the 31 Days Challenge Day 26 - Inspired By My Country

today in the New 31 Days Challenge I had to use my country as my mani inspiration. That wasn't very easy, especially since I already did a couple of Israeli manis before (This is one and this is two). So after a lot of thinking, I decided to go with the Elections that went here a couple of days ago and dedicate my mani to Mr. Yair Lapid, our Political Rookie, the head of the second party in size, who is entering the government for the first time. I didn't vote for you Mr. Lapid, but I am still hoping that you will stand behind your promises and make things better!

So this mani started with two coats of Milani - White On The Spot, a chalky but opaque white creme. I have this polish for a while now and I am using it a lot in nail art, so it's getting a little bit thick and needs regular thinning. But when thinned enough - it applies real easy. The drawing I made with some Sharpie pens. I really like those and they write so nicely on the polish. Well, I really suck at writing letters properly so my voting notes are a bit... weird, but I hope you get the idea.  So my middle finger shows the box where the envelopes with the voting notes go into, and on all other nails there are the letters that represent some of the parties. Yair Lapid's party is the one on my ring nail. Well, I don't want to add any more politics in here so let's finish with that :-)

And of course - don't forget to check the other entries inspired by their countries!


Unknown said...

these are so good jin!

Gosia said...

this looks great!!! I have no idea what the letters read but I take your word for the political party... Mr. Lapid would be very proud!!! =)

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