Aphaea's Bouquet

The other day when I wasn't sure about what color I should paint my nails with, my bestie Gosia said I should go with purple. So I did, and I found one helluva polish while doing so! The funny thing is... I never even thought that I would need this polish... 
Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet
So the beauty I am talking about is Aphaea by Above The Curve. The funny thing is... when I placed my order at Above The Curve, I looked at this polish and though it was nice but... I didn't feel like I needed it really. To my surprise it was in the package along with the polishes I did order. I immediately wrote to Angel and Shawn on facebook, letting them know that they sent me an extra polish by mistake. To my surprise I was told that it was no mistake and that Angel picked that one for me! Well, having learnt that, I now had to give this polish a try. And am I glad I did!!!

Above The Curve Aphaea
Aphaea is an amazingly beautiful dusty purple-gray with purple-magenta shimmer and just a dust of holo shimmer. It is gorgeous, it is unique and I am sorry to say that I just don't know enough words in English to express how beautiful this polish really is. It also has a perfect formula, nothing less. Pigmented and creamy, making application a piece of cake. Two easy coats of self leveling awesomeness and you're done. No need for top coat, the glossy finish is part of this polish
Above The Curve Aphaea

Above The Curve Aphaea
I decided to glitter this beauty with another unique polish. This one is Mini's Bouquet by Red Dog Designs. A wonderful mix of shapes in different shades and finishes of silver and purple. You can find all things girly in here: Micky Mouse heads, flowers, hearts, butterflies, stars... just about anything! I don't think that I couild really capture the true fun of this polish and combo all together.
Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet

Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet

Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet

Above The Curve Aphaea Red Dog Designs Mini's Bouquet
This mani made me feel very happy whenever I looked at it. It totally rock! 
So I would like to take this chance to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Angel (Above The Curve) for this gorgeous polish gift, Thank You Gosia for the purple push and Thank You Gina (Red Dog Designs) for this totally fun polish!  I ♥  You all!


Reddd77 said...

Love it! So pretty! <3

Raggio di Luna said...

Aphaea is really beautiful, if you ever get sick of it, send it to me! :-)

Dawn said...

I really like this mani love the colour too xx new follower here.x id love for you to follow me back.xxx :)

Smokey said...

I got this color in a prize I won from Above the curve in their Falling for Autumn collection and it's by far my favorite!!! This one and the scarlet. All of their polishes are beautiful and I love the fact that they give to shriners hospital for children <3 Your nails are gorgeous!!

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