Chirality - Audrey III

Moday... who invented this day anyway? I think it needs to be a day off by law. Even though monday is not my first day of the week, still it is the worst day for me too. I just hate mondays. At least I have a gorgeous polish to show you today: it's one of my new Chirality polishes - Audrey III.
Chirality - Audrey III
Audrey III is a beautiful metallic lilac. It is very well pigmented and opaque in 2 thin coats. If I would have been careful enough, I could get away with one coat only, but I am never that careful LOL
It is smooth and self leveling and as you can see, despite it's metallic nature, there are no brush strokes. It dries pretty quick to a satin finish and I am simply in love with this polish. I love this shade and i really wish Amanda from Chirality will create a few more shades with this look.
Chirality - Audrey III

Chirality - Audrey III

Chirality - Audrey III

Chirality - Audrey III
On this polish I decided to stamp something fancy but delicate. I used Nailz Craze's plate NC01 and Kiko holo polish number 401. For the heart in the middle of the stamping design I used another Chirality polish - Katydid.
Chirality - Audrey III

Chirality - Audrey III

Chirality - Audrey III
What do you think? Do you like this combo?

You can find Chirality's polishes in her store, where the full size bottles of her polishes are retailed for $7 and the mini size are sold for $4. Make sure you follow her facebook and Twitter pages to get all the recent updates!


M. Fourey said...

Awww that color is just GORGEOUS! It reminds me of a bluer version of Dirty Berry! Those colors just suit you a lot :D And I love the stamping too!

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I totally agree about Monday being just the most awful day of the week. ><
Beautiful color! I love the shimmers in it it. :-)

~ Yun

Gosia said...

duuuude... I didn't buy this one!!! and now you're making me!!!
I love the peacock stamp!!!!

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