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I am trying so many indies lately. I realized I just love it! There are such clever, creative ladies out there making awesome polish and I really think they deserve to be loved!  And today's polish is even more special in my opinion, because it was inspired by us - the customers. I think that's an amazing way for an indie maker to say thanks!  So without further ado let me show you - Tried & True, by Jindie Nails.
Jindie Nails - Tried & True

I really liked what Jen of Jindie Nails wrote about this polish so let cite it in here: "... I made a special polish for all of you to enjoy.... It's called Tried & True. I made this polish with you ladies in mind. In trying times, you are all staying true to me and so Tried & True was born :-). It was great inspiration! I wanted to make a polish that seems to be what most of my customers like: a white based polish with lots of girly colored glitters. It's a white creme jelly with lots girly, metalic colored hex and squares including gunmetal, magenta, bright blue, silver, turquoise, deep purple along with some light pink dots."
Now if you would have asked me before, this was not a combo I would choose. But since I got it, I decided to try it on. And you know what? I completely fell in love! This is such a cute polish. Girly and sweet without being childish. This combo works so perfect together and it is very much my new go-to white.
Jindie Nails - Tried & True
What you see in these pictures are two coats. It is not opaque in two coats. It is a white crelly (creme-jelly_ after all) but with all the glitter in it, it is not sheer anymore either! It gives the perfect cover so you won't be bothered by the VNL (Visible Nail Line) but you will still have that fragile, delicate look of an almost sheer polish. Formula is a little bit on the thin side so you have to apply it with care or you will end up with little pooling on your cuticles but I believe that a couple more uses and this problem will be solved. 
The glitter comes out with every brush stroke and it spreads nice and even on the nails. It lays completely flat and cause no issues what so ever. The white base adds more depth to it as you layer one coat over the other and cover some of the glitter with it on the way. All in all this is one pretty polish and I am so happy to have it!  Thank you so much for it Jen!
Jindie Nails - Tried & True

Jindie Nails - Tried & True

Jindie Nails - Tried & True
To get the beautiful Jindi Nails polishes you can try her Etsy shop. Make sure you follow her on Facebook to get all the updates and restock info. You can also follow her on Instagram to see more swatch pictures either here or by searching the user @jindienails in your mobile Instagram.


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

So pretty! I love how the glitters peak out from within the milky base. :-)

~ Yun

Unknown said...

Wow! this is really pretty <3

M. Fourey said...

Yup, it does look gorgeous :D I'd think a go-to color is a plain color, but I wouldn't mind this being my go-to white :p It looks stunning, and with that delicate jelly look your nails look like they were made of crystals. But you know me, I'd layer that... Shame on me!

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