33 Days Challenge - Day 25: A New for me Technique

Another entry for the 33DC that was super hard for me. First - to come up with an idea I haven't tried yet, and once I did - to actually execute it. None was an easy task. But then, thanks to one of the recent nail world's dramas - I came up with this.
Spray Marble Turquoise Gemstone manicure

I bet most of you now ask yourself about the drama I mentioned, right? ;-) 
Well the site in question is anyway seem to have gone off line, but the big noise was all about giving credit when credit is due. So let me start by giving some credit to the inspirational mind behind my today's post - Michaela of The Mani Café and her exceptionally beautiful Turquoise stone manicure.
Nfu Oh MOR10 Morning Of Greece Collection
So this mani started with a turquoise creme polish by Nfu Oh, them the Morning Of Greece collection MOR10. This is definitely my favorite collection by Nfu Oh! It consists of rich creamy colors that dry to a semi-matte finish but not before they completely leveled themselves on the nail. Below you see two coats of MOR10, which is not 100% opaque just yet, but so smooth and beautiful nonetheless.
Spray Marble Turquoise Gemstone manicure Nfu Oh
Then I used some Konad gold special stamping polish and plate M70 to get some tiny golden veins on the turquoise. The pattern is way too small for my nails, but since I would anyway cover it, I didn't mind much.
Spray Marble Turquoise Gemstone manicure
Now for the hard part: I used my water marble cup with some water and 3-4 drops of black creme polish - I used CoverGirl Black Diamond. And then I sprayed  the black bulls-eye using a tiny spray bottle with some medical Alcohol. Took me quite a few tries to get the spray right. Enough to create the little holes but not too much to rip the entire nail polish coat. And that was not easy. In fact, now that I look on my nails I think I was too careful and so my holes are too small... Oh well...
Spray Marble Turquoise Gemstone manicure
When it was all done and cleaned, I stamped with the same polish and plate, again some little golden veins, then one coat of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl Top Coat and that's it. A new technique I just learnt! (Thanks Michaela!)


Gosia said...

Holy crap, this sounds so hard to do! And it looks so lovely!! Of course I'm in stone ages when it comes to knowing about drama but it's pretty shitty if somebody doesn't give due credit!

M. Fourey said...

Congrats! I haven't had the guts to get myself to do this water spotted mani... it looks gorgeous though!

Nail Polish Society said...

I tried something similar. Your's turned out way better than mine! It looks great. What's your secret?

Raggio di Luna said...

I never tried to create a water spotted manicure, it is on my "to do" list :-) I like the base colour and I love the final effect! :-)

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