33 Days Challenge - Day 21: Europe

Today's theme in the 33DC is Europe. I am not sure I like those hugely general themes. I mean - a country could be easier. But a whole continent? woah........ But then I received my Elevation Polish order and I knew exactly what Europe is to me!
Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired
When I was 5 years old, my dad was sent abroad for work, and the entire family had to move to North Italy for a couple of years. During this time, every weekend, we went traveling in a different country. Currently there are 46 countries in Europe - and I have been to more then a half of them. And the one thing that I always think about, when I think about Europe is... Snow Globe. A famous building or touristic attraction in a water ball with floating flakies.
So I started with Elevation Polish Limestone, a white creamy base with gold micro shimmer and gold flakes. The perfect Snow Globe.
Elevation Polish Limestone
Limestone has a perfect formula and great pigmentation. All it needed was two coats to be opaque, rich and shiny.
Elevation Polish Limestone

Elevation Polish Limestone
Then I added some famous sites to my globes, using Cheeky Jumbo European Romance plate and a selected polishes Let's go from thumb to pinky:
Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired
Thumb: England, the Big Ben and Tower bridge in London, using Mentality Prim.
Index: Russia, St. Basil cathedral in Moscow, using Mentality Vicious (Somewhat Ironic...) 
Middle: Italy, The leaning tower in Pisa, using Life 301 (a local brand)
Ring: Italy, A Gondola driver in Venice, using Sinful Shine Most Sinful.
Pinky: France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, using Layla Black As Ebony.
Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired

Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired

Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired

Elevation Polish Limestone Europe inspired


glammy said...

I like the whole picture off the coloured tip idea!

Gosia said...

oh love this idea!! and i MUST get this elevation polish!!

M. Fourey said...

Oh Limestone <3

Ela said...

This is sooooo amazing! Such a great idea! I like Russia the most:)
And I love your base nail polish!:)

Raggio di Luna said...

Beautiful manicure! :-) Snow Globe is amazing! :-)
About the countries on your nails, I visited England (London), Russia (Moscow), Italy (Venice) and France (Paris) and I would be happy to visit them again! :-)

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