31 days challenge Day 20 - Texture

I guess for today's theme in the New 31 Days Challenge we'll see a lot of the new sand OPIs... I HATE IT! Well, I don't like Opi at all and those sands don't make anything better for a brand I already dislike. So I decided to go for something completely different. A layered tape mani.

As usual I had to mess it up and I used a little too big of a dotter for the gold studs. I actually should have used those tiny studs, but I don't have any. Yet.
Anyway, I started with Takko Lacquer - The Electric Apple: NYC a gorgeous medium gray creme with tons of golden shimmer in it. It was a tiny bit too thick but a couple drops of thinner made it perfect. It's a one coater and its so beautiful...
Takko Lacquer - The Electric Apple: NYC

Takko Lacquer - The Electric Apple: NYC

Takko Lacquer - The Electric Apple: NYC

I then used some tape on my nails and I covered them with two more coats of the same polish. Being a little bit thick only made things a lot easier in the texture area. I removed the tape and applied a thin coat of Seche Vite Top Coat. Maybe I should have not use a top coat at all and the texture would have been a lot more extreme. But I can't live without my top coat. I need to use it no matter what... 
Well, at least I didn't top-coated the dots... I used Essence - A Piece Of Forever from the recently released Breaking Dawn (Twilight) collection, and I placed a dot in all the tape's junctions. It didn't turn out too perfect, but I like the final result. I hope you do too.


Anna's Polish Addiction said...

Love the quilted effect :) .

May I ask why you don't like OPI? Purely outta interest :) I'm not overly impressed by them either.

Smashley Dawn said...

Very cool! I love that it looks like a quilted hand bag or something.

Gosia said...

I love this!!! It reminds me of a quilt!!
LOL at your ongoing hate of OPI haha!! And you won't be seeing it from me!!! I've got Elevation Polish for that occasion!!! About time I started using some of the awesome indies!!!

Danielle said...

first of all, i LOVE this mani! i have been wanting to do this for awhile, but just haven't gotten around to it. second of all, you are so wrong for not loving sands as much as i do. lol just kidding, but seriously you will be proud that i did NOT use my new sand polish. (:

Criminal Nails said...

The Electric Apple is simply gorgeous! What an intense shimmer (at least in the pictures)! The texture is very well achieved too! So, I am guessing no top coat allowed? :p

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