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Before I get to today's post, I would like to tell all those who leave questions in the comments - I promise to start a weekly "answers" post! Do not despair, I will answer! I promise! And do know that I read each and every comment and I appreciate them soooooooooo much! Thank you for the time you take into looking, reading and commenting! ♥ ♥ 

So! I bet you forgot about this challenge have you? luckily - I haven't, even if I did take advantage of the New 31 Days Challenge to play lazy on the Where In The World Challenge ;-) and today i'm going to take you all to Hungary, the land of the best food in the world, and introduce you to the dobostorte, the amazing Hungarian layered cake.

Traditionally, there are seven layers in this cake but my nails are not long enough I suppose. Since it's all about cake and cream, I didn't try to keep my layers straight and crisp. I let them melt and merge into each other. But before I tell you about the polishes I used, let me show you a picture of the real thing:
Nom nom nom! This is such a yummy cake! Very thin layers of Dough filled with rich Chocolate butter cream and top with glassed caramel. In my grandmother's house this cake was made for all the special events and all of us the grandchildren stood around her trying to get a lick of that cream... 
So to recreate the Dobostorte on my nails I started with a thick coat of Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow, a  very light but opaque yellow creme. I then taped my nails and filled the lines with Sinful Colors Nirvana, a dusty brown creme that has the same color of the chocolate butter cream of the cake. However, I didn't quite wait for it to dry. I immediately used my top coat, and made sure I let the lines smear a little. Then I used the Yellow again so draw some clearer yellow lines using my strip brush. For the glassy caramel tip I used Up ColorsMutacao and then I dotted the dark chocolate garnish using The Nail Junkie's Coffee

I tried to find a decent recipe for this amazing cake but I am having some language difficulties... So instead I suggest that you come visit and I will ask my mother to make it ;-)
Hope you enjoyed our journey today!


Be Fashion Be Glamour By Nushka said...

AWESOME!this cake mmmmmmmmm

Kim said...

these look amazing!!!! send me some cake! haha

Unknown said...

Hahaa, I'm from Hungary. :) I like this mani and I like the dobostorta. :D

Unknown said...

Your nails rock and so does the cake! We have a 7 layer caked here with apple butter between the layers and it is yummy.

beachgal said...

Oh I have been having zero sugar for about 1.5 weeks now and I soooo want a piece of that cake! I used to make dobostorta for years when I was living with a man from Hungary. His mom sent me a ton of his fav recipes - some I really love still - but cabbage rolls (least the way they liked 'em) never could take - sausage and cabbage lead me to instant GI distress! This would be a good fall mani

natalsie said...

That cake made me droooool)))

Unknown said...

YUMMMMMMM!!! What else can I say? :D

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