So my sweet sweet cousin came home with her bag of all her nail polishes. So I decided I should check her up close. 
All her polishes are of reds, pinks and browns, but even in such dull environment I managed to find some hits.
So I decided to go for a skittle. Here's what I chose:
From left to right: Orly-Seashell, Essie - Tart Deco, Orly - Prince Charming, Revlon - Hot For Chocolate and Jade - Crown Red with Careline - #355.

From the polishes I really did not like Prince Charming much. It was not a hit in color, nor in formula. The others were really nice I think.
What bothered me was the shimmer of my thumb (Careline #355) so I decided to mattified them all and see what will happen.

Well, it was ok I guess. just... boring. I wish my cousin had more party colors. I really need to take her shopping soon!

As an idea of breaking the boredom, I decided to gloss only the tips. No hysteria but I guess it will remain a day or two ;-))

I'll let you know when I gave it up LOL

An awesome giveaway for stamping-lovers

I am totally crashed from this week and although I have been totally boring this week, I promise I will get better!
And I will start it tomorrow morning! :-D

In the meantime, if you like stamping - this is the giveaway for you to enter!!
Check out   >> Canadian Nail Fanatic << giveaway:
Canadian Nail Fanatic GiveawayCanadian Nail Fanatic Giveaway

In two days the month will be over and I will get my salary, and this means............. LOT'S of new polish to play with!!

Weekend... finally....


This morning, as I arrived to work, a delivery guy was waiting for me with a small package.
Before I even punched the clock, I tore the brown paper to see my new Claire's magnetix!
I don't really know why but the delivery guy seemed very amused to see what was in the package... men...
I warn you in advanced - pics are bad, bad, bad!!! I took them at work (very weak fluorescent lighting) with my iphone (horribly dirty lens) but I knew I won't get to my better camera before the weekend...

Also, please try to ignore the terrible "draw outside the lines" smear. I was just too excited!!!
Claire's polish comes with the wavy magnet and actually - the magnet was the only reason I got those. I am not crazy about the colors, although if put properly I think they do have a potential LOL
But the wavy magnet is SO COOL!!! Yeah, I know its has to see in these pics, sorry :-(

Anyway, here are my thoughts after getting back to normal:
The teal-green is lovely. Very easy to apply, dried within a minute and leaves a very smooth, somewhat glossy layer without any top coat. You can see it even in this bad picture. 
The magnet works on it real nice and the final result looks very 3D. Amazing!!! I swear!!!

The purple however, is disappointing. It's rather thin, the magnet pattern is seen nicely but it lacks the 3D feel. It's not smooth when it dries. It really needs a top coat. It takes quite some time to dry.
The good thing about it - if you like the color - is the nice glitter it has, especially on the darker areas of the pattern.

Now all I need is to find another magnetic polish in a color that I like, and see how Claire's magnets will work on other brands.

By the way, I did punch the clock eventually... LOL

My favorite color?

Ever so often I am asked which is my favorite polish color.
It's very hard for me to name just one specific polish. You see, I am a red-head, I'm a Gemini and - naturally - I'm a woman. This basically means my mind changes about 3 times an hour, when I sleep.
If i'm awake I am not sure I can count it by an integer...

At first I thought I would name the colors that I don't like, but I'm afraid even that has recently changed...
The only color I really didn't like through most of my adult life is Green.
Well, I love it in nature! But not in cloths, makeup or nail polish.
But after seeing quite some AMAZING polishes this last St. Patrick's day, I am more then willing to give some greens a chance! I mean - check these out. Aren't they just amazing???
Nails Never Fails FASHION Polish ft. Oooh, Shinies! The Trace Face Philes
...But people still ask which is my favorite.
And so I started to answer with "right now - my favorite is....."

So - right now, my favorite is this new collection of Chrome-Metals, by a local brand called Chic.
Unfortunately their website don't not include polish pictures so the link will take you to their FaceBook page. It's written mostly in Hebrew, but I am sure you can find the pictures ;-)
Metalix by Chic
At the moment I only have their number 902 - which is a nice yummy silver with some pinkish  undertone, and 904 - which is very Goldy. but I plan to get more!

What I really like about them is the formula. They have a very nice cover at first coat, and it's totally perfect (IMO) in two coats. It's very easy to apply and it has the loveliest chrome texture!
It was very hard to get proper pics of those, and I don't think my pics are doing much justice to the rich colors, but still it might give you some idea about the color and the texture...
All pics are two coats of the color, over a base coat of Revlon's Powder Puff and no top coat.

No. 902 - Mist by Chic

Outdoor, Natural light
In the shade
Outdoor,  Natural light
A tiny bit of sun 
Indoor with Flash

No. 904 - Citrine Gold by Chic
Outdoor, Natural light
In the shade
Outdoor,  Natural light
A tiny bit of sun 
Indoor with Flash

I wonder if they have any dups around. Most of the polish brands don't really get here, unless you have an active account on eBay LOL, so I am quiet ignorant of the matter.

I do hope this will soon change with this new advanture of blogging ;-)

March Giveaways!!!

Hi guys!

Today I really wanted to swatch one of my most favorite polishes. 
It's a local brand that started a new collection of metallic polishes.
Those polishes are really wonderful in my opinion. They have a nice formula, still a little bit translucent in the first coat but levels up in the second, and has a lovely foil texture that I simply adore!!

But sadly, I cannot get a decent picture of this polish :-(

My color is silver with a lovely pinkish undertone, but no matter how I shoot it, it looks like the most plainly silver polish.

I am counting on a great weather for tomorrow, and I will give it another several trials shooting outside. 
So until then, I will share some real awesome giveaway events by some real awesome fellow bloggers :-)
Of course, since I am not from the US, you can be sure that all these giveaways accept international participants! 

Oh, and a second before I link to those amazing offers, I would like to share another link to a cool linking-up blog. 
Check out       >> Fabulous but evil <<      and       >> Vickilicious's life <<      and their awesome Nail Files!!!

The Nail Files

! Important: Please click the giveaway image to enter it! :Important !

And now, please accept sweet Jessica from  >> Nail Polish Anonymous <<
Jessica is having her first giveaway for reaching her 20th follower, and she is giveing this really lovely polish by Deborah Lippmann
Nail Polish Anonymous Giveaway

Congratulations Jessica!!! May you get many many many more followers!!

Next is lovely Sarah from >> See Sarah Swatch <<. 
Sarah is in the spring mood of giving, and quite a giving she has!! Check it out!!!
See Sarah Swatch Giveaway

Another brilliant laquerist is Sarah at  >> Chalkboard Nails <<
In this giveaway you have a chance to win amazing indie polish from Sarah herself and three other wonderful girls:  LacquistryAll That Glitters and Pretty & Polished. 
Such a springie flowery fun!!
Chalkboard Nails giveaway

Another real awesome indie polishes you can win in Jody's blog  >> Captivating Claws  <<

Captivating Claws giveaway
A must enter IMO!!

A Blue Tastes the Best awesome giveaway at Jenna's   >> I'm Still Thinking... <<
Great polish and the sweetest scarf she made herself!!

A beautiful beautiful CND sparkles you can win at Missy's  >> Gnarly Gnails <<
Just look at these beauties: 
Gnarly Gnails giveaway

Also, check out cool Tee Dee from >> Cute-tickle Nails <<.
To celebrate her amazing blog's six months birthday (oh... how I wish my blog will be this cool after just six months...)  she is giving all this away:
Cute-tickle Nails giveaway

All summer lovers unite!! The next giveaway is especially for you!!
Carla of >> Deuce Beauties << is giving away China Glaze Island Escapte collection!!!
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And here's another real cool giveaway I found. Check out the  >> SPLAT<< !!
SPLAT giveaway

Check out this huge FIVE WINNERS giveaway at  >> Dragon Lady Nails << !!!
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Last but not least is  >> Glitter Obsession << with... Are you ready?? TWO giveaways!!
Now check this out: 
Glitter Obsession giveaway ONE


Glitter Obsession giveaway TWO

Thank you girls so much!!

If you are having an internationally open giveaway - do let me know and I will add it too!
I know I don't have that many readers yet, but hopefully, eventually... I will have! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

My cuticles drug

Nfu-Oh flower oil - lavender

Not only such a pretty bottle, with the blue and purple dried flowers inside, but also this real amazing smell - I am so completely addicted to it...
I find myself sniff it whenever I can! I love it! I love it so much!
I do wonder how good it really is to my cuticles... I get the feeling that once it soaks completely into the skin - it's making it slight harder then before.
Am I the only one feeling that?

But the smell... I don't care about anything else in the world when I am all surrounded by this magical smell...

A fresh start

So I decided to give this blogging thing a chance. 
I'm not good at keeping up and I guess my updates will not be frequent, but I definitely am going to try!
Thank you so much  Jessica, for giving me the courage! 
Nice to meet you! I'm Jin.
Well, to be honest, I'm Adi, but if you don't speak Hebrew, the chance of you pronouncing it properly is very lame. So I go by my nickname - Jinjit, which means in Hebrew - a red-head girl. which is - me :-)
Ok, I am not exactly red-head. I need to help nature a little bit with the color, but I do have a red-head skin, and more important - a red-head temper!  
I am from Israel and I work as an internet programmer, writing the financial actions website for one of the large banks in the country.

I have two amazing cats, Xanthippe and Arthemis (AKA Sanchipu and Tem-Tem)  



and among my other hobbies are belly dancing and reading - mostly fantasy. 

But of course, this blog is suppose to be mostly a sort of personal diary about my nails. 
Why, you ask? Well, thing is, all my life I used to bite my nail. So now they are totally ruined. They are as thick as a piece of paper. A light paper. and I can't make them grow at all.
Some 10 years go I tried those acrylic nails, but turned out I was allergic to the material and I gave up the idea.

Then, about a year ago, I found out that someone I knew is working as a "nail builder" and she works with some sort of gel. I gave it a try and guess what? I LOVED IT! and I am not allergic to it either! 
So this is how my addiction began!

Perhaps I should start my post again:
Hi, I am Jin and I'm addicted to nail-polish...
Now I really hope that you will all say "we love you!" cause I really need some positive reinforcements...

Ok, I babbled enough. Let's go to the visuals:
So this was my first mani:
It's not exactly what I wanted. I might re-visit it one of these days. What I really wanted is  -->>this<<--, but I guess it's close enough. And hey - it's my first!
And once again I have long, nice looking nails.
Those little things that make us happy...