the 31 Days Challenge Day 31 - Recreate someone else's

Hard to believe... today is the last day of January and the last day of the New 31 Days Challenge. Amazing how time flies when you're having fun! 
So today i'm suppose to recreate someone else's mani from earlier in the challenge. I knew this is the mani I want to try and recreate from the moment it was published! Unfortunately, my recreation attempt ended as a complete fail...

the 31 Days Challenge Day 30 - Favorite Nail Art Technique

Today's theme caused a serious problem for me. We're just one day away from the end of the New 31 Days Challenge and the theme today is Your Favorite Nail Art Technique. But it is also Tuesday, the middle of my working week. So compromising has to be made.

the 31 Days Challenge Day 29 - Inspired By A blogger

Oh it was so hard to find a blogger to be inspired by for today's theme. There are so many amazing amazing bloggers out there and I am so inspired by them all. So many creativity and skill and thought and work are put into the manis I look at every day, that it's impossible to pick just one. But then I remembered that a few weeks ago I was talking about a certain technique, with the blogger who is - in my opinion - the master of this technique, and I got a few tips and ideas from her so I decided to give it a try! So today I would like to show you my water marble, inspired by Ashley - the queen of water marble - Smashley Sparkles.
water marble nail art

the 31 Days Challenge Day 28 - Inspired By Your Favorite Color

My favorite color... that's an easy one. If you know me any more then one minute, you know my most favorite color is Orange. So it was so clear I will work on some orange manicure today. However, no one thought, not even myself, that I will end up with such a lovely mani! This doesn't happen often at all but today I am really happy with my mani. 
Orange Tiger nail art

the 31 Days Challenge Day 27 - Inspired By Me

Wow, it's almost the end of the New 31 Days Challenge! But now the hardest parts are... Now it's really a challenge! And today the theme was "Inspired By You". You? Me! Took me a long time to decide what to do on this one, especially since there's a whole separate day for "inspired by favorite color" so I couldn't use that today... Eventually I remembered: Chocolate! That's me alright! So my mani today is inspired by chocolate and by my need for large variety. 
Chocolate Nail Art

My Guest Post at Nail Polish Addiction!

I am so sorry to say that I am 3 days too late but... well, I have no excuse. I am sorry....
Juliana of Nail Polish Addiction went on a trip to the USA. Lucky her! And while I am sitting here being all jealous of her, I wrote a little blog post for her to post while she's away. It was actually published three days ago and I totally forgot about it :-(  So I am trying to make things better now and I am letting you all know about it! And while looking around, check her awesome blog out! ;-)

the 31 Days Challenge Day 26 - Inspired By My Country

today in the New 31 Days Challenge I had to use my country as my mani inspiration. That wasn't very easy, especially since I already did a couple of Israeli manis before (This is one and this is two). So after a lot of thinking, I decided to go with the Elections that went here a couple of days ago and dedicate my mani to Mr. Yair Lapid, our Political Rookie, the head of the second party in size, who is entering the government for the first time. I didn't vote for you Mr. Lapid, but I am still hoping that you will stand behind your promises and make things better!

the 31 Days Challenge Day 25 - Inspired by my Childhood

That one was no easy at all. I have so many ideas inspired by my childhood (that actually hasn't over yet) but most of them require a better nail art skill then I actually have. So eventually I came up with something that my mother doesn't stop reminding me until this day...

31 Days Challenge Day 24 - Inspired By A Game

Today I am sporting a very simple mani for the theme of Inspire By Game in the New 31 Days Challenge. But there are two things I really want to show you about this mani. The polish - and my inspiration.

The 31 Days Challenge Day 23 - Inspired By Nature

Today was election day here and I had to wake up very early in the morning to make sure I vote before the million of people arrive at the voting station. Well, very early is of course relative to my usual routine and some may say 9am is the middle of the day already, but for me it was very early and hard to do. But I did! And after voting I had a lovely day out and a great lunch at a Japanese restaurant. When I finally got home I tried to think of a new idea for the fabric challenge but after a couple of ideas - I gave up. Then I started thinking of Nature and I realized I needed an easy nail art for today, or else I will post it a day too late again.

31 Days Challenge Day 22 - Inspired By Fabric

Last night, when I started working on my fabric inspired mani for the New 31 Days Challenge, I managed to drop two, not one but two open bottles of polish on the floor. While they were not any expensive polishes and the loss of them (yeah, more then 3/4 of the bottles got spilled out) is sad but they can easily be replaced, the amount of mess they caused was... well... horrible. So I spent the longer part of my evening trying to remove polish from the floor and everything around and when I was finally finished, I was not in the mood to complete my fabric inspired manicure. Then in the morning I tried it again but I totally hated it. And as the day went through I realized I am not going to do it again. So I will sadly show you two fails today and hopefully - make up for it later. 

The 31 Days Challenge Day 21 - Merge & Melt

Woohoo!!! two posts a day two days in a row!! LOL Don't get used to it ;-) 
Anyway, today in the New 31 Days Challenge the theme is Merge & Melt and while this was the theme I dreaded the most, it happened to be my new record in the quickest mani ever! It took me 10 minutes from the moment I started thinking of the colors to the moment I finished the clean-up! Not that I did such a great work on the clean-up but never mind. I like this mani and it is just a perfect ending to a very long and exhausting day! Let me just show it to you quickly before I go and crash on my bed! 

Where In The World - Hungary

Before I get to today's post, I would like to tell all those who leave questions in the comments - I promise to start a weekly "answers" post! Do not despair, I will answer! I promise! And do know that I read each and every comment and I appreciate them soooooooooo much! Thank you for the time you take into looking, reading and commenting! ♥ ♥ 

So! I bet you forgot about this challenge have you? luckily - I haven't, even if I did take advantage of the New 31 Days Challenge to play lazy on the Where In The World Challenge ;-) and today i'm going to take you all to Hungary, the land of the best food in the world, and introduce you to the dobostorte, the amazing Hungarian layered cake.

31 days challenge Day 20 - Texture

I guess for today's theme in the New 31 Days Challenge we'll see a lot of the new sand OPIs... I HATE IT! Well, I don't like Opi at all and those sands don't make anything better for a brand I already dislike. So I decided to go for something completely different. A layered tape mani.

Love for Coffee Love!

A couple of days ago my friend Kim from The Ides Of Polish mentioned this really lovely polish and she said it is not very much shown around. I had to bow my head in shame and admit that I have it... in my untried box... for a while now. Well, today the weather here is perfect. Lots and lots of sun and the most beautiful Saturday, as if I intentionally called for it to show off this gorgeous beauty - Layla - Coffee Love!
Layla - Coffee Love

31 Days Challenge Day 19 - My Favorite Polish

Oh that was such an easy one. If you read my Top Ten Polishes 2012 then you'd know exactly what to expect. The only thing I had a hard time deciding on was what sort of nail art I would add to it. I didn't want anything that will take the focus from my favorite polish. Eventually, because I tried too much, I placed my decoration way too much on the side of my nail. But you know what? I don't care. I get to see it as much as I want!

31 Days Challenge Day 18 - my Oldest untried

My untried drawer is rather large. There are times when I think it's sad. But in other times I think it will keep me very much entertained when I retire. I mean, come on! Since when the fact that I have so many polishes can be used as an excuse to not buying new ones? The new ones will never be exactly the same as those I already have. Fact of life. But sometimes when I look in there, I find true treasures. Like the one I want to show you today. I bet you recognize this one!
Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream

31 Days Challenge Day 17 - New technique

Today the New 31 Days Challenge offers a really special theme. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's entries and get some ideas about new nail art techniques. My mani for today is something I wanted to try a very long time ago.

31 Days Challenge Day 16 - Color Opposites

oooooooh I like today's theme for the New 31 Days Challenge! I really love color opposites and I always thought they look so well together in designs. My only problem was to decide which pair I was going to use. But when I saw Nailz Craze plate NC03 - I knew exactly what pair I'm using! 

31 Days Challenge Day 15 - Watercolor

Oh hello beautiful people! Long time no see (Can you see that I'm trying to buy time?)  ;-)
So I'm here again today with the entry of the middle of the New 31 Days Challenge and this time the theme is watercolor. I would also give this mani the infamous title of My Least Favorite... Well, that is probably a huge understatement. I honestly hate this mani today. Even more then my splatter. I don't know, I guess I am just not into the random blobbing techniques.

31 Days Challenge Day 14 - Stamping

Today's theme in the New 31 Days Challenge is an easy one: stamping. Hey, I don't believe I actually said that! Not very long ago I barely knew what I was suppose to do with those metal thingies, and now I consider it the easy part? Well, I am not as good nor as creative as Laurie the Queen of stamping (and gradient!)  but with practice and will I am getting better every time.  In fact, today's stamping is an important landmark for me. It's not complicated or anything but it does include a pattern I have tried dozens of times before with no success. Today I decided to tackle it again, and I am glad to say I won. You might not understand my big "hoo-ha" about it, especially since my color combo is lame but I am liking it nevertheless!

31 Days Challenge Day 13 - My Cheer Up Mani

Ok I think I have had enough of winter already. Can it be spring now please?
Today in the New 31 Days Challenge I have a fun mani for you. The theme is "cheer myself up mani". So what's cheering me up? Holo Rainbow!

31 Days Challenge Day 12 - Tape

Today in the New 31 Days Challenge the theme is Tape Mani and that is one mani I really love, despite it being quite time consuming. I "stole" this idea for my mani today from the brilliant Sarah of Chalkboard Nails and although it looked in my head much better then the actual result, I kinda like it. So here is my double gradient tape mani.

31 Days Challenge Day 11 - Splatter

When I thought about this post I was sure i was going to start it with "do I have something fun for you today!" But after actually doing this mani I can honestly say that I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped. I don't like the end result much and the process itself was way too messy to justify such poor results. Maybe it was just my poor choice of color. I don't know... I will give it another try some day i guess but for now... I consider it for the sake of the challenge only.

31 Days Challenge Day 10 - Geometric

Today in the New 31 Days Challenge I would like to show you another mani that i've been wanting to try for a while now. Unfortunately it didn't turn out quite right, but I guess this is as far as I can get free-handed.

31 Days Challenge Day 9 - Saran Wrap

It's been raining cats and dogs here in the last few days. The perfect time to stay cuddled in bed with some hot chocolate, yummy cookies and creative ideas for manicure. Today's mani is another skittle really. But in my head it looked much better then how it came out...
So for the 9th day of the New 31 Days Challenge the theme is saran wrap. This is really a simple technique with real nice resulted effect. If you don't know how to do it, my sweet friend Mati of Criminal Nails made a great tutorial for it! 

31 Days Challenge Day 8 - Duochrome, Flakies or Holo

Today's mani in the New 31 Days Challenge is very simple. I really wanted to get a duochrome holo flakies but it didn't quite work, so I had to compromise for some holo only mani. Still - it's beautiful enough in my opinion and a must to any decent polish enthusiast collection!

31 Days Challenge Day 7 - Ombre Or Skittle

Today in the New 31 Days Challenge I did a mani that is very corny and everyone must have done it already, but I just HAD to try it too and I must say I am quite happy with how it came out. I chose the skittle option and I do apologies for not crediting anyone specifically for this design, but there are oh-so many of this one out there... Here is my version of the All Star Converse mani.

31 Days Challenge Day 6 - Favorite Color Family

Today in the New 31 Days Challenge I got to show you my favorite color family. If you know me a little, you'd know what to expect already. ORANGE!!! like... duh?!

31 Days Challenge Day 5 - Purple

Wow, almost a week already! Time really flies...
Today on the New 31 Days Challenge I have a really nice polish but a bit of a fail nail art...

31 Days Challenge Day 4 - Pink

Today's mani is very special to me. Michal, my niece just celebrated her 3rd birthday and I wanted to do a special mani of an animated figure she really loves. 
Michal in her behaviour reminds me so much of another amazing lady: Silver Anderson, the lady behind the blogs The Silverinator and Fresh Food Diva. Both Michal and Silver have the sort of personality that illuminate the room with their presence. They both have the craziest but most clever sense of humor and they both make you want to reflect their mood despite of yourself: When they are sad - you want to cry; When they are happy - you can't stop smiling. They also both  love the same animated figure.
So I am dedicating this mani of the New 31 Days Challenge to Michal and Silver 

31 Days Challenge Day 3 - Gold

We're still following :-) The 3rd day of the New 31 Days Challenge features a gold theme. So I used The Nail junkie - Gold Bell, from her gorgeous Holiday Collection and I stamped over it with... surprise: Some gold!

31 Days Challenge Day 2 - Silver

Yup, it's totally official. I have committed to finish this challenge once again... My mom would never have believed... LOL
So for the second day of the new 31 Days Challenge I want to show you my silver themed nails.

The New 31 Days Challenge - Day 1


So like I mentioned before, The Crumpet started a new 31 Days Challenge and I decided to jump in! Should be fun!
So here's my first mani of the challenge, for the Black And White theme.