The Winter Holiday Challenge - Festival of Lights

Today's entry in the Winter Holiday Challenge started with a terrible fail. I decided to try some rhinestones mani but I was too excited about it that I totally over-used, not to say abused my nails. I then took it all off and started all over again, with the 6th candle of the Hanukkah. This is the better mani of the two. I will show you later the bad one too.

I started this mani with Ballroom, from SoFlaJo's new winter holidays collection - Party Time. Ballroom is a beautiful duo-chrome that changes from a berry-pinkish red to coppery gold, depending on the light and angle of the nail. Its very pigmented and very smooth and was just a pleasure applying. It dries in a very reasonable time and only needs 2 thin coats for full opacity. This polish is a true stunner!
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
SoFlaJo - Ballroom
Over Ballroom I stamped those little twinkles using Sally Hansen's Bronze Chrome and my favorite NC02 plate by Nailz Craze. Then I just lined thick lines of different colored creme polishes for the candles. I used thick coats specifically to get a little bit of texture, to depict the wax dripping along the candles. As tonight the 6th candle is being lit, you can see 6 "regular" candles and one higher candle - the Shamash - the candle that is used for lighting all the others.

I'm not very happy with the result but compared to my first try, this one turned out really nice. 
My first try had a very nice potential as I started with a gorgeous black holo - The Symbiote by Chirality.
Chirality - The Symbiote
Chirality - The Symbiote
Chirality - The Symbiote
Chirality - The Symbiote
But then I managed to ruin the entire thing with way too many gems all over...
So lesson was learned and hopefully, it will work better next time. In the meantime - I hope you're having a very cheerful and light-full holidays and wonderful time! Don't forget to take a look at other entries in the Winter Holiday Challenge!


M. Fourey said...

I love your candles ^^ And that base is gorgeous (both of them, but I'm more on the mood for SoFlaJo's) and flattering :)
Sorry but I can't help laughing a bit about the second! I was expecting something much much worse! It's not THAT bad, but I agree that it's a tad too much :)

Gosia said...

I definitely like the first one better!! Both for the design and the idea, using the candles as 'the light'. And I love those twinkles!!!
And thank you for making me buy The Symbiote!! I just can't get enough if it!!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

I really love the candles!!! I do love the base on the second one! :)

The Polish Rainbow said...

i love how your candles turned out - a great combo of colors....

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I love the candle mani! Very pretty. :-)
Haha your lights mani made me giggle. It actually wasn't as bad as your description made it out to be, but you did overdo the rhinestones. *giggles* :D

~ Yun

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