Mistletoe Magic

Good evening beautifuls! 
How are you dealing with the current weather? I hope you're all safe and warm (or cool) at your liking! This last weekend we had the worst storm in 200 years! The snow in Jerusalem piled at more then 15 inches (>40cm)  which is an unseen amount in this area! The entire country was pretty much under siege.And then today it's a beautiful warm sunny day as if nothing ever happened... Go figure.
Anyway, here's another Christmas-y manicure I did this last week for you.
Mistletoe Christmas Water Marble

Let It Snow

So all the challenges are over (for me for now  anyway) and everyone is doing some year-summing up posts. I thought about doing some too, but I am not sure. For one thing, I cannot limit my favorite polishes from this year to a reasonable number. Also, I am working on some other surprise that is taking all my time. So for now I think I will take the month of December easy with only some sparse posts and I hope to be back with all new things in January!
And for now, here's some snowing manicure for you to enjoy.
Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure

33 Days Challenge - Day 33: Recreate someone else’s mani

The day had finally come and I want to present to you the 33rd entry for the 33 Days Challenge!!!
For this entry the idea was either free style - which I anyway show you most of the time so nothing new in there - or to re create someone else's manicure from the challenge. And of course I chose that option and I looked at all the amazing entries of everyone in the challenge and decided to recreate Crazy Polishes - Dimpal's entry from day 28 in the challenge.
Watercolor Effect Manicure

33 Days Challenge - Day 32: Shapes

Another quicky for you: my 32nd entry in the 33DC: the theme is Shapes and I decided to go triangled and try Sheila (pointless Cafe)'s version of argyle pattern. Check out her awesome tutorial here.
Argyle Pattern Nail Art

33 Days Challenge - Day 31: Featuring my 3 favourite polishes

I still owe you my last 3 entries for the 33DC, and I am not going to leave them aside! let's begin with the 31st entry, where I'm suppose to feature my three favorite polishes. 
The Nail Junkie Jelly Shimmer Watermelon Zoya Jacqueline Darling Diva Polish Sashay Away Romantic Roses

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 5

Today is the final day of Nail Art Theme Week and here is my 5th entry! I am actually quite surprised that none of the other ladies thought of this idea ;-)
Ninja Nail Art China Glaze Kalahari Kiss Japan

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 4

I told you I need to catch up! Here's another post for today with my 4th entry for December's Nail Art Theme Week.
Foxy Paws Elegance Japanese Zen Rock Garden

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 3

A very quick post of another entry in this month's Nail Art Theme Week. You have seen quite a few of those manicures among the entries and I am no different. Whenever I think of Japan, the first thing that comes to my mind is the glorious Sakura - the beautiful blossom of the Japanese Cherry.
Above The Curve Jennifer's Blue Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossom

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 2

Not only that I am late with my 31st entry for the 33DC, now I am late with the 32nd entry as well as with the second entry for Theme Week. I know this really suck and I really am so sorry but it seems like life just has other plans for me right now. But don't worry, I will not leave those out! I will try to write them all over this coming weekend! And in the meantime, here's another Japanese inspired manicure for the December Nail Art Theme Week.

December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 1

Yes, yes, I know i'm terribly late with my entry for the 33DC. I will post it sometimes later. But now I want to show you something totally different. Several blogger friends of mine are doing this awesome nail art theme week every month and I decided to join in with them. So the first week of every month is dedicated to a themed nail art. And the theme for December is Japanese and my first entry is Origami.
I admit, this was not an easy task. Apparently I know very little about Japan and its culture. So it was pretty hard to come up with ideas that were actually Japanese and not Chinese or Korean and so on.And when I finally got an idea, I still had to cross the execution hurdle...
Rescue Beauty Lounge Kellie Gonzo Nail Art Theme Week Japan Origami