31 Days Challenge Day 11 - Splatter

When I thought about this post I was sure i was going to start it with "do I have something fun for you today!" But after actually doing this mani I can honestly say that I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped. I don't like the end result much and the process itself was way too messy to justify such poor results. Maybe it was just my poor choice of color. I don't know... I will give it another try some day i guess but for now... I consider it for the sake of the challenge only.

So I started this mani with two thin coats of Covergirl - Black Diamond, a lovely black creme. When it was dry I applied a little "blob" of my colored polishes on a piece of foil. I dipped a drinking straw in the polish and with quick and strong (as much as I could anyway) breath I blew the polish onto my nails. The colors I used are Yellow: Model's Own - Lemon Meringue, Red: Illamasqua - Whack, Pink: Julep - Lily and Blue: China Glaze - Bahamian Escape.
A couple of notes to self about this type of mani: 1. Use half a straw. The full one is too long, it needs a stronger blow and it creates more of a blob-like splat instead of spray.  2. If you want to use a dark background, make sure the colors are all one-coaters.

What do you think? Did you ever try this technique? Will you?
Also - don't forget to check the other participants in the challenge!


Unknown said...

you don't like this? i love it! just try it again and i bet you'll feel differently. oh and tape your fingers as if your were doing a water marble. the clean up process will be minimal. (:

Unknown said...

I like the way it turned out. Looks great!

Arletta said...

Pretty :)

Alexis - Glitter Tips said...

I quite like it with the mix of big blobs and smaller splatter and I really like the colours together x

Raggio di Luna said...

It looks very interesting! :-) This manicure is on my "to do" list, mostly because I'm afraid of the mess I could do.. :-)

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