Sunday Haul

I can't believe it is Sunday again! The week has passed so quickly and I didn't get the chance to do half of all the things I wanted... At least, I had a wonderful weekend. An Indian restaurant on Friday night, an American grill bar on Saturday, lot's of rest and fun and nail polish in between... what else can I ask for...?  I hope you're having a weekend at least this nice yourself!!
This week I have some bottle porn for you, and because I saw that you really wanted to see how the polishes look, I did a quick one nail swatch for them. So let's get started!

First up is the second collection of Bunny Nails HD plates. I showed you the first part a couple of weeks ago, and this week I got the second. I expected 5 plates (6-10) but I actually got 7, when plates number 6 and 7 had two different versions each.

Next is my first-restock order from Elevation polish. You know you can expect a second restock stuff too, right? ;-) Anyway - left is The Arches, right is Kita, 2 coats each and I soooooo love them both!!!

I really loved the holo collection by Jade and when I saw the new Diamond collection, I just had to have it! I love the colors but to be honest? I am not too crazy about them after seeing them on the nail. Maybe with some layering they will look cool, but at the moment I am not sure... You can get them at Ninja Polish and Llarowe.  Left to right: Scarlet, Royale, Joy, Supernova, Galaxy, Twist and Velvet, all show 2 coats.
I am sorry for the weird hand pose. When I just held it before the camera, they all looked too sheer to see the colors. Supernova, Joy, Scarlet and Royale
 Velvet, Galaxy and Twist

Next I have some oldies for you. I always had a few polishes from these collections, but when I managed to complete (well, almost. I'm still missing one) the Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup collection, I figured I could get more of these too. So it took me a while and quite a few different blog-sales, but I managed to get some nice polishes from the two lovely collections by Sally Hansen - the Chrome and Prism. Naturally I am still missing a lot, but I have enough to show you now, and more will come as I get them. So these are from Prism: Pink Rose Diamond, Ruby Diamond, Blush Diamond and Golden Tourmaline. on the nail all show 2 coats.
 AHHHH!! Holo!!! (same order as the bottles)

And the chrome collection which will probably be used mostly for stamping. Left to right: Royal Purple, Carnelian, Sapphire, Burmese Ruby. On the nail they are all one coaters.

Amethyst, Rhodolite, Lilac Diamond, Violet Sapphire

Copper, Bronze, Rose Diamond, Cinnamon Diamond.

So that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed. We'll see when I will start getting all my Black Friday's polishes... Oh, by the way,  are these lil swatches Yay or Nay? anything else you would want to see in these haul posts?


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

So many nice polishes! That pink Jade one is so pretty! I have a terrible weakness for pink polishes, in case you didn't know lol. :-)

~ Yun

Anonymous said...

Super love on Rita! <3

Gosia said...

You're such a crackhead!!! And I'm so envious!!! Lol :)))

Criminal Nails said...

Wow this is a shitload of polishes :D I can't make my mind... but those Jade look absolutely stunning, and well deserving a full swatch! :)

Helen [beauty delights] said...

ahhh holos! i dont know how they could've came out ages ago and i missed them then!

Andrea said...

Damn. You got the Diamond Jades!!! *sigh*. You must STOP with these Sunday haul posts. I might have to hop a plane or two and come steal, err, borrow your stash!! ;)

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