Independence Day

Starting last night it was Israel's Independence day and everyone was waving flags and there were some fireworks and some street shows and that foam spray that everyone is spraying on the streets and, well, the general Independence day commotion.

I didn't go to most of those things simply because I don't enjoy hanging around with thousands of people. I prefer just some peaceful and quiet evening with friends instead. Besides, during the day I had the annual family get together: the ENTIRE family meets up, starting with my grandmother and her generation (well, who's left of it anyway), and going down 4 generations of family members! We meet, have a lovely BBQ and some fun family related contests like identifying people by some random fact about them, finding what is the most common name or common occupation in the family and more... This is really fun time. I love it!
I contributed to the general decoration with my Independence day manicure depicting the Israeli flag:

Artificial Light

Natural light in the shade

Direct sun

First the ingredients: Essie -  Blanc, Andrea - 253, A-England - Morgan Le Fay, Andrea - 200 and a stasbilo permanent superfine blue pen.

The blue lines on both sides were easy to do using some tape. But I found that I was having serious problem drawing the star of david in the middle. I tried it all - toothpick, acrylic paint, dotter tool... everything I could think of! And I came up with some un-identified mess in the middle of my nails.

Then I remembered watching some home-made decals some time ago and I decided to give it a try.
So I used some plastic bag and applied a real thin layer of clear polish on it.
When it dried, I used my stabilo pen to draw those stars. (Sorry, I don't have any proper nail art pen in blue just yet ;-) and then I applied it onto my nails with a tweezer.
Now here's the catch - I placed them facing down on my nails!  This way I could use any top coat right away and nothing smeared up!

I ended it with the A-England Morgan Le Fay polish cause I really liked the foamy look.
So what do you think? Will you use this easy method of decal decoration? or do you think I was just cheating? ;-)


brooke. said...

what a happy day! your nails look beautiful :D.

Bethany Taylor said...

You made your own decals?? Awesome!! That's so cool! I love this mani!

Paulina said...

I like it! You did a very good job. The stars came out perfect.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

That's a great mani to celebrate independence day! Hope you are having a great weekend, my dear! :-)

~ Yun

Jenna Froggy said...

OH, your nails looks great!

hollysagemini said...

Happy Independence Day :) Glad to hear your spent it doing fun things with those you love!

Criminal Nails said...

Hmmm... Home made decals. Sounds amazing and LOOKS amazing :)

Aleta Colucci said...

Wow!!! I need that pen!!! This mani is awesome!!!

Fingers said...

I m really loving this Mani!!

Raggio di Luna said...

In your post "the 31 Days Challenge Day 26 - Inspired By My Country" you wrote that you made 3 Israeli manis :-) This manicure is my favourite! Beautiful! :-)

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