Let It Snow

So all the challenges are over (for me for now  anyway) and everyone is doing some year-summing up posts. I thought about doing some too, but I am not sure. For one thing, I cannot limit my favorite polishes from this year to a reasonable number. Also, I am working on some other surprise that is taking all my time. So for now I think I will take the month of December easy with only some sparse posts and I hope to be back with all new things in January!
And for now, here's some snowing manicure for you to enjoy.
Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure
Ironically, the polish I used for the base of my manicure is called Summer Skies by 6 Harts Polish (See swatches and review here). The drawings are a combination of stamping and striping brush and when everything was dry, I used two thick coats of top coat (seche Vite) and then I sprayed on it some white - translucent glitter to create a snowy effect. I don't know if I managed to transfer the snowy feeling to you, but I definitely got me a nice sparkly manicure! I hope you like it too!
Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure

Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure

Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure

Snow Landscape Christmas Nail Art Manicure
Have a lovely winter and stay warm and safe!


Dawn said...

Very festive and I do love how you have done a winter theme on each nail.well done :) xx

Loz said...


Raggio di Luna said...

So snowy! Perfect! :-) I'd gladly watch this scenery (from the inside of my home, of course), this would be really lovely sight! But, it (almost) never snows here where I live... :-)

Unknown said...

Loving all those sparkles! Great mani!

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