A Special Gust Post by Raggio di Luna Nails

Finally, the last day of the month! August has been extremely long and hard for me, and I am very happy that it is over already. It also brings the end of summer with it and some new, refreshing breeze. So to celebrate this last day, I have a very special post and a glorious manicure to show you.  This is a guest post, the first in my blog, made by one of my most favorite freehand nail art artist - Raggio di Luna Nails. Please welcome her with a big warm hug! She's AMAZING!

Where In The World - Japan

Today in the Where In The World Challenge I am taking you to Japan. One of the countries I MUST visit! I have heard so much about it and I have seen so many photos and visiting Japan is very high on my bucket list!
But in the meantime, I got some inspiration for my mani from Japanese Culture, Or to be exact - from Sanrio, a Japanese company that designs, licenses and produces products focusing on the kawaii (cute) segment of Japanese popular culture.
Sanrio Characters 6 Harts Polish Summer Skies Bondi New York The Limelight Freehand Nail Art

The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge - August, Day 4: Red, Green and Yellow

Today is the last day of this month's Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge and just a reminder - these month's polishes were Barry M Passion Fruit, Zoya Holly and Orly Sunshine. So here's my last entry for August:
Barry M Passion Fruit Zoya Holly Orly Sunshine

You Polish Pink Again

I am usually not much of a pink type, but when I saw this polish up in Claudia's Holographic Hussy blog, I knew I HAD to have it! This is You Polish Pink Again.
You Polish Pink Again

The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge - August, Day 3: Red, Green and Yellow

So we're on Day 3 of The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge for August, and the polishes I chose are BarryM Passion Fruit, Zoya Holy and Orly Sunshine. Remember?
BarryM Passion Fruit Zoya Holy Orly Sunshine

Summer Fun with Ga-De Mellow Yellow

A little while ago I saw this review by Natalie of Nailz Craze. It is of a new polish by a local polish brand here called Ga-De and it looked so pretty on Natalie's nails that I had to get it too! And since I was already in the store, I picked another polish of the same collection by the name of Mellow Yellow.
I can't really say I was impressed by these polishes. They are cremes, they are nice and easy to apply, they dry pretty quick. All is true. But I have seen the same colors and the same formula and finish about a billion times before. 
Nonetheless I decided to go with the yellow as my base and rock it for the summer!
Ga-De Mellow Yellow Ga-De Moody Blue

Nfu Oh thermal Polish

Many of you know by now that I make some thermal color changing polishes. So when I heard that Nfu Oh were releasing their thermal collection too - I had to try it. So today I have one of those thermal polishes: SECE #11 (When will you move to meaningful names already???)
Nfu Oh Thermal Polish SECE 11

Mod Lacquer - Eternal Blaze

Today I have a gorgeous nail polish to show you. It's a beautiful polish that I have seen a while ago and really wanted, but only recently the brand started to offer Internationally shipping, so I grabbed the opportunity right away! This is Eternal Blaze by Mod Lacquer.
Eternal Blaze Mod Lacquer

June's Tri Polish

Back in June, when I saw the colors for the Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge, I already wanted in and I did this mani to be the first for that month. However, things happened and I could not play that month. This doesn't mean that I can't still show you my mani, right?
Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece and Nails Inc

The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge - August, Day 2: Red, Green and Yellow

ooooooh I like it when I'm ahead of time! =D
So another post for The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge this month and August is Red, Green and Yellow. Or and just a reminder of some of the rules - White, Black, Silver and Gold are always free to use.
Sinful Shine Wisp Julie G Black Sheep

Where In The World - Colombia

YAY! I am still keeping up!! I just might complete this challenge afterall!! And today in the Where In The World Challenge we are visiting Colombia, the land of coffee, gold and amazing landscapes. Colombia is also infamous for  it's drug trade, that initially made me think of some Marijuana leaves mani, but then I decided to go with something else. 
The Nail Junkie Coffee NoYou Special Polish Gold

The Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge - August, Day 1: Red, Green and Yellow

It's been exactly two months since I took part of the Crumpet's Tri Polish Challenge. Due to personal reasons I had to skip both June and July. But now i'm back and I hope to stay around some more. And for the month of August we have Red, Green and Yellow.
The three polishes I used in this month's challenge entries are Barry M Passion Fruit, Zoya Holly and Orly Sunshine.So let's get on with the first entry shell we?
Barry M Passion Fruit Zoya Holly Orly Sunshine

You Polish - Liberty

Yesterday I told you I got something with Blue polishes lately, didn't i? so just to prove you that I wasn't lying, here's yet another blue nail polish. This is Liberty by You Polish.
Liberty by You Polish with MoYou stamping

Brute Jumping Jellyfish

I don't really know what's getting me into this but recently my hand is drawn to blue polishes. More and more blue polishes... So today I would like to show you a couple of gorgeous Blues: Brute by Mentality and Jumping Jellyfish by Sea Lore.
Sea Lore Jumping Jellyfish over Mentality Brute

Water Marble for Raggio-di-Luna

Hello beautifuls!
Today I am so honored and proud to let you know that I am a guest poster at Raggio di Luna Nails blog! I really love Tanja's art and I was really excited when she asked me to do a guest post a while back. So I knew I wanted to do a water marble, and I knew it had to be in shades of Blue-Green, and I am pretty happy with the mani I came up with!
So please go over to Raggio di Luna Nails blog and check it out. And while you're there - like her! Trust me - you won't be sorry!!!
Elevation Polish Water Marble Guest Post Raggio di Luna Nails
Click the photo to go to post

Where In The World - Korea

Today I have another entry for Where In The World's challenge, and this time we're in Korea.
Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand

Blue Flowers

Today I have yet another Elevation Polish to show you. I don't know how it happened that I have been using Elevation Polish so often lately, but I truly do enjoy them so much! And today I would like to show you a Limited Edition polish, part of a special Duo called The Geo Duo. These flowers were stamped over Dykh-Tau.
Elevation Polish Dykh-Tau with Mentality polish stamping

MoYou - Special Gold Nailpolish for Stamping

If you like stamping, I am sure you had your need for gold nail polishes for stamping. I know I needed it. But I usually ended up using some Metallic - Chrome polishes such as China Glaze Passion or Barry M Gold Foil Effect, but those are too...smooth. The stamping doesn't look like gold. You know what I mean? Anyway, now I have found my favorite Gold Stamping Nail Polish! Please let me show you MoYou Gold:
Elevation Polish Pic De Sotllo stamped with MoYou Special Gold Nail Polish

Dupe Alert - Rescue Beauty Launge Opaque Nude vs. Julep Pippa

I am looking for a good Nude Creme. This is a very problematic color for me, but it's an excellent base for nail art. While I still did not find my favorite one, I did find a couple that are so close that you might not need them both in your life. So I decided to show them to you. Here are Julep Pippa vs. Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude. (Index and Ring are Julep Pippa, Middle and Pinky are RBL - Opaque Nude).
Julep Pippa Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude

A quick Elevation Marble

Today is a quicky post of a quicky mani. I know it may sound strange to call a water marble - a quicky mani but this was really a quick one!
Elevation polish Mount Cangyan Mount augustus Dykh - Tau

Where In The World - Ukraine

Today in the Where In The World Challenge I would like to take you to Ukraine, the largest country within Europe. However, I would like to take you to a rather small part of it, near the town of Kleven, a place called "The Tunnel Of Love'".
ILNP - A Twist Of Lemon, Red Dog Designs Palm Cove

Nerd Lacquer - Holy Grail

This one has been on my lemming list for a very long time and to be honest - I pretty much gave up the idea I will actually get it one day. But then sweet Jen of Jen's Wonderland had one up for sale! YAYAYAY!! I finally got it got it got it!! Jan - Thank you sooooo much!!! So here is Nerd Lacquer - Holy Grail!
Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail

Elevation Polish - from Mount Cangyan to Rue Manin

It's been a while since I wore purple. I think it's very sad because I love the color in all it's shades and I have tons of purple polishes, so I decided it's time, so today I have two purple polishes to show you!
Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan Rue Manin

6 Harts Polish - Spring Rain

Yeah I know it's no longer spring but I still love grey nail polish. And the one I want to show you today is super beautiful! However, I am not sure about the nail art because I think it takes way too much off the beautiful base.
6 Harts Polish Spring Rain with Red Dog Designs Neon Summer Sands

Needle Work

I honestly don't know why but I am having some serious issues with the Needle Marble technique. It should be real simple and I see so many amazing manis made by this technique, but for some reason I just can't get it right. So I took me a free evening and decided to give this method a try. It did take me quite a while until I was fairly happy with all my nails, but I did it!
Essence Walk Of Fame Needle Marble

Where In the World - Singapore

I am beginning to think that I had another reason to neglect the rest of the Where In The World Challenge, other then just being lazy... Today's country is Singapore. What do I know of Singapore? Absolutely nothing! Well, I do know it is in Asia but that's really the only thing I know. But since I decided to complete the challenge, I turned to my virtual life support machine - Google, and came up with quite a few gorgeous landscape photographs of Singapore, and one of them is my inspiration for today's mani.
Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art

4th of... August?

Last month when everyone was celebrating the 4th of July with fun Red, White and Blue manis, I was over my head occupied with personal issues. But I still wanted to enter the parties. Besides, better late then never, right? So please accept my 4th of July mani, just one month later.
Nails Inc Denim Effect

Va Va Voom!

I already showed you a glimpse of today's mani a few days ago when I reviewed MoYou stamping image plates. But I thought that this polish, being one of my most favorite polishes in 2012 deserve to have it's own post too!
Takko Lacquer Va Va Voom

Soho Mews

Today's mani is somewhat boring but sometimes I need that. I need my mani to be quiet and boring. You know this feeling? Anyway, today's mani is Nails Inc Soho Mews - from the Leather Effect collection.
Nails Inc Soho Mews Leather Effect

Where In The World - Finland

It's been a while since I posted an entry for the Where In The World challenge. I admit - I was trying to forget about that challenge and I didn't really think I will get to finish it. But this last weekend I was googling something and saw this gorgeous picture from Finland, and decided I can go for it and actually complete the challenge. Let's see how far I can go this month then! 
And for now - here is my Finland Entry:
Where In The World - Finland