the 31 Days Challenge Day 30 - Favorite Nail Art Technique

Today's theme caused a serious problem for me. We're just one day away from the end of the New 31 Days Challenge and the theme today is Your Favorite Nail Art Technique. But it is also Tuesday, the middle of my working week. So compromising has to be made.
First - for proper disclosure I should say that my mind changes often. Something that is my favorite now, may not be my favorite tomorrow. With this being said, my current favorite nail art technique is the FreeHand nail art. There is something very therapeutic and most compensatory about it. But it is also very time consuming. And unfortunately, time is not something I have enough of. Especially not during working days. So I decided to do a very quick nail decoration today for the challenge, but do remember to come back over the weekend. I promise to do one of those time consuming freehand nail art I just mentioned.
So today's "quicky" started with The Nail Junkie's Poinsettia, a gorgeous deep red jelly (or is it crelly?) with lots and lots of micro glitter in gold, green and red. I am suspecting also a bit of holographic micro glitter but I may be wrong and it is just the play of light reflections. Either way it's a beauty. 2 generous coats are all you need for opacity and application is a breeze. 
The Nail Junkie - Poinsettia

The Nail Junkie - Poinsettia

The Nail Junkie - Poinsettia

The Nail Junkie - Poinsettia

The Nail Junkie - Poinsettia
The gold I added is China Glaze - Passion and the green is Zoya - Holly. Very Christmas-sy, I know. I guess the poinsettia art on the label drove me there. But at least it was a 10 minutes manicure...


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Gorgeous mani! I love the base color with all those glitters inside, and the end result is so fun and festive! :-)

~ Yun

Natalie said...

Lovely! Very festive :) love the tiny colorful glitters!

Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful swatches and art! And free hand is your favorite because you are so awesome at it. And question, why don't you post these on my fb? I don't ever want to miss a single lovely post!

The Silverinator said...

Beautiful! Awesome macro!

M. Fourey said...

Poinsettia looks damn good on your nails, they look like they are made of glass! I am starting to figure out what is beyond my reach in the field of freehanding nail art, and what is not, so I can get started! Expect a series of fail manicures soon :p

Sandra said...

Looks great! :)

Raggio di Luna said...

It's a very festive look! :-) Poinsettia is such a nice base colour for this nail art! :-)

Gosia said...

wow, these are some pretty straight lines for freehand!! I would have thought you used a stencil or something. And I love that color!!! Once again, you're making me open my wallet LOL!! This is going on my wish list =))

gin shivers said...

so pretty and a bit x-massy :)

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