33 Days Challenge - Day 7: artwork featuring my oldest untried

Today's post for the 33DC has to feature my oldest untried. However, I don't really know which is my oldest untried. So I just picked one of my untried, and let's hope it is my oldest...
Dior Mandarine Orange
This is Dior - Mandarine Orange and while it is gorgeous and beautiful and I can think of a few more words in that direction to say about it, I know exactly why it was untried. For some reason, the Dior polishes that I really like, tend to be very thin and sheer. I was afraid this one would be the same, so I didn't hurry to try it out.
Dior - Mandarine Orange
However, this little beauty surprised me big time! It had a wonderful crelly formula, it was completely opaque in 3 coats and the shimmer, oh the flaked shimmer.... I am totally in love. What you see in the pictures below is 3 coats with no top, and it is pretty true to color.
Dior - Mandarine Orange

Dior - Mandarine Orange
And since my nails looked so much like candy, I went with some sweet stamping. I used MoYou Princess Collection 08 plate and Bondi - Horny Mistress polish and got me this.
Dior - Mandarine Orange

Dior - Mandarine Orange

Dior - Mandarine Orange

Dior - Mandarine Orange

Dior - Mandarine Orange
I am so glad I decided to try this polish for the challenger! I definitely got me a new favorite! 


RarityBlu said...

I adore this colour! And the stamping is so cute! xo

Cindi said...

That is gorgeous. I love the golden shimmers in the polish. The polish is pretty, it's orange but more coral leaning. I wonder if there are any drugstore dupes for it? (Translation: maybe I have something close?)

Gosia said...

Horny mistress haha =))) I love the Dior polish!!!!!!

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

Nice color and pretty nailart!

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