31 Days Challenge Day 14 - Stamping

Today's theme in the New 31 Days Challenge is an easy one: stamping. Hey, I don't believe I actually said that! Not very long ago I barely knew what I was suppose to do with those metal thingies, and now I consider it the easy part? Well, I am not as good nor as creative as Laurie the Queen of stamping (and gradient!)  but with practice and will I am getting better every time.  In fact, today's stamping is an important landmark for me. It's not complicated or anything but it does include a pattern I have tried dozens of times before with no success. Today I decided to tackle it again, and I am glad to say I won. You might not understand my big "hoo-ha" about it, especially since my color combo is lame but I am liking it nevertheless!

So I started with Color Club - Revvvolution, a linear holographic gun metal polish. It is very pretty. It may not be as sparkling as let's say the recent color club holographic polishes, but it is rich and gorgeous. I used 2 coats of a nicely flowing formulated polish that dried real quick on my nails and has a lovely although subtle holo effect. Then I used 2 coats of top coat. No, it wasn't necessary for the smoothing. Revvvolution is smooth and rather sparkly without any top. But I had learned from my friend Silver the bestest tip for stamping: use some nice layer of top coat before stamping. This way if you messed the stamp up, you only have to lightly pass a cotton pad with polish remover on the nail and wipe the stamp without hurting the polish! I really need to thank Silver for this one. You have no idea how many manis were saved by that tip!!!

I stamped half my nail using China Glaze Devotion and DRK-A plate and I even managed to line the stamp straight across my nails. Now that's definitely a first. I am so proud of myself! 
Ok, ok, enough with the blabber. Enjoy the pics (I hope you do!) and don't forget to check the other participants of the challenge! 


Unknown said...

Very lovely!! :D

Beautiful Living said...

I love this, your stamping is perfect (give yourself a big pat on the back) and I think the colour combo is great, not lame at all! I totally understand your happiness about the stamp working!

Unknown said...

Have you seen the video where you can take the stamping off with a lint roller if you mess up?! It is amazing! I don't have a lint roller but I have used tape and that worked fine as well. BUT I think it only works if you use stamping polish, not regular polish.

Also, this is very pretty!

M. Fourey said...

It looks nice, and actually those flowers are exactly the same as the ones we have in the streets of Barcelona! Take a look: http://www.meri-monadas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/baldosa-de-bilbao.png

That made me smile big time ^^

Raggio di Luna said...

I don't use stamping so much and I have not more than 4-5 stamping plates... I tried few times and I wasn't really happy how it came out, maybe I tried with nail polishes that just doesn't work for stamping... So in 1 year of blogging I published only one stamping manicure :-) I'm waiting for a Konad set with 3 little stamping polishes, I'll try to make something with them and I hope I will have more success :-)
I like your stamping and I like the combination of colours! Good job! :-)

Cindi said...

I'm envious. Your lines are sooo straight! I wish I could do this. I suck at stamping.

Gosia said...

ah what a chic mani!!! love it!!!!

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