Superficially Colorful Lacquer Review

I am sorry I don't have any new manicure to show you tonight. It was too hot today and I worked until too late and I am just not in the mood to change my current mani. Which means basically I am way too down to be of any interest for you :-( 
I do hope I get to my right self by tomorrow, but in the meantime I have something else to show you. Do you remember my blogiversary last month? And the nail art contest? So today Ria Marii of Brush Me Blush, who won the nail art contest and received my mood swings polish collection, reviewed my polishes on her blog. So I am very proud of my babies and I am so glad to see that Ria Marii actually loved my polishes (or at least - the most of them ;-)) and I think you should all go and like her blog! And if not for her sweet review - then for her TRULY AMAZING nail art!

Henna tattoos?

So you already know that I play with some pigments and make my own Thermo Color Change polishes, right? So I have been trying to find the perfect red changer polish. I am still working on it and I am not yet sure of how it turns out, but I was bored and decided to try something with it. I was wondering if it could stamp. This is the result of my stamping.
Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer

Dark Plum - Ga-De

A while ago I showed you a few polishes that I bought locally from the brand Ga-De. I also showed you one of the polishes from this haul during my green week. So today I thought was a good timing to show you another. This is Dark Plum.
Ga De Dark Plum

Textured tape

I didn't think this would happen really but I am totally in love with the textured trend recently. In fact, I am so in love with them that I decided to give them a try on my nails all in one day! So today I have a very textured mani to show you.
China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

Different Dimension

TGIF!!! I actually was not sure Friday would arrive this week but I am so happy to realize it did, and with some amazing nail mail! (Which reminds me that I haven't done any haul posts lately... Oh well) . Well, I better show you my mani final before the entire story goes on ;-)
Different Dimension Holographic 80s Baby freehand nail art

The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 4: Orange, Pink and Turquoise

My last few days have been pretty stressed. I went to bed very late, got up for work, felt like a zombie throughout the day and had to deal with a lot of new work I still need to learn  and a lot of old work still needs to be taken care of and some more work of someone else's who's taken a week off. So no wonder I just barely made it to Thursday and I am cranky and grumpy and I pretty much hate the whole world. So for the last day of this month's Tri-Polish Challenge I went with some stripes. They always calm me down somehow... 
Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze

The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 3: Orange, Pink and Turquoise

I truly love this color combination that I am so enjoying this month's Tri Polish Challenge! Today I have another manicure with all three polishes: Nfu Oh MOR 02 (Morning Of Greece Collection), China Glaze Dance Baby and Nfu Oh MOR 10. And this time it's a dotticure.
Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze Dotticure

Happy Earth Day!

Good night beautiful people! How are you doing in this happy day? 
Ok I may not be one of the first to recycle everything and use only ecological stuff, but I do try a little to keep this earth a relatively safe place for the next generations... And in honor of our beautiful earth, I thought I needed to do a special mani for Earth Day.  
Earth Day Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece Collection

Shimmer Jellies again

I am trying real hard to get rid of this strange sudden winter that came back in the middle of the summery spring I was having. So I am playing some more with the gorgeous Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie.
Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

Orange Animal Guardian - Pahlish His Favorite Sundress

After several days of summer, the winter returned to my little corner of the world... This is really sad, especially since I already have only summer cloths within reach. So I am trying to think warm and happy thoughts, hoping it will be enough.
So today I have an orange summery polish to show you. This is Pahlish - His Favorite Sundress, from her Coney Island Queen collection.
Pahlish His Favorite Sundress

Orange Animal Guardian - Shimmer Jelly Orange by The Nail Junkie

Hello beautiful people! As I promised when I showed you the new amazing additions to the Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie, today I have to show you the new Shimmer Jelly Orange. Well, perhaps new is not the right word since the Orange has always been a part of the Shimmer Jelly collection (see my swatches and review). But this new orange is reformulated to match better with the rest of the Shimmer Jellies. So the color is much brighter and the shimmer is much more prominent and since you know already that Orange is my most favorite color, this polish is easily becoming my most favorite of all! 
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

More Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie!

I am sure you remember from last summer the gorgeous collection of Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie, do you? If you don't, feel free to look at my swatches of it here. It's a juicy collection of jelly neon colors filled with holographic shimmer, and all the colors are fruity and fun. And this year it gets even more fun with the addition of the Blueberry and Strawberry to the collection! Neon blue and neon pink with lots of shimmery micro glitter in it... mmmmmmmm! 
Shimmer jelly The Nail Junkie

The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 2: Orange, Pink and Turquoise

Thank you so much to all your kind words about my poor fishtail mani from Tuesday. It is so motivating to see that you are less judgmental then myself!  Today I have another mani for you, using the same polishes. But I don't know if it was the fail or just the mood, this mani is very simple. Still, I really like these colors together so I think it's still fun.
Nfu Oh Morning of greece China Glaze

Independence Day

Yeah, I know I still owe you several orange manis and I am not done with the Orange Animal Guardian Ribbon week, but today is Independence day here and the entire country is painted blue and white and BBQ smoke, so I had to do some relevant themed mani.
free hand fan brush gradient

The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 1: Orange, Pink and Turquoise

Do you remember last month's Tri Polish Challenge? So it is back again and this month the colors are Orange, Pink and Turquoise. So for this month the polishes I chose are Nfu-Oh MOR02, China Glaze Dance Baby and Nfu-Oh MOR10. However, today's mani is mostly to show you how NOT to do a manicure. It should be a lesson to learn...
Nfu Oh MOR02 China Glaze Dance Baby Nfu Oh MOR10

Orange Animal Guardian - I Love Sherbet - CVernish

Today for the second day of the Orange Animal Guardian Ribbon, I have a very sweet orange polish to show you. This is I Love Sherbet by CVarnish.
I Love Sherbet CVarnish

Light It Orange - Daring

Did you know that April is not only the Autism Awareness month, but also the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month? Well it is! And since I am an animal lover and I do wish to raise awareness to this cause and hopefully help making the punishments for animal cruelty be more severe, I would like to wave the Orange Animal Guardian Ribbon. So this week I will practice my best orange manis, and I hope you will join me too! Feel free to either link your orange mani post at the bottom of this page, or post it to my Facebook page!
Daring Superficially Colorful Lacquer Mister Grinch Red Dog Designs

Daily Lacquer Regina

Hello again! I am so sorry for being so quiet in the last couple of days. I actually had some great plans for some orange manis, since April is Prevension of Animal Cruelty month and it's symbol is an Orange ribbon. But I got caught up with some stuff I was procrastinating before, and I just didn't get to do anything of all the things I planned. I am actually wearing the same nail polish for 5 days now! This has never even happen before! But I truly hope the weekend will bring me some rest and then I hope to be able to start over next week. And for now, let me show you a little cheer-up mani from my archive, using the awesome Regina by Daily Lacquer.
Daily Lacquer Regina
Daily Lacquer Regina in direct sun light.

...and the winners are...

Hello hello beautiful people!!! How are you doing?
So! My one year blogiversary party is over and the Rafflecopter has spoken.  Many congratulations to Leah Roggmann and SuiLing Kwong for winning the Rafflecopter  draw! Emails to them have been sent already, and they both replied!

And now the part we have all been waiting for - the Nail Art Contest results!
First - a big THANK YOU to the talented girls who participated. I enjoyed going through your entries so much! You can see all the entries on my Facebook Album, and trust me - they have all been so much FUN!!!  I wish I could have gifted them all... Sadly, I cannot.
So without further ado let's see the WINNERS:

In the First Place, because this entry is full of humor and humor is FUN, the winner is Protesting Vegetables by Ria Marii!
Protesting Vegetables by Ria Marii of Brush Me Blush

In the Second Place, because the inspiration was FUN and so were the colors and patterns of this nail art design, the winner is Yellow Submarine by Nancy Caruso!
Yellow Submarine by Nancy Caruso
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!! 

I have emailed both winners with the details of your winning!
So once again - thank you so much for everyone who participated, and I hope to see you all in my next Giveaway ;-)

Copy-Cat in Blue

So today is the last day of my Light It Up Blue week. And for today's post I wanted to do some foiling for you but I had some difficulties with it that I will show you all sometimes later this week. So instead of that, I will be Copying this mani that I saw a couple of weeks ago, that I totally fell in love with, by the wonderful Missy of Gnarly Gnails.
Nail Art Blue Tape Kiko Orly China Glaze

Simple Swatch Blue - Ninja Polish Sapphire Dreams

How are you today? How's your weekend going? 
Today I would like to begin with a few words about the main cause of this Light It Up Blue week I'm doing. This morning I saw this post in a blog called No Holos. My first read made me sad and a bit angry. But after she clarified several things, I have to say I do understand what she says and agree with it! Autism needs to be accepted. As it is. Not as something different. Not as a stigma put on people's heads and separates them from the others. And we cannot achieve this by supporting an organization that is only run by non-autistic people.  So today I would like to post a different link. Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.
And like I said to No Holo - Acceptance cannot come without awareness. So let's raise some of that around, to be able to get to the acceptance stage!

And now to my blue polish of the day.
I'm having a totally lazy Saturday and I love it! But it is so lazy that I didn't even feel like nail-arting. And that, my friends, mean LAZY. So I picked one of the more special blues in my stash to show you as a simple swatch. Please say hello to the delicious Sapphire Dreams by Ninja Polish!
Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish

Glittered Blue

Another day - another blue! Today I have some nice matte mani for you. This is yet another blue mani in my Light It Up Blue week to raise awareness for Autism.
Red Dog Designs Be Careful It's My Heart

Textured Blue

When I first saw a picture of a textured polish, I was sure this was not for me. I made a face at the weird, gritty, ugly looking polish. But when I first got to try it on... I totally fell in love! And so I have acquired me quite a nice collection of textured polishes of different finishes, colors and looks and with time I will show you more. But today - another Light It Up Blue post.
Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644

Still Blue all over!

As I said in my first Blue post, I am going to try and post Blue manis for the entire week. So today I am showing you my 3rd Light It Up Blue manicure. This is a simple design that I copied from Sophie at My Awesome Beauty. She actually did a contest a while ago, where this design was one of the possible designs for the contest. So there are actually a lot of these in many different colors and shapes in Sophie's post here.
Illamasqua Caress Indigo Bananas Klein Trink Wasser Julie G White Orchid Ozotic 515

Light It Up Blue!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and everything is being painted blue!
I showed you my collaboration post yesterday but I am going to do a few more blue manis in honor of this cause. So here's another one, this time by Chirality.
Chirality Quarks

My Guest Post at Life In Color!

My amazing friend Gosia is going to climb mount Everest and I made a special mani for her to begin her exciting trip with! You can see my flame marble manicure and read all about it and about why I chose this mani for Gosia's blog in her post here.
Water marble flame
Make sure you follow Gosia's blog! Even now, when she's climbing, there are some awesome guest posts by awesome bloggers! And make sure you leave her lot's of comments to read when she returns! :-)

Light It Up Blue Blogger Collaboration for Autism Awareness

Tomorrow, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day so I guess there will be quite a few blue manis all over the world. Let's Light it up Blue! 
I actually have several blue manis for you that I'll show you during this week, but for today I decided to go with a very simple one. 
The Nail Junkie Bluebonnet Ozotic 515