Unknown said...


I just came across your blog, and straight away fell in love with it!
And while rambling around, and going through your archives I thought.. that this super stylish and interesting blog should have a better template design! So thought, that maybe you would be interested in my affordable services here !
Keeping in mind that other designers ask over 100$ for custom design, I think that it's a great opportunity to bring your blog's look to a better level! :)
As you're such a beautiful person yourself, who shares beautiful stuff with others, why not to make your blog to be beautiful as well? :)
Also, check my portfolio, to get a clue, and find out more about my style and my abilities!

And oh, also, as I always create a design for some particular and special person - i do post about it as well! So in a meantime, I could send my readers to you as well!

I'm so much looking forward to hearing from you!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your compliments and your nice offer.
At the moment however, I sadly cannot afford to use your services. This is just a personal, fun blog and not any commercial site. If I ever grow to be one, I will be sure to check your services again!

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