShimmer - Orange A Peel. 

So I got two Orange A Peel's which is excellent because I just heard it was discontinued recently! YAY!!
And since this post had so many pictures,  I figured some kitty spam wouldn't do any bad. So you all have fun and take care and be kissed by Xanthippe ;-)


Unknown said...

I hope you like the colors! Thanks for the shout out :D

Kari said...

What beautiful goodies, enjoy. O-M-G, your kitty is ADORABLE.

M. Fourey said...

Amazing haul, as always. You'll need to update your storage post. You know, on your NAIL ROOM. 'Cuz seriously all thiz can't be stored in boxes and helmers. It needs its own room in your house!

beachgal said...

Wow! What a haul...makes me not feel so bad about some months I have brought home or had mailed in a good 35 bottles...of which I don't need to have 'em...ya know how that goes. I am going to try hard in 2013 to go through my stash and do a major purge starting with all those I have dupes of - I only need a very few of the dups as back ups for those tippy top fav VHTF shades...the rest I need to sell or learn how to set myself up on MUA and get good trading partners. I am sure I have tones of stuff that folks want since I have been collecting this stash that is, going back to the mid 90's with a few minor purges in there. I still hold on to a hand full of super old ones from original OPI days of 98 and a few CNDs that go back a few yrs before that - one in particular I cannot find anything like it - a terra cotta shade that is not too orangy - someday that shade is going to hit hard in popularity again -it's like the terra cotta of OPI Nantucket Mist (now discontinued too - but pretty easy to dup)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Your hauls are just amazing! :D

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

Amazing haul! I can't wait to see some swatches! Tea, Cocoa and Coffee seem so interesting, Hare also! And what about Contrary Polish? I think I want all of them! :-)
Beautiful cat! :-)

Gosia said...

look at you, crackhead!! haha!! I still need to get my own "Leap Flog", I just can't find it anywhere!! awesome haul!!


beautiful colors,great haul ;)

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