Maya Cosmetics - Vintage

It is not often that I fall so deeply in love with a brand that does not offer international shipping. But Maya Cosmetics make such amazing polishes that they totally worth the trouble of using "a mule" to get them. (Thank you BIG TIME Sheila ♥ ) So let me show you the beauty of Vintage.
Maya Cosmetics Vintage stamped with ILNP Fleet Week

Jelly Aquarium

Quite some time ago I did some Jelly-Sandwich without glitter. Just some stamping between two layers of Jelly polish. You can see my first version and Second version in the links. But recently, with the release of all the summer Jellies, there were quite a few beautiful "jelly-stampwich" around. One of my favorites was this mani by my friend Ashley of Ashley is Polishaddicted. And if you follow me a little, you'd know I have a thing with sea-life manis. So... here is my Aquarium stampwich.
Jelly Sandwich stampwich aquarium

Rescue Beauty Lounge - 360

This is all Gosisa's fault. She made me try some Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. And once I started - there's no turning back. Those really are beautiful polishes, and so far - I haven't had any issues with them. Well, at least I know that Gosia is also having the same issue. My little sweet revenge... Bwahahahahaha!
Anyway, today I have a beautiful water bluish-green teal polish by RBL called 360
Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 and Nails Inc. Chester Terrace

Red, Pink and Purple

Due to the poor state of my fingers in the recent couple of weeks, I decided to step out of the Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge this month. I will join in again next month, but this week there are still no new manis from me. Only older manis that I made and haven't showed you yet...  I did manage to do a first mani for the challenge though, just before burning my fingers. So today I will show you this one mani. 
Lime Crime Milky Ways Nails Inc. OMP Nfu Oh MOR 07 Nfu Oh Crayon 04

Kiko Sun Pearl - nº 427 - Amable Chartreuse

If you follow me a while, you'd know I totally love those weird, in-between colors. So there's no surprise I completely fell in love with this beautiful "baby poop" colored polish by Kiko Amable Chartreuse nº 427.
Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427

Glitter Bunny Polish - GummyBerry

Today I would like to show you yet another polish from the Glitter Bunny Polish brand. This one is my  favorite polish from the ones I got so far and I think it's just super gorgeous and a must in any decent stash! This is GummyBerry.
Glitter Bunny Polish GummyBerry

Ninja Polish - 100% Colombian

I know, I'm bad. I haven't completed the Where In The World challenge yet... I will get to it (I hope...) but despite the name (and the inspiration) of today's polish, this post is not a challenge entry. It shows a beautiful polish inspired by Colombia's mountain color pallet and it's rich coffee bean. It is by Ninja Polish and it is part of the Enigma collection. This is 100% Colombian.
Ninja Polish 100% Colombian Enigma Collection

Above The Curve - Caty Perry-Winkle

I really like Above The Curve polishes. They are not only gorgeous, but they also serve a bigger cause - to raise awareness for Shriner's Hospital's for Children and Scoliosis. Shawn and Angel, the couple behind Above the Curve, donate $1 of every bottle they sell to these organizations. Can it get any better?
Today I have a very special color from Above The Curve to show you: Caty Perry-Winkle.
Above The Curve Caty Perry-Winkle and Red Dog Designs Blueberry Muffin

Fever Lacquer - Midnight In Your Shortest Skirt

Just a little over a year ago I found a whole new world of nail polish - the Indie brands. And they opened my mind to infinite possibilities, ideas, mixes and nail polish looks I didn't know existed. But with the learning of  this world, I also realized that sometimes those polishes are harder to get because of so many reasons a drug store doesn't have to deal with. And so I started my Wishlist and the first Indie brand nail polish that was on the top of my list was the one I am finally finally going to show you today. This is Wishful Bath and Beauty, aka Fever Lacquer - Midnight In Your Shortest Skirt
Fever Lacquer - Midnight In Your Shortest Skirt

6 Harts Polish - Bat Crap Crazy

As I continue with some manis that I finally got to download from my camera, I would like to show you this gorgeous polish with a wonderful name by a new-to-me brand - 6 Harts Polish. This is Bat Crap Crazy!
6 Harts Polish Bat Crap Crazy

Glitter Bunny Polish - Part Of That World

Good evening beautifuls! So due to my sensitive fingertips I am still having a bit of a hard time changing my polish but I still have lots of manis that I had on my camera and wasn't able to download last week. And today's mani is one of them. Remember that I showed you some awesome nail polish by the Indie brand Glitter Bunny Polish? So I would like to show you another polish from the same brand today! This is Part Of That World.
Glitter Bunny Polish Part Of That World

If you sometimes remove your polish - this is a WARNING for you!

Hello beautiful readers! I am so sorry for disappearing like that. It was completely un-planned! Sadly, there is a good reason for my hiatus and I thought I should warn you all too. So this is why I was gone:
Non-acetone polish remover

Glitter Bunny Polish - Confetti Cake

Good evening beautifuls! Today I am extremely excited to show you the polish i'm wearing. It is beautiful, it is summer-y fun and it was made by a new-to-me indie brand that is actually from Israel! This is the first one I ever learnt about, and I wish I wish I wish it will not be the last! By the way - it is very cruelty free! The nagging kind, you know, when the maker is nagging all her suppliers to make 101% sure all ingredients are Cruelty Free! Please have a look at Glitter Bunny polish - Confetti Cake!
Glitter Bunny Polish Confetti Cake

Red Dog Designs - Lemon Meringue

While the temperature keeps raising, I have another summer fun polish to show you! This is Red Dog Designs Lemon Meringue from her Berry Friends Collection!
Red Dog Designs Lemon Meringue Berry Friends Collection

Because I am one year wiser...

So I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of this passed week and it took me a while to arrange everything I wanted, but I finally did. And this means - GIVEAWAY!!!
Yup! Because I'm one year wiser and because I can and because I love you dearest followers so much! 
Giveaway China Glaze Julie G Nabi L.A. Girl Superficially Colorful Lacquer

The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection: Fairy

Today, while The Nail Junkie's collection Fairy Tale is being released, I will show you the last and my most favorite polish from this collection. This is... *drums please* ...  Fairy!
The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection Fairy

The Nail Junkie Fairy-Tale Collection: Unicorn

I am so excited to show you the third of The Nail Junkie's Fairy Tale Collection! It is so colorful and fun and summer and rainbow and magic and fairytale all in one bottle. This is Unicorn:
The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection - Unicorn

The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection: Wizard

Today I would like to show you the second polish from Fairy Tale - the new collection by The Nail Junkie. This is Wizard.
The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection - Wizard

The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale collection: Mermaid

Do you believe in fairy-tales? I do. I really love all those magical creatures and I still dream of the day I will actually meet one of those. Until then I try not to step on flowers or other little creatures that might turn out to be a fairy's home or ride or... whatever. So when Aleta from The Nail Junkie told me that she's working on her Fairy Tale Collection, I couldn't get any more excited!!! And I am so very happy to show you today the first polish from this collection: Mermaid.
The Nail Junkie Fairy Tale Collection - Mermaid

From the vault - Orly Melodious Utopia

Some unexpected issues needed to be taken care of, and I didn't have time to upload my photos off my camera to show you what I'm wearing today. But fear not. I will not keep this from you for too long! However, today I will show you a mani that I just didn't get the chance to show you yet, and it is from more or less a month ago, before I filed my nails down. So this is Orly Melodious Utopia. Praise the summer!
Orly Melodious Utopia Mash 35 Plate Kleancolor Metallics
Orly Melodious Utopia in natural light.