33 Days Challenge - Day 22: Three colors gradient and a pattern

Today's 33DC entry was totally annoying for me. You know this feeling when you get an idea and you gotta do it no matter what? And it fails and you re-do it over and over and you just can't let go? Well, this is what today's mani did to me. I saw this picture of full nails decals and I totally fell in love with it. So I decided I can do it without the decals themselves...
Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Matte

So I am not happy with the results of course. It didn't turn quite as cute as it was in my head, but it was a learning experience nevertheless. The next time I will try to use either a dotting tool to paint the white clouds, or some tape cut with those nice shaped scissors.
Gradient Nail Art
Anyway, I started this mani with one coat of Cult Nails Tempest and then one coat of China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around. Then I sponged my gradient vertically on my nails using all Sinful Colors: Cinderella, I'm blushing and Orange Cream. They are all very light pastel colors that really work nice together in my opinion. 
Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Matte

Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Matte

Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Matte
The rest of this mani was free-handed using my loyal Orly Crisp White striper. The half moon rainbows were drawn with some Nail Art pens. I ended this mani with... Butter London Matte finish top coat. Why? I have no idea... it felt right somehow... 
Gradient with Pattern Nail Art GlossyOf course I later had to see how it looked all shiny...
Gradient with Pattern Nail Art Holographic
And also with some light holographic top coat.

Personally, I think I prefer the matte version. What do you think?
All in all this one is definitely not one of my favorite manis, but the idea really caught me. I will have to try it once more! 


Ela said...

This's pretty awesome!
Actually, I like a holo version more;)

Lacqueerisa said...

Absolutely love this! You did such an outstanding job! ( I love your new layout btw! ) Also I'm with you! I prefer the matte version too. The vertical gradients already gave the illusion of 'rainbow shining' on the nails - I simply love that! And thanks for the walkthrough on how you created this! ♥ Will have to try this someday! Thank you! :D

glammy said...

Good effort - and I like the holo top coat best!

Anonymous said...

i like shiny one better :) it goes with theme and its really cute idea

M. Fourey said...

I think those are super cute! I would have skipped the holo TC but hey, it does add something..! I just loved the chalky look better!

Raggio di Luna said...

Have you learned a lesson? Don't go to look at water decals and then get crazy trying to draw it free-hand! :-) Well, I'm only kidding, because your result is worth all the effort and it is much more than good, it is gorgeous! Although I love the matt effect, with this manicure it's different: I love it with the holo top coat! :-)

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