December Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese, day 2

Not only that I am late with my 31st entry for the 33DC, now I am late with the 32nd entry as well as with the second entry for Theme Week. I know this really suck and I really am so sorry but it seems like life just has other plans for me right now. But don't worry, I will not leave those out! I will try to write them all over this coming weekend! And in the meantime, here's another Japanese inspired manicure for the December Nail Art Theme Week.

Actually I planned to redo this manicure because I felt it was not quite right. If I will have time I will still redo it over the weekend. My inspiration is the Imperial Japanese Army flag and uniform. When I googled Japan's culture, I found this photo of a soldier in the IJA and this war flag of it and I just loved those colors, those lines, that determination look.  
I started this manicure with China Glaze Budding Romance, a lovely olive-green jelly polish that I received from my incredible Jewel-Maker friend Gosia (Check her out!). Sadly I forgot to take a picture of it alone. Add that to the list of things I still owe you! 
Other colors I used here are China Glaze Phat Santa, Mahogany Magic, Kalahari Kiss and my go-to black and white Cultnails Fetish and Tempest.

And until I post my next entry, check out some amazing Japanese inspired manicures!


M. Fourey said...

This is an amazing idea, girl! ^^

The Mani Café said...

this is a great idea to interpret the theme!!

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