31 Days Challenge Day 16 - Color Opposites

oooooooh I like today's theme for the New 31 Days Challenge! I really love color opposites and I always thought they look so well together in designs. My only problem was to decide which pair I was going to use. But when I saw Nailz Craze plate NC03 - I knew exactly what pair I'm using! 

Honestly? I never understood why everyone is calling these "the Ugly christmas sweaters". I really love this pattern and I love those sweaters and I don't even celebrate christmas! 
Anyway, I started with Chirality - Kale, one of the most amazing polishes from 2012 and my second favorite of the year! 2 easy coats of a gorgeous holographic dark green with golden undertone (can I call it Olive green?). What can I say? Perfect formula, perfect pigmentation, perfect drying time, perfect look. And usually I am not even a green lover. just see for yourself!

Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale indoor, artificial lighting
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, indoor, artificial lighting
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, indoor, artificial lighting
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, direct sunlight
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, direct sunlight
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, direct sunlight
Chirality - Kale
Chirality - Kale, natural light in the shade
So? what do you say? Isn't it super gorgeous??? 
Anyway, I continued with another awesome Chirality - Bloodshot. a dark red, slightly holographic. I think it opposed Kale real nicely. 
Chirality - Kale and Bloodshot

Chirality - Kale and Bloodshot
I added the final touch to my Christmessy sweater using NC03 and Konad white polish. Well? What do you say? Is it really ugly?? ;-)

Oh, an important note: I entered this mani to Nailz Craze's stamping contest. Will you please please please vote for me? 


Cindi said...

Your mani turned out really cute. I love the stamping plate you used. I don't think all Christmas sweaters are ugly, but I have seen my share of tacky gaudy overdecorated ones - those are what I call the traditional UGLY christmas sweater. The one like you designed though, a nordic pattern is not ugly at all, in fact it's very pretty. I'm not sure where the idea of all Christmas sweaters as falling into the UGLy category came from, but you're correct in that people tend to lump them ALL in the same "ugly" group.

Agia said...

I'm not calling it 'ugly Christmas sweater', for me is just a Christmas sweater :)
I really like this mani, it's a nice reminder about Christmas :D

M.M. Chouinard said...

I agree. I've always thought Christmas sweaters were cute, and I love the gaudy ones with beads and everything--so festive! I also agree with you about Kale. I bought it and wore it for the first time yesterday, and I adore it. :)

aylin said...

Loved it! Especially the base colors!!!

Rebecca Lane said...

Lovely not ugly! :)

Unknown said...

I love this gorgeous mani!!!! The colors you used are gorgeous, and the sweather designs is so appropiate for this season. Kisses.

Amelia said...

oh that works great - and gorgeous holo photos too xx

beachgal said...

Really cool way to do the stamping - this one never crossed my mind - knowing me, I would not line up my stamp to fit the color bar zones! Chirality - Kale is a gorg shade! I never ran across it before now.

Natalie said...

Lovely design girl! :D Great job!

Unknown said...

omg i love this.

Gosia said...

Ok first of all: I'm not a green lover as you know, and I absolutely love Kale!! I can't believe I haven't worn it yet!! It's sitting so sad on my shelf, crying.. =))
Second: I LOVE this mani!! Never understood the 'ugly' sweater theme either, I love these sweaters too!!
And third: I couldn't help but laugh... hahaha! your picture with Kale and Bloodshot but no stamping totally reminds me of Freddy Krueger's sweater!!! LOLOL =)))

Maile said...

This is so so gorgeous! I love the use of colors and the stamping is incredible!!! Wonderful mani!!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I agree that this is an awesome pattern! Seeing it makes me want to find a sweater that looks like this! :D

~ Yun

Unknown said...

Very pretty =D
Looking at it makes me feel comfortable, like I'm drinking a hot chocolate! (I will go make one right now XD)
The base colors are lovely and I think this plate is great! =D
Wonderful mix of nice things ! ^^

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