33 Days Challenge - Day 8: Chevrons

Today's theme for the 33DC made me really happy. I don't exactly know why because I don't have anything specific for Chevrons, but it did. And when I'm happy, I immediately think of rainbows. So today I have some rainbow chevrons for you.
sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics
I started this mani with two coats of Sinful Shine - Tan Lines, a mauve - nude super glossy creme. It's very pigmented and opaque in one coat. I needed two only to fix my sloppy application. It is not a color that I would wear on it's own, but I thought it would make a great, neutral background for my colorful rainbow. Swatches show two coat, no top.

sinful shine Tan Lines

sinful shine Tan Lines
I then tried to decide if I could actually freehand some decent chevrons, but I decided against it. So I used Vivid Lacquer VL010 Plate that has two wonderful and large chevron designs and several polishes from the Metallic collection by Kleancolor. I painted each line of the design with a different color, scrapped and stamped. The result wasn't bad, but it also wasn't as bright as I wanted it to be. 
sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics

sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics
So now I decided to use those stamping as my guides for the pattern lines, and I painted over them with the same colors and a striping brush. I liked the results much better! 
sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics

sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics

sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics

sinful shine Tan Lines Kleancolor Metallics
Well, what do you think? Is it a happy mani or not? ;-)


Elizabeth said...

Wow, these bright metallics look *amazing* together like this!

spilledpolish said...

Awesome! It matches the theme of your blog :) (& your name)

Loz said...

pretty :)

glammy said...

Like your rainbow colour choices!

Stephanie said...

Neat look and I love how you stamped and used it as a guide for the second coat :)

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! Those metallic colors look awesome together!

Dawn said...

I think this is a happy mani its fab! I love the colours very vibrant just like a rainbow :)

Polish and Repeat said...

I love this! I must try! The rainbow is so cool!

Raggio di Luna said...

I like Sinful Shine - Tan Lines also on its own, but I'm sure I would add something, something like flowers... :-) Great happy rainbow chevron manicure! :-)

jannatul12 said...

Very fancy look

Galorious said...

beautiful! this must have taken you a while, it looks great!


Anonymous said...

A VERY happy mani! Love it, and now I want to try it :D

Unknown said...

I love it!

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