31 Days Challenge Day 10 - Geometric

Today in the New 31 Days Challenge I would like to show you another mani that i've been wanting to try for a while now. Unfortunately it didn't turn out quite right, but I guess this is as far as I can get free-handed.

Oh! oops, only now when I look at this picture I notice that I missed my colors on my ring finger!! LOL The red in both the middle and ring fingers is on the same place! it shouldn't have been... *sigh* 

Anyway, I used these polishes: Blue: Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue, Red: Nails Inc - Opm!, Yellow: Nails Inc - Sumner Place, Purple: Nails Inc - Westminster, Gold: Nfu Oh - XW10. With that gold polish I had a very unfortunate accident when the bottle fell to the floor and while it didn't break, about 3/4 of it's content ended up on my floor, my shoes and my pants. I was left with some really little polish in the bottle. And this is one of the better looking golds that I have... Well, I think that calls for some purchase. Don't you agree? 

So this is my Geometric entry. Next time I promise I will use some tape for this. In the meantime - don't forget to check what other participants in the challenge did.


Unknown said...

These are really cute Jin. I like the colors you chose :D

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

What a fun and cute mani! It reminds me of a colorful pinwheel! :D
That gold is beautiful. Bummer about the spilling. :(

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

I think you did it very good! ...it's a free-hand manicure! ...and drawing with nail polishes is difficult! ...and macro photos are so "cruel" to our manicures, they show every single error! :-) I like doing things free-hand, using stripes and scotch-tapes is very time-consuming, but I like to draw with acrylic colours :-)

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