31 Days Challenge Day 22 - Inspired By Fabric

Last night, when I started working on my fabric inspired mani for the New 31 Days Challenge, I managed to drop two, not one but two open bottles of polish on the floor. While they were not any expensive polishes and the loss of them (yeah, more then 3/4 of the bottles got spilled out) is sad but they can easily be replaced, the amount of mess they caused was... well... horrible. So I spent the longer part of my evening trying to remove polish from the floor and everything around and when I was finally finished, I was not in the mood to complete my fabric inspired manicure. Then in the morning I tried it again but I totally hated it. And as the day went through I realized I am not going to do it again. So I will sadly show you two fails today and hopefully - make up for it later. 

This is in fact the second mani. The idea was cool (in my opinion). But execution was just lame.
Well, maybe I'll start with my inspiration. I found this photo on Flickr and I just loved this pattern.
My initial idea was some sort of braid in blue and green. I picked Sinful Colors Rise And Shine and China Glaze Bahamian Escape and did this one two coats of Finger Paints Base.

After I finished cleaning, it looked so terrible that I couldn't even look at it. And I was anyway too tired to even start writing my post so I took it off and went to bed. In the morning I decided to try something else. I have some plastic bags on which I applied a nice layer of clear coat and let dry a while ago, thinking i might make some decals from it. So I picked one, drew some random lines in the spirit of this pattern using a black Sharpie permanent marker and then with a small brush I filled the lines with my originally picked polishes and I added to them China Glaze Westside Warrior, Essie - Mint Candy Apple and Milani - White On The Spot. But again, I was sloppy and I made a lot more mess then I actually intended. 
Top picture shows the side I colored. Bottom picture shows how it looks from the other side, which is infact the side that will show on the nails.
I applied my newly created decals over one coat of Milani White On The Spot.

So that is my sad fabric inspired mani. In about an hour you will get to see my Nature inspired mani which I personally like better.  In the meantime, check out the other entries inspired by fabric!


mimi manicures said...

i think these look great! i guess we are our own worst critic arnt we? the manicures i always think dont look as good what i do, get lots of positive feedback. I think you done a great job, well done xxxx

Smashley Dawn said...

I love these!! This is so not a fail Jin! They look great!!!

Melissa Andersen said...

I think that these are really cool! The colors are great and I'm really impressed with the baggie technique!

jazzqueen64 said...

Brilliant, very clever!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Yikes, sorry to hear about the polish spills. Cleanup really sucks.
I think you did a great job with the fabric! And what a clever way to create your own decal! :-)

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

I'm really sorry about your lost polish and all the mess up... But I love your fabric inspired manicure! :-)

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