the 31 Days Challenge Day 25 - Inspired by my Childhood

That one was no easy at all. I have so many ideas inspired by my childhood (that actually hasn't over yet) but most of them require a better nail art skill then I actually have. So eventually I came up with something that my mother doesn't stop reminding me until this day...
The easy part to explain in this mani is my choice of colors. As a kid my mother always said that no color is "boy only" and no color is "girl only". I honestly cannot remember how my brother dealt with it, but what I remember is that I could wear any color at all. But there were certain combinations I just could not stand. Blue and red was one of them. If I had both blue and red in my outfit, I would be miserable all day. Or I would loose a part of that outfit "accidentally". Go figure...  By the way, another combo I simply wouldn't agree to wear was blue and green... LOL
So the blue and red that I chose today are from Red Dog Designs - The Doctor (Blue) and The Engineer (red). Both show two thick coats with no undies and the one thick coat of gelous. I am really loving these. They are so full of body. You know what I mean?
Red Dog Designs - The Doctor and The Engineer

Red Dog Designs - The Doctor and The Engineer

Red Dog Designs - The Doctor and The Engineer

Red Dog Designs - The Doctor

Red Dog Designs - The Engineer
But color a;one was not enough so I went with a problem I used to have through most of my life: I couldn't complete a thing. I asked my parents to send me to ballet classes. After 7 meetings I got bored and stopped coming. Then I asked to go to jazz classes. Took me a little more but I never completed the year. Then I tried painting - 5 meetings. Ceramics - a couple of months?  At school I would start a new notebook ever week just to fill a few pages and got tired of the used one...  I decided I needed to play the piano. My teacher was so impressed with my musical hearing! She wanted me to try the violin but I didn't want to. All I wanted was the Piano. I went to classes 7 or 8 years! Why? I have absolutely no idea. At home I only practiced 3 times altogether and that was it. I guess I kept going just cause my parents paid. After 7 years I  wanted to play the flute! Took me about a year to realize I didn't really want it. I took some french classes. After a few more years, I took french again. After another year I took Portuguese! Needless to say I never finished any...  Well, the list goes on and on and on... I only like to start things. Never to finish them. So I started to stamp... and that was it! 

 and until the next time....


M. Fourey said...

Great post Jin! I absolutely loved to read stories about your unfinished childhood! You must know a little about a lot of stuff, that's something ^^ And as long as you don't get bored from this blog..!

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

And your mother were right. I don't that there are boy or girl colors. I like your mani very much beuatiful colors.

Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

Very interesting inspiration! Love it!

Michaela said...

These are such gorgeous polishes! I love this half stamp look and the story behind it!

Raggio di Luna said...

Your story made me laugh! :-) I didn't like to wear blue and red together and I still don't like it! :-) And red is not really one of my favourite colours, while I simply adore all shades of blue! :-) Great manicure, great stamping, well done! :-)

Gosia said...

I love the mani, the colors, the 'unfinished' stamps, the whole nine yards!!! I hear ya about unfinishing things... but I warn ya, girlie, if you stop blogging you can expect a personal visit from someone for some good ass whoopping.... =)))

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