Winter Holiday Challenge - Presents and Gift Wraps

So fast Friday is here again and I didn't get to do half of the things I wanted during the week... Is it just me or did time decided to fly recently?  Anyway, today we're on day 4 of the Winter Holiday Challenge and I would like to present my presents to you!

Oops, sorry about the bow on my ring nail... I just couldn't convince it to turn...
So I started this mani with Bruised - a brownish plum creme by Rescue Beauty Lounge, that is sadly now in the RIP section. This polish is so pigmented you can wear it in just one coat if you can apply it carefully enough! Naturally I can't, so I had to apply a second coat as well. But they both dry real quick and caused no issues what so ever!
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised
Then I tried to find my heaviest clear based glitter bombs, which was not an easy task since I don't like glitter bombs. LOL I did find some nice ones though. From left to right you can see Clair's - Candy Shop (thumb), BarryM - Diamond Glitter, Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday, BarryM - Pink Sapphire and Wet n' Wild - Black Magic
Lastly, I added some striping tape and the bow is a metallic decoration I got at the Born Pretty store.

Yeah, I know I need to work some more on the placing but over all it was a fun mani. I think...

Don't forget to check what other participants did for today's entry!


Ehmkay Nails said...

I love this! I may need to copy you :-P

Sarahlouise1986 said...

I love this - so cute - great manicure


Gosia said...

I gotta say - I'm not a big glitter bomb fan so I probably wouldn't be too crazy about these... but I totally love your nails now that you've added the bows!!! they're adorable!! well done my friend =)))
And I'm kicking my ass for not getting "Bruised"... I didn't get it because of the name actually, what a stupid reason, right!!

M. Fourey said...

You totally achieved the effect! I'm not a fan of glitterbombs either, but this look is so complete that I really would like to wear it on myself :)

ahhhdri said...

this is fantastic (love glitterbombs!)

Raggio di Luna said...

I don't like glitterbombs so much, but I adore Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bruised! :-)
Your idea with the bow and striping tape is great! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is so fun and festive! Love it! :-)

~ Yun

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