33 Days Challenge - Day 32: Shapes

Another quicky for you: my 32nd entry in the 33DC: the theme is Shapes and I decided to go triangled and try Sheila (pointless Cafe)'s version of argyle pattern. Check out her awesome tutorial here.
Argyle Pattern Nail Art
I started with two coats of ILNP - Washing Ashore, a beautiful multichrome that shifts from several shades of green to the blues and purples. Very easy to apply, completely opaque  in two coats and dries in splits of second! Below you can see two coats, no top:
ILNP Washing Ashore

ILNP Washing Ashore

ILNP Washing Ashore

ILNP Washing Ashore
Then I used Sheila's method to create the argyle pattern and I must say: this is indeed the easiest, quickest and with perfect results to create this pattern. No tape, no cleaning up. Simple and affective!
The polishes I used for my thumb, index and pinky are Rescue Beauty Lounge Reveillon, Orly Rockin Robin and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.
On my middle and ring nails I used Bondi Limelight, Orly Crisp White (which sadly Bondi bled into) and Rescue Beauty Lounge Cerise Noire.
Argyle Pattern Nail Art

Argyle Pattern Nail Art

Argyle Pattern Nail Art
Sheila - thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! I totally love your method for this gorgeous pattern over anything else I have tried so far!


Stephanie said...

I love the color combination that you chose here! Great job :)

Loz said...

I love these :)

Raggio di Luna said...

Perfect manicure, I love the combination of colours! :-)

Unknown said...

Can you please post the tutorial of how to create the argyle pattern?

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