One final word... ;-)

Yeah I know how much I have neglected you in the last few weeks :-(
I really am sorry!! It was NOT because I didn't love you anymore. It was only because I was working so hard on transferring my little blog into WordPress and setting my new website there, including.... *drum rolls please* my new little on-line shop!

These are my big news and the big secret I have been working on lately. I am starting to sell my little superficially colorful lacquer creations and the grand opening is planned to be on March 3, 2014
I still don't know the time exactly, but I will update with that too, soon!

So if you want, you can hop over to and have a look around and register into your accounts and... well, feel free to send me your input and impressions!

Do note, it is not 100% finished yet. There are still lot's of little things still need to be fixed and changed. But in general, the main look is all ready for you.
And in a few days, I will point this address to the new one so that no one will get lost and you will always end up in the right website! Cool huh?

Are you still here ?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know not everyone celebrates it (well, I don't for one ;) but I really can't let a reason to party go away like that. So here's my (one of) Valentine's day manicures.
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
This one is a bit of a "Rough love". I created it actually for this lovely idea from Brilliant Earth, a diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry company, who is trying to create a collage of the word LOVE spelled by all sort of things that we love. 
Of course when the collage will be on line I will gladly link it here for you too!
Anyway, I love nail polish and it was only obvious that I would play along! Sadly, life always comes in the middle of the fun, and it took me longer then I expected, but... here's my Rough Love Manicure!
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
I started with two coats of China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's, a coral-orange pink. creme with delicate translucent shimmer. I then stamped some big cat's pattern using a polish that I created called My Little Black Mojo. Its not exactly ready yet for the world to see but it's suppose to be black with a hint of color shifting and micro flakies of red, violet and blue. Not that you can see much of it in the stamping but still... LOL
Then I placed some tape on it, creating the word LOVE, and I painted very sloppy and with minimum polish on my brush, using Sinful Colors Truth Or Dare. I think I used a polish a little bit too pigmented because I wanted the brush smears to show more, with not much luck, but I hope you still see the different directions of my application. 
I finished this mani with Barry M Foil Effect Silver and my favorite Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. Oh and my thumb is stamped with DRK-A plate and then the rose from MoYou Kitty Collection 02.
LOVE Valentine's Day manicure
So I hope you too are having a fabulous day, whether it's a party day or not! 
And do know this: I LOVE YOU. I do. Each and every one of you lovely readers and picture-surfers, who keep me around even when life won't really let me ;) 

Happy Valentine's Day!