33 Days Challenge - Day 9: Indian

I needed a lot of thinking before I came up with an idea for today's entry in the 33DC. According to Debbie - The Crumpet, this theme can be interpreted as either Indian - Native American or Indian - from India. So after considering the options and googling for inspiration, I decided to go with Indian - from India. So today's entry is an Indian print.
zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

I started with two heavy coats of Zoya Jacqueline, a perfect off-white creme. It has a nice flowing formula and is very pigmented, especially for a white/off-white polish. It doesn't look chalky and it actually levels itself nicely. I think I found me a new favorite nail art base! Swatches show two coats relatively heavy and no top.

zoya Jacqueline

zoya Jacqueline
I then took Mentality Proper and my Cheeky Jumbo Plate C and just went wild a little. I love those Henna patterns and I love the way Proper looks, a redish brown, almost like real henna. I am totally happy with this mani, even though I pressed my stamper slightly too hard and managed to smear the design in some spots.
zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper

zoya Jacqueline Mentality Proper
So this is my Indian entry and I hope you like it too. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

very pretty, totally indian <3 it

Unknown said...

Stunning :)

glammy said...

Wow - like henna!

Katiejustkatie said...

Ooo this look is great... and that base looks fab. X

CrazyPolishes (Dimpal) said...

lovely.. and so nicely done.. i did almost same mani with red base bt thn posted a different mani :)

Natalie said...

Great design!

Amelia said...

that looks so perfectly like Henna!

M.M. Chouinard said...

Beautiful--your polishes make this look just like Henna. And this makes me even happier that I own Mentality Proper, lol!

Natalia A said...

What a great effect you got, it truly looks like henna. the plate looks fantastic :)

Raggio di Luna said...

Zoya Jacqueline is beautiful, Mentality Proper really looks like a real henna... and your manicure is really perfect! :-)

Indian Lacquerade said...

Raja Rani... Just perfect in colour and execution :)

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